When to gua sha?

Well, well, well! It looks like you’re finally interested in gua sha. You must have heard about the benefits and the hype it’s been receiving lately all over social media, right?! In this guide, I’ve got you covered on when exactly should you consider practicing gua sha. So keep reading!

What is Gua Sha?

For those who are yet not aware of what ‘gua sha’ means; don’t worry! Gua Sha is a Chinese healing technique that involves scraping your skin with a massage tool to improve blood circulation and promote lymphatic drainage.

It might sound scary at first, but if done correctly with gentle pressure (no bruises allowed), it can lead to amazing results such as reduced puffiness around the face areas you target and toned/firmed facial muscles.

Should You Try Gua Sha Daily or Weekly?

A quick Google search will give you an endless number of opinions from experts worldwide debating over which timeframe would be more beneficial daily or weekly. While there are supposedly no strict rules for how often one should practice gua sha routines – because everybody reacts differently – here’s what I think:

If your routine requires spending hours in front of screens or under bright fluorescent lights daily, try doing a mini-gua sha therapy after work every day by yourself. Otherwise , do it once in 2-3 days max according to my experience since too much is just going overboard and our poor delicate facial skin cannot handle all that constant stimulation every single day.

When NOT To Do Gua Sha

Make sure to never use these tools unless properly instructed beforehand by someone qualified enough who knows how they work because using them blindly could potentially harm your skin instead of achieving its whole purpose: Please avoid if:
– Your skin has open wounds/acne
– Sunburns/ Windburns
– Infection or inflamed skin

In short: “When in doubt, don’t!”

How to Practice Gua Sha in the Morning and Evening for a Glowing Skin!

The time of day plays an important role when it comes to gua sha therapy. Here is how you should practice gua sha depending on whether it’s morning or evening:

The Morning Routine

Step 1: Start by hydrating your face with a quick splash of cold water that’ll wake up those sleepy cells right off from their dreams.

Step 2: Apply some facial oil where desired using gentle upward strokes.

Step 3: Start at the center of your forehead & give it three strokes outward. Continue along your eyebrows, then down towards temples & cheeks following the structure lines of your cheekbones. Be gentle while passing over eyes area, do not apply too much pressure! Finish by stroking downwards from chin until neck area (where most people tend to have extra fat/flabby skin).

Pro Tip: Try placing few slices of cucumber under each eye before starting this routine. Trust me; It’ll enhance those magic effects even more!

The Nighttime Routine

Follow steps 1 and two mentioned above first.

Step-3: Instead of paying attention to spreading oils around every single detail line as you did earlier in the morning; focus on targeted curves / wrinkles areas such as laugh lines and crow’s feet around eyes while massaging them outwards once only instead thrice (or be careful if applying any ‘dragging’ methods). Repeat carefully for entire face till you feel relaxed enough get into deep slumber!!

Final Takeaway

And there we go – By now am sure you know exactly what I meant when I said timeless beauty trick?

Regular gua sha massage can turn aging skin plumper , well-rested looking , healthier-looking without requiring any extra efforts.

As with anything new, I would always recommend anyone who’s just starting their gua sha journey to reach out to a professional or do proper scientific research before trying it at home alone. And as you begin your routine, take things slow and be mindful of how your skin is reacting /adjusting! So yes indeed ; Gua Sha is the way to glow – But when done right and timely enough!

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