When ‘Friends Stab You in the Back’: Betrayal Hurts

Betrayal! Yes, we are talking about that feeling of being let down and hurt by someone you trusted. It’s a nasty business, but it happens to all of us at some point in our lives. Sometimes betrayal comes from a stranger, but when your friend stabs you in the back, it hits different – like getting punched by an octopus.

Your Best Friend-Enemy Relationship

You thought you found the perfect buddy – one who listens and laughs with you; meanwhile eats pizza shamelessly as they grab coke cans instead of water for themselves (dental hygiene be damned). They may have even seemed to care for stray dogs more than their exes’ feelings or anyone else around them! Nonetheless, despite these questionable characteristics and flaws that clearly reeked off subjective “personality”, somewhere along the line things became toxic among friends. And yet still here she is sitting on your couch clipping her toenails right now—-Oh wait a corn chip just fell out of her bra? Time to let go!

The Common Types Of Betrays That Sting Worst:

Silent Treatment

One minute everything was fine leaving work together yesterday evening; grabbing ice cream cones on this sizzling hot city…it’s what regular best buds do anyway…until suddenly nothing was okay anymore?! No messages were replied ,no calls returned,and no texts acknowledged for days…It sucks enough hearing crickets chirping 4 hours into church service,but from someone whom shared stories about sweaty coworkers??

Gossiping Like On A Hot Mic

Here she starts spewing up shit immediately after hanging up call supposed ending another long day., Talking behind people’s backs is bad enough, but hearing your own name thrown around without discretion will punch deep wounds where past events scrap against each other similar to nails against chalkboard causing tantrum among toddlers

Lies Upon lies

Some people live life as characters in a medieval drama – always telling stories, embroidery and lace. They hold account to no one but themselves! Strangely, it hurts more than does being told that you are wrong about something after double-checking with google#mcburntBUTcorrectthenexttime

Ghosted Friends And Abandonment

One of the worst kind–like seeing a baby penguin slide helplessly on their tummies over the great Wall Street . You had all-night phone calls or good mornings-and have been ghosted ever since an unresolved conflict occurred.Without warning There was no fight,no argument,and no explanation given for why this panic attack inducing behaviour has so suddenly become your reality!? #hownowkatiemeluadeathbybrightlights

Reasons Why Your Bestfriend May Betray You:

Now I know you’re probably thinking ‘But why would they do it?!‘. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) there is not necessarily a clear reason behind betrayal,but here are some thoughts worth considering:

  1. Envy-They could be jealous of your success, relationships or lifestyle.
  2. Insecurity-The friendship may become toxic if either party feels inferior making the other dominant or condescending at times.
  3. Fear-Fear can cause stress and changes in personality leading them to lie and/or act out impulsively during said incident
    4.Greedy- With hidden agendas,personal gain above friendship becomes priority replacing loyalty & honesty-A sad truth!
    5.Conflicting Interests-The Friend’s personal goals come into play wreaking havoc for those closest

It is also important to note that betrayal most times isn’t rational; don’t waste time playing detective trying to understand what happened cuz usually answers are impossible to obtain anyway-Lol Moment 😄

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