Whats wrong if you throw up blood?

Eating the wrong things or drinking too much alcohol are two main reasons why people may experience vomiting, which in and of itself is not a fatal condition. However, it can be quite alarming when after chucking your cookies the bathroom adds insult to injury by showcasing an extra squirt of crimson.

Hematemesis: The fanciest word for throwing up blood, defines this daunting symptom as causes due to different health conditions- from minor issues that don’t require treatment to life-threatening illnesses where immediate medical attention is indispensable.

Keep reading if you’re curious about what’s going on inside your body! Don’t skip all the bloody details we present below!


It’s essential to understand that throwing up blood has numerous potential explanations. Below are some possible triggers behind hematemesis:


- Blood vessel damage during dental work.
- Mountain Climbing.

Swelling nasal mucosa after intense nose-picking or dryness can lead you down the gruesome road towards finding small amounts of dark red or brown vomit (Don’t ask how I know).

Just like there’s nothing terrifyingly spooky about room 237 in “The Shining”, swallowing blooding does not seem to have any ghastly implications other than making one look like they’ve just finished lunch at Le Cordon Bleu.


Naturally having varicose veins around areas such as legs isn’t something people usually care too much about because most doctors say particular varicose anomalies only pose cosmetic/aesthetic concerns (unless these cause discomfort). But internal vascular irregularities? Those require prompt action—check with your medico buddies ASAP.

These situations occur when veins located within compartments such as stomach and throat systemically dilate due primarily to advanced liver disease.

Thinking back now, am I glad the apathetic 26-year-old version of myself suddenly swore off alcohol? Very much so! Because if drinking any type or amount of alcohol can only indicate such a severe physiological dysfunction- thanks but no thank you to those happy hours and tequila shots.


Every other person has experienced gastritis, and it’s not something unusual for people looking up this article. The simple point is that throwing up blood due to erosive zone-like inflammations in your stomach lining should not be taken lightly

I know personally how terrible gas pain can be- imagine an ulcer causing past vomit contents mixed with metallic shades?- Not a great mental image

Cause aside: Hematemesis related to gastritis requires direct physician guidance on proper care techniques, which may include dietary alterations to fulfill required calorie requirements as some health impaired patients cannot eat solid food.


One vital sign being searched for during hematemesis assessments are ones kidney functions. Continuous vomiting can cause dehydration very fast; hence electrolytes levels must also frequently check when treating symptoms associated with excessive blood loss. A decreased urine output could reveal possible renal disease accompanied by underlying medical problems like hypertension and diabetes mellitus.

Other variants from one’s urine sample helps paint the whole picture; Hrmmm—sounds more CSI than healthcare now that I think about it.

In conclusion

Throwing up blood is no laughing matter-I mean we all know how challenging post-meal reflux troubles already are(Thanks naturopath) but remember always reach out for immediate emergency help regardless of how minor or seemingly insignificant: Your body will show various alarming signs long before things get scary if someone knows what they’re searching for (and sometimes even if they don’t!).

The best way to deal with symptomatic treatments involves targeting whatever factors trigger diseased states immediately upon arriving at the hospital. So don’t wait until your vomiting problem worsens, get to a doctor and let them help you regain your health!

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