When should a lactase supplement be taken?

If you’re one of the millions who can’t digest dairy products, it’s likely that you’ve tried various tricks to keep your stomach from revolting at mealtime. One of those methods might be taking lactase supplements to help you break down the pesky enzyme found in milk and milk-based products. But when is the best time to take these supplements? Let’s explore this question while keeping things light-hearted because why not!

First Things First

Before we dive into determining when to take lactase supplements, let’s first address what they are and how they work.

Lactase is an essential digestive enzyme responsible for breaking down lactose – a natural sugar in milk and other dairy products. When someone lacks sufficient amounts of lactase, undigested sugars sit within their gastrointestinal tract leading towards the development of symptoms such as:

  • Gas
  • Diarrhea
  • Bloating

This condition known as ‘lactose intolerance’ causes annoying if not embarrassing issues for some folks.

However, by consuming supplemental lactases before or soon after consuming dairy products can eliminate uncomfortable symptoms by enabling digestion beforehand.

But Really…When Should I Take Them?

Alright, now that we understand how they work let’s discuss when it would be ideal for intake! Here are three scenarios where taking your daily dose could come handy-

1) Taking them “Preemptively”

Suppose today is going out with your friends on a “cheese-pizza” night or maybe attending Dairy day at state fair(why do these words sound so wrong?), here comes our saviour good ol’ Lactase Supplement . By taking them preemptively(or say relishing 15 mins pre-food), especially on days when you eat quite richly or consume more amount than usual than normal (for example eating an entire pizza (not small size ok!) or a big bowl of ice cream), it could help prevent symptoms-related to lactose intolerance before they start. Keep in mind that supplements aren’t always fool-proof though, so still prepare for the worst!

2) Mid-Food

(No hidden meanings intended ?)
In some rare cases where someone forgets taking lactase supplement pre-food or fails to plan ahead, such as eating out at a diner with friends and realizing there’s milk in your soup(pro tip: check the ingredients beforehand!). You can take them mid-meal, after you know dairy has made its way into your digestive system – but we make no guarantees about their effectiveness due to our stomach beginning the digesting process already.

3) Postprandial Supplementation

( Wow! Never knew these lactase kittens could turn so fancy)

Some folks prefer not skipping dessert and indulging in good post-dinner options. Alternatively, if you’re among those who like going balls-to-the-wall on dessert (count me in) then taking Lactase Supplement within an hour is helpful! As during this time period usually all the food ingested is under digestion phase i.e., Pre- Absorption takes place before nutrients can be assimilated by cells of small intestine .

Is Timing Everything?

While timing does play a critical role when consuming supplements, remember it’s not everything!

There are other factors – including dosage administration intervals consistency across meals & respective triggers inducing intolerance (e.g stress/alcohol etc.) That contribute towards ensuring supplement intake results become effective . For Example –

  • Consistency : Regular daily intake of supplements strengthens Body’s ability towards breaking down lactic acid efficiently (a practice yielding Farah levels from Arrow)

A strict schedule will assist handily because otherwise lactose intolerant individuals might end up forgetting/missing dosages creating chaos inside GI which isn’t fun.

  • Dosage : The required dosage might vary from one individual to another, you may also require a different dose depending on how much dairy you have every meal.

Keep experimenting and narrow down what works best for you! However – It’s worth seeking advice from medical practitioners if supplements have the desired effect in controlling lactose intolerance or whether there are further steps towards monitoring/maintaining vitamin absorptions (Don’t Google deficiency like me)

Final Thoughts

Taking lactase supplements can bring tremendous relief to those struggling with intolerances. Understanding when the best time to take them is an essential part of ensuring their effectiveness, but remember that timing isn’t everything!

Factors such as consistency dosages and dietary triggers come into play as well. So go ahead experiment around these kittens, try setting reminders & keep enjoying milkshakes (or almond ones who cares).

And who knows maybe someday we’ll find ourselves surrounded by other “dairy dessert douchebags”(oh dear think I was harsh) talking about Lactases fondly over Frappuccinos ?

Note: Please do not confuse this cute proposal with actual kitten supplementation, which doesn’t exist for humans because it would be cruel.

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