When a man cries over a woman?

Have you ever seen a grown man cry? Especially when it’s because of his significant other, there’s something heartbreaking yet endearing about it. A man crying over a woman is not always a bad thing. In fact, it can show how much he values and loves the person in question.

Is It Normal for Men to Cry Over Women?

Contrary to popular belief, men do cry – they’re human after all. However, society has conditioned us to believe that real men shouldn’t express their emotions or vulnerability. This is why seeing them break down in tears may catch some people off guard or even come as unwelcome news.

We’ve been taught to associate crying with weakness mainly because women are known for being more expressive than men on average. But research shows that crying can benefit your mental health regardless of your gender.

So yes, it’s normal for men to cry over women, or anything else that touches their soul deeply enough.

Why Do Men Cry Over Women?

While there isn’t one definitive answer as everyone experiences life differently, here are some reasons why men might shed tears on behalf of the opposite sex:

Love and Loss

Love is like a powerful drug; once you start using it regularly (or falling), you’ll feel its effects intensely every time your partner isn’t around. Hence when their absence becomes inevitable whether through death or breakup,men might become overwhelmed with emotion and trickle out tears as an expression of frustration.

It takes time and patience even years sometimes for one grief stricken individual to get back on track .


When someone we care about faces adversity,difficulty like medical conditions,a new job,new environment,tough social situation among others,it’s natural our heartbreaks too if we see them struggling.Accordingly,you may witness male folks shedding tears out affection while consoling someone who cannot help but be upset due to whatever circumstances.

Relieving Emotions

Have you ever noticed how refreshed and rejuvenated you feel after a good cry? Tears can also help men vent pent up emotions e.g anger,stress,or sadness shed that burdened load; by bawling over situations they cannot control, they find relief. In this scenario, crying may prove therapeutic rather than traumatizing.

Does Crying Over Women Show Weakness or Strength?

When men let their guard down around someone special and allow themselves to show vulnerability through tears it’s anything but weakness! On the contrary, it showcases a unique strength of character- one which is willingness to open oneself up no matter how uncomfortable society makes that decision appear By exhibiting his exposed side accompanied with tears,a man proves himself strong enough not only to confront events happening in real-time but further,willingly share them publicly too.

One shedding tears should not be seen as an act of weakness.They are humans prone to cancer,sickness,natural disasters once afflicted with these /may sometimes take toll so breaking down emotionally should result in compassion and understanding from people around.

A true partner understands when things break him or her Because he is human before being your spouse

The Stigma for Men Who Cry

Almost every man has been told at least once in his life, “Don’t cry like a girl” Or even,the current reigning anthem invented in South Africa :“Man Up.” Such expressions suggest crying should strictly remain within the female territory.Arriving on masculine grounds indicates risk/jeopardizing perception relayed onto other males/others.For example,a male who cries might arise sympathy.Maybe appreciation will follow if results gained out their emotions ride-high.Yet people may also end up disrespecting such emotional expression labeling individuals weak.

But all these repercussions stem from societal perceptions misconstruing reality.Ever heard “You’re free to express yourself?”I’m sure you have.Men are no exception.They too,have a right to express themselves and their emotions. In fact,it takes courage in reality for anyone to cry publicly including men.


If you see a man crying because of someone he loves,don’t judge him.This serves as an honorable act/ showing the vulnerability that all of us potentially possess.If your significant other ever cries before your watchful gaze,take time to listen,this actually will foster mutual understanding between the two of you.Such acts maybe unfamiliar but should be taken into consideration whenever they occur;men aren’t emotionless robots.So give them space at times,attend therapy sessions with them or help through recovery phases/backlashes etc.To conclude,crying over women is nothing strange.It only shows how much one values his spouse by expressing affection openly instead ensuring transparency.Every tear-shed showcases true strength and tenacity enough not only handling situations thrown way,but also provides immense support from partners eventually leading towards growth.

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