When can i bathe my dog after advocate flea treatment?

As a pet parent, keeping our pups happy and healthy is a top priority. And part of that means maintaining proper hygiene to keep them flea-free. But have you ever wondered when it’s safe to give your furry friend a bath after applying Advocate flea treatment?

Well then put on your detective hats because we are going to dig in deep and answer that very question for you today!

First things first – What is Advocate flea treatment?

Before diving into the main event, let’s take a quick detour and address what exactly Advocate flea treatment is.

Advocate (also known as Advantage Multi) is a topical medication used for both dogs and cats in order to prevent fleas and other parasites from latching onto their fur. It contains two active ingredients: Imidacloprid, which kills the adult fleas on contact; Moxidectin which stops heartworms from multiplying by targeting their larvae.

Together these ingredients make an extremely effective medicine for preventing fleas (and potentially deadly diseases) from harming our beloved pets.

However, one thing most people don’t know about this miracle drug is how long it takes to absorb into the skin fully.

The Absorption Timeline

It might surprise you but even though topical treatments like Advocate can douse all over your dog’s coat quickly enough with just several drops here or there (proven fact!), it still requires some time before being absorbed through every layer of skin completely — usually hours up-to days depending on factors such as breed size(age), fur length(thickness) among others– once applied directly down their spine so get ready(this means wearing gloves/sources).

To break it down further:
– In 2 hours after application 50% has been absorbed.
– In 24 hours after application 98% has been absorbed.
– In 3 days after application full absorption would have completed.

So, can I bathe my pup straight away?

Now comes the million-dollar question. Can you give your fur baby a bath before Advocate has fully been absorbed?

Well technically speaking, it’s not recommended as this could hinder some of its effectiveness in treating fleas for up to at least 48 hours!

So if you want to make sure that your dog gets the most out of their Advocate flea treatment – just try and hold off on excessive bathing (2-3 baths a week should suffice). That is unless… there are certain situations when it becomes unavoidable such as:

When bathing is advised

Okay but what do we ‘avoid’=>smelling mish-mash with dirt among other strange things for example(chuckle).

All jokes aside, here are reasons why bathing may be needed and even encouraged:

When Your Pooch Stinks More Than A Skunk

If your four-legged friend rolled around in something stinky than an open sewer line chances are they will need more than just water alone to get clean again. Hence allowing them under showers complementary with hypoallergenic shampoos preferably mild ones can help. Honestly who wouldn’t wanna linger around a fresh smelling pooch/source

Flea Infestations

The same goes for moderate or extreme flea infestations; letting dogs soak in warm water mixed with pet-safe shampoo elevates/increases overall treatment effect by washing off these persistent blood suckers from pets body leaving no room/path for re-infestation. Just make sure advocate has already had enough time-to-go slow (nods head) We all love our beloveds back so let’s treat em well!

Skin Irritations And Wounds

Dogs which suffer from chronic conditions(like mite irritations) , allergies or scrapes/cuts sometimes require special attention to ensure that these conditions do not worsen overtime. In those cases, medicated shampoos and conducive bathing routines are suggested carefully only after vet consultation or if recommended.

Show Ring Dogs

Trying out for the Westmister show darling, we hope this is your high end dog otherwise skip ahead laughs. Okay but seriously show dogs always have to look their absolute best in order to snatch up blue ribbons from other competitors. So deep conditioning before a pampering canine salon session can make it easier on groomers who will beautify them even more.


All in all when it comes down Advocate treatment after shots its better patience goes along way remembering important thing “ An Ounce Of Prevention Is Worth A Pound of Cure.” Waiting until full absorption provides tough-line defense against flea infestations heartworm and similar maladies so taking note of preparation time tells how attentive we are towards our pets healths quality just like any fine wine(wink).

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