When i cough i taste blood in my mouth?

Do you ever wonder why we have taste buds? Is it for the pleasure of savoring delicious food or is it just to torture us when we are sick? If you have experienced coughing up blood, then you know exactly what I am talking about. It’s like your body is saying “hey, let me remind you that you are definitely not okay.” In this article, we will look into why this happens and how to deal with it.

The Dreaded Cough

Coughing can be caused by many things. Sometimes it’s just a simple pollen allergy and other times it could be something more serious like bronchitis or pneumonia. But when there is blood involved, all bets are off. Suddenly every possible disease feels like a threat and paranoia sets in.

You find yourself searching through Google results at 2 am trying to figure out what medical emergency awaits tomorrow morning even though deep down inside there’s probably nothing deadly going on (that’s my optimistic take on this). The truth doesn’t change though—coughs are annoying but once they start leaving something behind after each episode—it becomes twice as bad because everyone knows “red flag” means go to the doctor ASAP!

Causes of Blood in Your Cough

Before heading over to WebMD forums etc., Lets dive deeper into reasons causing blood during cough:


Ah yes! You might conclude whether its chronic bronchitis/acute viral/asthmatic…or basically anything…it always ends with “See a Doctor“. Approximately fourteen percent of adults experience bronchitis at some point in their lives so don’t feel too bad if you do end up getting diagnosed with one! And guess what – apart from chest pain & shortness of breath–they also bring along bloody phlegm!


Fun fact: not all pneumonias are caused by the same thing so there’s always something to look forward to! If you get an x-ray done, and it reveals pneumonia as the root cause then be mentally prepared for a stay at the hospital. This infection can cause coughing up blood among other delightful symptoms.


TB has been eradicated is what most people think of but that’s far from true; tuberculosis actually killed 1.5 million people in 2018 alone. Crazy right? Unfortunately, when TB enters your lungs, cough becomes one of its early indicators but some also may have it anytime down the road even after being cured once before!

Lung Cancer

Though less common than others causes–it’s wise to get checked if things don’t look normal because Onset of bloody mucus plus unexplained weight loss along with dreadful chest pain just might result in lung cancer which you know isn’t good news either way.

How Do You Deal With Coughing Up Blood?

Now that we’ve discussed potential reasons behind this unpleasant experience – It goes without saying that this is heavy stuff & requires evaluation from a doctor immediately That said– here are some general tips on how to manage symptoms:

Don’t Panic (or do)

Saying “relax” often has opposite results because nobody would like being told ’Don’t panic’! whilst going through freaky episode such as having blood come out during every third cough-fit or so…But lets accept it,a little bit of freaking out inside our heads must go on because deep down somewhere you know its not meant to happen – no matter how much sugarcoating doctors try…

Keep Yourself Hydrated…(As much as possible!)

Drinking enough water keeps those tiny airways moisturized which prevents further irritation/ bacterial infestations/thinning/flakes formation/ dryness etc. You’ve got enough to worry about already right?

Avoid Smoking

Even if you’re a smoker, this is obviously not the time for nicotine consumption. If anything, it will exacerbate symptoms and make everything worse– and really why put yourself at even MORE risk ? Besides –almost everyone knows that smoking leads straight to lung cancer which can’t help!

Use a humidifier … (or Don’t)

A humidifier could be useful -only gets tricky when in actuality air conditioners & other related systems have their own electricity-eating qualms which would require significant financial resources. Though sure go ahead–if there are no expenses/value attached with getting one!

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, coughing up blood is never pleasant but it doesn’t necessarily mean your world is ending as well — whether its just air-borne allergies or any physical infection etc underlying causethe positive upside of modern medicine means most people who get qualified medical attention early enough turn out absolutely fine after treatment! As discussed earlier rash self-diagnoses won’t do anyone any good so lets leave matter upto specialists shall we?

All in all, don’t panic too much – now you know what steps to take and where to focus on being cautious next time around!