Whats vitamin d2?

When I first heard about “vitamin D,” I thought it was some fancy title given to a rapper who’d earned his doctorate. But, much as with avocado toast or cryptocurrency, the more people around me started talking about vitamin D (without following that up with verses), the more curious I got about what was going on.

What’s A Vitamin Anyway?

So let’s start right at the beginning: what is a vitamin? Well, apparently they’re these little organic compounds our cells need in order to function properly…and just like you might have different apps on your phone for specific tasks (ordering food delivery vs buying shoes vs stalking ex-boyfriends/girlfriends), there are different vitamins our bodies need for various functions too (for example eating oranges because we need their Vitamin C content). And then inside any given group of vitamins too (cough cough B-complex cough cough) you can drill down even further and find out that there are different types of each thing floating around.

Enter stage left: vitamin D.

Types Of Vitamins

Just like Vivian Maeir had her undiscovered photography from life in Chicago suburbs uncovered long after she passed away, there’s two kinds of vitamin D waiting to be discovered- hence interestingly enough being part of an undiscovered people themselves:

Vitamin D1 – fail

You know how when most couples break up one person always brags at least once that they were ready for it but just didn’t want to do the dumping themselves? That pretty much sums up why nobody talks about Vitamin D1 anymore: as soon as scientists found this form of vitmain d..they promptly realized almost immediately afterwards that the compound wasn’t actually essential as initially though. Lovely eff etcetera.

All its fame and success amounted to all those years ago amounts now mostly just means people throw confetti whenever somebody gets Vitamin D RIGHT – as in, intentionally picks the right one out of the 2 known types.

Vitamin D2

This one however..boy oh boy. The world now makes noise about vitamin d2 like it’s Taylor Swift announcing a new album or cryptocurrencies being talked about by those entrepreneurs who will soon be regretting having ever publicly brought them up.

What’s all this fuss about then? Well for starters, Vitamin D2 is much more effective at establishing and strengthening your body’s reserves of vitamin D than the other kind (D1). See? Importance recognized after all to some degree!

About Vitamin D In General

At this point you might be wondering how important you should feel given that vitamins have mostly just been around; unnoticed even if our lives indirectly depend on them (like people talking behind my back only with respect to nutritional compounds critical to human survival).

So let me walk you through why exactly we need good old fashioned regular doses of vitamin-D- making sure your Doctor suggested dosage has definitely got its place in your life because:

  • It helps our bodies absorb calcium and phosphorus- two crucial minerals when it comes healthy bones/the strong Ivory towers we prematurely joke about every time some child climbs too far up a tree.
  • This means when we’re not getting enough sunlight exposure (and so our bodies can’t make any form of natural vitmain-d themselves), supplements becomes essential as well i.e. Welcome sunshine part 3: “Crazy Stronger Teeth edition”.
  • Studies indicate that adequate levels of vitamin-D are also helpful against everyday sicknesses such as flu & infections! All hail!

Symptoms Of A Vitmain-D Deficiency

Uncharacteristic clumsiness in walking everywhere / low bone density problems worrying doctors sometimes / easy fatigue feeling ~~lazy~~/ chronic pain without obvious else causes/the risk becoming prone-to-depression anxiety issues/

So maybe reconsider making fun whenever someone insists on taking their vitamins for once (if not choosing to convert vegan, that is.)

But Let’s Be More Specific About Vitamin D2

I talked earlier about how there are different types of almost every vitamin, and how in the case of Vitamin D it’s an important distinction to make since you really only need to worry about one type.

What Is Vitamin D2 Even Made Of?

Vitamin d2 comes from organisms such as plants or fungi. They begin producing a compound called ergosterol just before they start reaching adolescent life stages-if we could characterize them with personality/maturity levels- well enough musically spoken ,we are looking at adolescence talking off his headphones when he gets home after school… except this time when sunglasses have been removed wiser scientists get down & dirty filtering out everything else that your middle-aged-ish Facebook-using aunt shared under a post originally discussing something entirely different/negative/killed somebody’s hopes . Naturally – this means that if you want more vitamin D in your diet plan – consider eating mushrooms!

And yes – considering getting regular sun exposure too whenever you can without getting excessive burns/ cancer causing risks .

