When a abscess burst in mouth?

Have you ever experienced a dental emergency that made you feel like the world was coming to an end? If you answered yes, then this article is for you! We will be discussing one of the most terrifying situations that can happen inside your mouth – when an abscess bursts. But don’t worry; we’ll do it in a humorous way because laughter is the best medicine!

What Is An Abscess?

Before we dive into the horror story, let’s start with some basic information on what exactly an abscess is. An abscess is a pus-filled sac caused by bacteria that infects tissue within your body. It can occur anywhere, including your teeth and gums.

According to research, there are three types of dental abscesses:
– Gingival abscess
– Periodontal abscess
– Periapical abscess

Each has its own set of symptoms and risks but right now, we are going to talk about periapical as it’s the most common type of dental absess.

The Causes Of An Abscesed Tooth

A major cause of this type of pus-pocket forming inside your tooth could be poor oral hygiene practices such as not brushing properly or neglecting flossing – yep! Time to get those dusty floss boxes out from under your sink where they’ve been collecting nope these last few months!

Another possible explanation for why an absess might appear is if you have had continuous trauma to a specific tooth over time.

Let me tell ya…when googling this stuff I was met with images only suitable for adult audiences (you know). Nonetheless Pushing through!!

Signs And Symptoms Of An Absessed Tooth

Soooo how would one come about diagnosing whether or not they have taken part in unknowingly spawning their very own “Alien”. Well, not unlike the creature that arose from John Hurt’s stomach in ‘Alien’, an abscess which has begun to cause pain, swelling and inflammation can be incredibly uncomfortable.

Common symptoms of an absess include toothache (sometimes described as a throbbin’ gnawing ache), swollen gums or bumps on your gums.

If it goes ignored for too long well …your little secret will eventually emerge like a dragon waiting to exhale flames-yes! you guessed it- it will burst!

When An Abscess Bursts In Your Mouth

We’re now getting close to the dramatic part involving bubbling bacteria-filled pus and excruciating pain! A ruptured dental abscess might appear unexplainable if you do not know what is happening inside your mouth. It may occur spontaneously or after triggering events such as biting hard food (popcorn lovers beware!).

What Should You Expect?

Oh boy…expect anything but roses coming outta that cavity. Once an abscess bursts in your mouth, expect warm saliva mixed with blood and pus. As gross as this sounds (gross alert) bear with me friends!

You might feel instant relief because the pressure of accumulated yucky stuff has finally dissipated.) However, please do NOT go round high-fiving everyone yet; see a dentist as soon as possible before any further damage occurs.

Your treatment may range from antibiotics (I hate taking pills too!) to surgically draining any remaining infection present( oh yay- more procedures).

Does The Taste Of Blood And Pus Sit Around?

Firstly YUCK!!! Maaan get ready for a foul taste accompanied by unpleasant odors(you ain’t gotta remind yourself twice). Brushing your teeth often can help reduce these sensations -let’s hope so right?- because until you visit the dentist again, let’s just admit most one does is “mask”the smell with gum.

The decision should not be left up to the universe or have a wild west feel with no direction. Why wait and chance any further damage?

The Bottom Line…

We hope this piece was both informative and humorous in its approach, offering light-hearted entertainment to you as well as some valuable knowledge regarding abscessed teeth!

We are however not dentists( don’t even try calling us in pain) so book your appointment a.s.a.p- trust us! You do NOT want to know what could happen if left unaddressed.

In all seriousness thou …a burst abscess can cause havoc on one’s mouth and health overall. But remember to maintain good oral hygiene practices at all times, brush twice daily,schedule regular dental check-ups, talk (rant about gross stuff) openly with family or friends; it certainly pays off especially when things go south unexpectedly – who knew that old saying ‘Prevention is better than cure‘ would ring true for something like this.

Until then…keep flossing folks!!!

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