When can i start eating normally after diarrhea?

Do you ever wonder when you can indulge in your favorite delicacies again after a bout of diarrhea? Imagine holding back from eating spicy food, pizza, or even some badly needed carbs. It feels like life is basically pointless without these foods.

But hang on there! Before diving into the subject, let’s understand what diarrhea is all about.

Understanding Diarrhea

Diarrhea or ‘The Runs’ is an uncomfortable condition that affects the digestive system and results in loose stools. The unpleasant experience usually lasts a few days with varying degrees of intensity depending on its causes.

Some common reasons for diarrhea range from bacterial/parasitic infections to food intolerance/lactose intolerance, meat-eating, and consuming foods that have expired nutrients due to overuse (forgive yourself though; who doesn’t enjoy cheap deals?). However, be wary of how often you play such games with your stomach else you may do more damage than good to yourself.

Why You Need To Watch Your Diet During And After Diarrhea

Fluids are lost through frequent bowel movements during diarrhea leading to dehydration if not replenished adequately. Dehydration makes matters worse as it can cause electrolyte imbalance which ultimately leads to fatigue, headaches, dizziness among other symptoms.

During this period (diarrheal episode) avoid high fiber content and dairy products (and for heaven’s sake no sugar-rich drinks) but rather aim at taking lots of water,salt solutions,cereal crackers,potatoes,biscuits,grown cereals,and bananas — they soothe the intestine by easing off some inflammation within those walls!

What Should You Avoid When Recovering From Diarrhea?

Before discussing when you can start chomping down on those cupcakes just like before, let’s talk about certain foods/herbs/stuff/crap/things that should be avoided:

High fat foods:

Yes, your beloved fries and cheeseburgers aren’t good options for now. High-fat foods require a lot of processing which can be arduous on the digestive system causing loose stools.

Spices and Spice-Heavy Foods:

Your favorite hot wings ,spicy rice or that spicy Chinese pot may need to wait for another day. Spices irritate the gut leading to diarrheal episodes with more intensity than expected.

Dairy Products:

While during diarrhea you must avoid all dairy products; even after recover amicably do not over-consume milk-based stuffs if you don’t want another round in the loo.


Sugar is known for its addictive taste but also interferes with healthy bowel movement patterns that lead to an upset stomach/loose stool – just what we are avoiding here!

How Soon Can You Start Eating Normally After Your Diarrhea Episode?

Finally,summon up courage and come out boldly from your dietary cave! So…how soon can you start eating normally? Officially speaking, it depends on how long your issue has been wearing you down before any dietary changes are made according to medical sources. However, sticking to lean meated diets, white rice,potatoes,cereals,biscuits,and drinking lots of water will fasten this progress since these simple foodstuffs won’t demand too much energy from our intestine (you will thank me later). Regardless if you feel well enough, always reintroduce food gradually so as not overwhelm yourself further.

Ideally by day one after an episode (assuming things ran smoothly) try focusing on bland,starch-oriented meals such as potatoes,rice,oatmeal,pasta bananas etc., while doing away with fatty/oily/highly spiced/dairy foods.Stay off alcohol,sweets,soda drinks,coffee greens vegs like onions,tomatoes,mushroom especially mushroom n/a No. 1273/whatever is fungal-based unless cooked above 165°F.

In conclusion, the world of food has a lot to offer after you recover from diarrhea but with caution! Restock those closets and fridges with lip-smacking nutrients in due time. Whatever you do #STAYHEALTHY.Because…well because it’s insanely awesome.

Disclaimer: Please note that all dietary changes should be made under proper medical guidance to get accurate directions suitable for your health status since generalized tips may vary according to individual’s profiles.

Summarized Checklist:

• Diarrhea / ‘The Runs’ (A condition affecting the digestive system resulting in loose stools)

• Common reasons; bacterial/parasitic infections,food intolerance,lactose intolerance ,overimbibed products

• High-fat foods are difficult for digestion hence not good options during periods of recovery

• Avoid sugar-rich drinks during episodes as they interfere with healthy bowel patterns that aid gut cleansing

• Spices irritate the gut leading to more intense diarrheal episodes than expected

Source: https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/diarrhea-after-eating