Well Why Are Mushrooms So Important Though?

Two points; let me enlighten y’all from my little perch.

They provide sunshine for Vegans: people on plant based diets (no dairy product). Plants obviously contains loads of nutrients + minerals but quite true also contain high level carbohydrates unlike animal products like cheese+meat which provides healthy fats instead (Luckily these nutritional shortages won’t reflect too negatively upon veggie fanatics because guess what most mushrooms hanging around grocery aisles already exposed/light treated!) In addition again no UV lights needed whatsoever; thanks Ergosterol!

Secondly not everybody loves walking 12 hours under unforgiving heat/humid conditions. You know who loathes it though? Lazy-ass millennials whose bone-dense knowledge exists mainly specialized knowledge of binge-worthy clips on YouTube. Definitely not talking about myself here either – Would have been better with a lift or some other transportation expeditiously provided instead.

So How Much Vitamin D Do I Actually Need?

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) recommend that adults get 600 International Units (IU) daily and for those over 71 years, they should take between 800-1000 IU every day. Children’s dosages vary depending on their age: infants need at least 400 IU while kids ages one through thirteen require around 600 to 1000 IU per day.

Short Sidenote On Units

At this point you might be like “Ugh great, more units I don’t understand.” Well no worries because these puppies are actually pretty easy to wrap your head around! In short, an international unit is basically just a standardized measurement used in the biological sciences so we can make apples-to-apples comparisons across different types of vitamins and minerals.

Think about it like this – when our parents tell us how tall they were back in the day (‘I was five feet seven inches tall by then’), its something everyone has agreed upon as being exactly-that-height(longevity issues aside). That way if you’re trying to compare heights from two people but one uses centimeters and the other uses millimeters things could understandably get quite confusing/dangerous all those months waiting for your physical muscles adjusting themselves into place.

Who Needs Extra Vitamin D2 Attention?

While vitamin-D deficiencies sadly aren’t unique phenomena; Some people may benefit extra from considering taking d2 supplements regularly which includes:

  • People who live far away from equators and thus don’t receive sufficient sunlight
  • More elderly folks ,because bones become weaker as time passes i.e.they could use all possible calcium & phosphorus reserves strengthening help necessary.
  • Those struggling eating disorders such as bulimia/anorexia that are restricting their diets to the point where they’re not getting enough of the necessary nutrients.
  • Those suffering from liver/kidney injury or chronic conditions that impede absorption/processing ability.

Vitamin D2 & Weight Loss

Interestingly enough, there’s actually some link between Vitamin D and weight loss. Some studies have found that taking supplements of vitamin D can actually help reduce body fat in overweight people! Don’t miss a chance which provides a win-win situation – regardless if coupled with lifestyle changes/exercise: sheds those extra pounds & offers overall health benefits !

While it might sound too good to be true, it turns out taking even just 1000 IU per day could lead to improved insulin sensitivity (i.e. your body is better able handle carbohydrates and blood sugar) as well as muscle strength/mood/stress related woes/etc.

Key Takeaway Decision Factors

If you’re trying sorting through mounds of information prior deciding whether step onto more conscious health roads full-heartedly dealing with everyday optimization tricks… here’s what you should definitely consider:

  • Make sure stay within recommended dosage limits/don’t overdo things on any one type vitamins / minerals – this way avoiding risk overconsumption based side effects .
  • Talk with your doctor about taking supplements because sometimes certain drugs may interfere e.g. corticosteroids along other medical complications limiting its impact negatively unnecessarily.
  • Remember sunlight still reigns supreme when it comes creating vitamin d naturally; but equally recognize importance mushroom exposure has/hence throwing them into everyday meals 😉

The Bottom Line About Vitamin-Dish Delight

So the next time somebody around you starts raving about how great their “vitamin D game” is I sincerely hope that instead of telling them they need to get out more/a witty returning response ..you’ve got everything down-patted!

You know all about how having sufficient levels of this critical nutrient can benefit so many aspects of your health and day-to-day life, from helping improve bone mineral density to potentially even contributing to weight loss!

That’s right- rocking a lot of Vitamin D2 these days surely isn’t indicative of being-out-of touch after all. Quite the opposite in fact!

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