When is the best time to take green tea supplements?

Being healthy is essential in leading a happy and fulfilling life, but let’s be real, it’s difficult to maintain. With our hectic schedules and constant sleep deprivation (seriously, why does time fly when we’re having fun?), finding the perfect potion that aids us in feeling great is essential. And what better way than consuming green tea supplements? Packed with incredible health benefits and infused with additional antioxidants (which helps reduce oxidative stress!), these pills can do wonders for your daily routine.

But wait, you’re probably wondering – “when exactly should I consume this magic pill?” Fear not dear reader! In this guide, we’ll explore precisely that so you can grab hold of optimum results.

General Guidelines for taking Green Tea Supplements

Before diving into the specifics of when to take green tea supplements, there are general guidelines one must follow:

  1. Always consult a healthcare professional before consumption
  2. Never consume more than 500mg of EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate), the primary antioxidant present in green tea supplements.
  3. Purchase products from reputable sources.
  4. Pregnant women or nursing mothers should avoid using such supplements
  5. Since caffeine is present in large quantities- people who have sensitivity issues towards caffeine intake are advised to refrain from consuming such supplements.

With those formalities out of the way- let’s dive right into it!

Take Them In The Morning After Breakfast

We’ve all heard how breakfast is “the most important meal of the day.” Well then shouldn’t it be followed by something equally important like a dose of green tea supplement?

Experts believe taking them right after breakfast will aid absorption while minimizing any chances for stomach upsets usually associated with dietary changes (and also makes sure your morning coffee doesn’t go cold)! This could very well become part of your daily routine much like brushing teeth; just make sure you don’t substitute it as one (seriously, twice a day if you can manage).

Take Them Before Any Vigorous Physical Activity

Each workout session should leave us feeling energized and with minimal muscle soreness. The antioxidant content present in Green Tea supplements helps reduce inflammation, thereby aiding flexibility and easing sore muscular sensations.

Taking your supplement before genuinely physical activities such as strength training or cardio sessions ensures that the antioxidants are active during and after the exercise routine which minimizes any harm while maximizing positive effects.

Furthermore, since green tea is believed to boost metabolism slightly- this could be doubly effective when taken before sporting events since it enhances focus levels due to caffeine’s presence in green tea. Hence- better energy levels, enhanced athletic performance followed by increased post-workout recovery time!

Taking them 30-minutes pre-meals can also help

Green tea is known to regulate insulin secretion along with delaying glucose absorption times. Furthermore, intake coupled with healthy dietary choices leads many users to have an increase in satiety levels resulting in effortless weight control efforts/weight loss journey (Bonus: It normalises blood sugar levels too!)

If consumed 20-30 minutes prior meals or even snacking moments reduces physiological degrees of hunger pangs; making sure we avoid overeating scenarios thus proving useful for people facing obesity issues

Avoid consuming at night

Green tea contains caffeine! Now there’s good news about that because it enhances concentration power and makes us feel more alert but things start going pear-shaped once sunlight fades away…Consuming supplements near bedtime will cause insomnia symptoms; inhibiting Melatonin production (sleep hormone); thereby affecting our sleep quality leading mostly towards feeling drowsy throughout the following day (Not ideal now is it?) . So no matter how tempting taking those capsules may seem at midnight breaks – ensure they’re avoided altogether!

Consuming After Meals Is Not Advised

Digestive enzymes are activated during meal times in our body; therefore, consuming supplement capsules after meals when your stomach environment is acidic might lead to a decrease of EGCG absorption levels (detaches the precious antioxidants from binding with cell receptors).

Therefore always try remembering the golden rule – “wait at least an hour after eating” before ingestion. This helps give ample time for digestion and ensures best possible results!


So there you have it folks- dos and dont’s surrounding these marvelous green tea supplements! Remember that regular exercise coupled with healthy diet choices will undoubtedly result in maximum benefit intake through oral consumption. Stick to some of these timings, and we promise you’ll be on this path towards feeling great amongst other health benefits!

Happy Supplementing Everyone

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