When to eat healthy fats bodybuilding?

Are you tired of being skinny? Do you want to bulk up and develop a muscular physique that would make Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson envious? If so, then bodybuilding may be the answer for you. However, eating healthy fats should not be dismissed or avoided entirely in your quest for muscle growth. As always, moderation is key.

What are healthy fats?

Before getting into when we should consume healthy fats during bodybuilding, let’s discuss what they actually are first. Healthy fats are unsaturated fatty acids that can provide our bodies with many benefits such as increased energy levels and hormone production.

Types of healthy fats

There are three types of healthy fats – polyunsaturated fat (PUFA), monounsaturated fat (MUFA), and Omega-3 fatty acids. PUFA includes linoleic acid which is found in nuts and seeds like walnuts or flaxseeds while MUFA incorporates oleic acid found in foods such as avocados or olive oil (the kind your Italian Nonna uses) – trust me; it makes all the difference). Meanwhile, Omega-3 fatty acids include Alpha-linolenic acid which can be consumed through fish oils like salmon or mackerel – this handy nutrient helps reduce inflammation caused by exercise.

The Benefits Of Eating Healthy Fats During A Body Building Regime.

Now that we know what constitutes a ‘healthy’ fat molecule let us delve into why these mouth-watering treats should feature within one’s diet plans culminating towards obtaining bigger biceps & outright crushing it at Crossfit!

Weight gain without obesity risk

Healthy participants who took part in studies conducted by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition observed weight gain after incorporating higher amounts of unsaturated good quality dietary fat however did not observe an increase in central adiposity.(fat belly!) So don’t pull back on those nuts just yet!

Boost in metabolism

The human body heats up when digesting food through a process known as thermogenesis! By eating healthy fats, you give your metabolism an extra nudge further supporting muscle building and reducing fat simultaneously.

Elongated Satiety levels.

Have you ever felt hungry after devouring an entire bowl of pasta or even a pizza but find yourself feeling full with salmon, fruits & vegetables? That’s the power of protein & healthy fats keeping you satisfied for longer periods.

Necessary Muscle Growth Supplement

One needs to remember that cholesterol is necessary by our cells and muscles; maintaining a regular presence will keep one on track with their muscle growth goals.

When Should We Eat Healthy Fats For Body Building?

Now that we know why it is crucial to consume ‘healthy dietary fat’ within our exercise regime let us apply some logic as to when it should be consumed

Before Workouts

Avoid overconsumption before workouts- anticipate bloating and ultimately decrease performance during high-intensity workouts. Focus On lightly cooking fish & or quinoa likewise lean proteins such as chicken breast.

Hint: Undoubtedly swigging olive oil prior workout sessions (for added energy boost), like taking medicine can result in unforeseen consequences (aka yuckiness).

### During Workouts

Honestly, there’s no reason to munch down whilst pushing your max weight-lift limit or completing intense compound movements – this might even cause discomfort which could lead towards potential injuries. Ensure consuming the abundant amounts of water for hydration & electrolyte beverages for sustained energy during endurance exercises instead.

After Workouts

Post-workout carbohydrates are great at revitalizing glycogen stores absorbed from vigorous exercising allowing glucose/fat conversion optimization meanwhile including protein sources rich in unsaturated fatty acids markedly accelerates muscle recovery while promoting enhanced muscular adaptations leading towards substantial growth.

Beware: Do not undermine your efforts by excessive consumption of lipids. There is a difference between healthy and plain ‘ol; not so much

What Foods To Consume In Order To Obtain Suitable Healthy Fats?

The eternal question – So, what foods should you be eating to provide your body with all the good type of fats which we have already established as necessary?

Nuts & Seeds

Start early with adding nuts and seeds into your morning oatmeal or pre-workout smoothie- this would allow an increase in energy thus providing lasting value.

Some Excellent Options May Include:

  1. Walnuts
  2. Almonds
  3. Chia Seeds
  4. Flaxseeds

Nut butters such as peanut butter (try selecting ones without any added sugars!) & hummus can play a crucial role in incorporating protein sources readily amongst other vitamins & fibers.

Monounsaturated Fatty Acids

Avocado Toast (aptly labeled for Insta); has trendy fame that is set to stay- containing high amounts of monounsaturated fat amongst other nutritious elements). Swap mayonnaise for avocado-based sauces during lunch meal-preps or simply chomp down half an avocado rather than consuming fillers such as processed crackers.

Omega 3 Fatty acids

Incapable of devouring fish on-tap every single day?- Maybe consider going for convenient alternate routes by munching down some omega supplements daily instead! Other options include Mackerel, salmon boiled eggs etc.

    Food Item                    Content Per Meal     Fat Grms      Carbs        Protein

    Salmon                              94g            5             0           23

    Boiled Eggs Off                             .          .                .

Table Caption: Summary Of Key Facts Considered Through Deciding Optimal Fatty Acid Source(Essential)

In Conclusion,

When it comes down to decisions on what dietary supplements to consume- patience and moderation are the key elements that one should be conscious about. Including healthy fats within our diet plays a pivotal role in keeping performance levels optimal pertaining towards muscle growth while also sustaining oneself throughout an endurance based workout.

Spirulina or rare powders may come out as trending targets however, having a basic understanding regarding what constitutes good ‘ol fashioned nutrition supplemented through essential healthy fats can do wonders for your overall progress by reducing those extra expenses whilst attaining your body goals.

Remember…your cheat days deserve brownies rather than fast food premises!