When is human growth hormone released?

Human growth hormone is considered to be one of the most important hormones in our bodies. But when does this powerhouse actually get released? Let’s take a closer look at the different triggers that lead to HGH release!


In case you didn’t already know, human growth hormone (HGH) is an essential (and might we add, very sexy) hormone produced by the pituitary gland located just beneath our brains. This miraculous little protein aids in all sorts of bodily functions such as bone and muscle growth, fat metabolism, and sugar regulation. In simpler terms: without it we’d be short, chubby messes unable to function properly! So naturally everyone wants to know when it’s getting released.

The Circadian Rhythm

No no no – we’re not talking about dancing here folks…we mean your internal clock or biological rhythm which helps regulate how much sleep you receive each night (insomniacs beware) and also when some hormones get released into your system! It turns out that humans experience their highest levels of HGH during deep sleep since its secretion is controlled by several neurotransmitters related to the circadian rhythm. These main culprits include melatonin and GABA.

Fun fact for ya’: scientists estimate that up 75% (a pretty big chunk if you ask us) of daily HGH secretion happens during our beauty rest hours.

Sleep Hack Alert!

Did you know that taking Niacin–a form vitamin B3-rich supplement before going beddy-bye can assist with increasing production of said HGH? It’s amazing what medication has done since Nicki Minaj was “just playing Barbie.”

(Sorry rat friends but somatostatin stays pumped)
(The love child between tryptophan & serotonin)
An acronym which stands for Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid and its what we often call a “calming” neurotransmitter.
(also known your nightly dreamland escape)


Okay, so while sleep sets the stage for releasing HGH; exercise can be seen as an additional prompt that helps turn up our HGH levels. When it comes to workouts, high-intensity interval training, bursting cardio sessions or heavy lifting exercises are all potential plans of action! The release of this hormone is said to benefit not only growing muscles on Olympians but also assists in burning more fat in the process.

In fact, studies show that exercising boosts one’s production of growth hormone ten-folds versus staying idle. So if you’re looking to achieve those Wonder Woman abs or Wolverine biceps – get swinging!

Remember This…

The harder you work out – (insert Rocky montage here) – the longer and stronger the HGH secretion surge will occur compared to light movements

Football Legends Alert!

Fun fact: NFL players are rumored to request team physicians prescribed Human Growth Hormone before big games when they were available due to their believed physical benefits

(Rumor has it…)
(Of course believed today…)

Food for Thought

Diet is key with many different bodily functions — including triggering the release hormones. In case it wasn’t already evident- some foods trigger increased amounts of growth hormone production than others do thus leading researchers point out specific types which men could resource focus on like zinc fortified foods.

Furthermore, carbs (let me eat too) contain certain amino acids such as L-arginine which assist body processes by actually helping increase ones amount produced during periods where insulin-levels are low. Eating lean proteins such as fish & chicken filled w/ Omega3 fatty acids go a long way in ensuring these levels stay healthy optimized .

What To Eat?

Foods riched Zinc mineral includes oysters, lobster, beef!
#######Which proved to have
an aiding role for HGH!

    `Carbs` that are nutrition friendly involve brown rice and quinoa.

~~(Sorry friend, cake doesn’t fall into this category…)~~

(It’s all getting better now Donna Summer)


(The famous exerciser) Also Known Us HIIT or high-intensity interval workouts!

(Even Kristen Stewart made the move from Hollywood by dropping out of college real quick)
Currently he is seen as a Black Panther super villain M’baku on tv.
(Or we can blame it on our metabolism)
(Have no fear chocolate lovers – you too get your fix via dark chocolate)

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