When does dry january end?

Dry January is an annual event that involves abstaining from alcohol for the entire month. Many people participate in this challenge as a way to detox their body after the festive period or simply to kickstart a healthier lifestyle. But when exactly does Dry January end? Read on to find out!

The beginning of dry January

Dry January begins on New Year’s Day – 1st of January and runs through till the last day of the month, which is January 31; so if you have managed to stick to it thus far, congratulations are certainly in order! If not, well better luck next year.

Why Participate?

Many people consider participating in Dry Jan as a way of giving their liver and kidneys time off by allowing them enough rest while others do it because they’re anti-alcohol drinkers who wouldn’t drink even if there were no negative health implications associated with consumption.

Benefits derived from being sober

Research has shown several benefits abound when someone decides to go completely without alcohol even for one month…some of these positives include:
– Restful sleep
– Increased energy levels
– Weight loss due mostly coz drinking adds empty calories into your system
– Improved Immunity
– Clearer skin
The list goes on…

Should everyone try dry january?

Nope (sorry folks)! It certainly isn’t for everyone but could be more suited for those studying or experiencing any addiction challenges. One can see how difficult staying sober daily can really be especially given current times where ‘Adulting’ and life stresses exist enveloped with uncertainties.

If you’re struggling with addiction concerns though, consult with proper medical experts before attempting this kind of challenge.

Those particularly prone should avoid such “dares” altogether lest it encourages habit-forming hobbies associcatedly dangerous consequences(yikes)!

Is it just a January thing?

Nope! Some endure all year-round or alternatively, exercise controlled drinking on special occasions/holidays while others adopt a no-alcohol policy altogether. Still cool if you just want to go without until the end of each month.

What do people drink instead?

There are plenty of alcohol-free alternatives out there that can be enjoyed in place of alcoholic beverages including water, tea, coffee and juice -or one might choose to fill such voids with gastronomical delights (here we were referring to pounds of steak). It really depends on the individual’s preferences though some consume ‘cocktails’ even but made from natural juices rather than the usual mixers. This concept is called mock-tail(who would’ve thunk right?!)


Dry January ends at midnight on January 31 but it doesn’t have to stop there! If you’re enjoying your sober lifestyle then by all means keep going – otherwise raise your glass with pride to having succeeded where many so often fail(we’ll raise nonalcohol glasses-ojis for ya)! Goodluck keeping dry(month after month)… now back to trying not gnawing off our fingernails during this COVID Crisis(responsible hand-washing included ‘)…bye!

Cheers…..Oh wait nevermimd.If only we had something other than air

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