Whats the strongest thing on earth?

Let’s be honest, we’ve all had that moment where we wonder: what is the strongest thing on earth? Is it steel? Diamond? Vibranium? Well, look no further because in this article, we’re going to explore some of the most unbelievable and mindbogglingly strong substances known to man.


Before we dive deep into this topic, let us first clarify what strength means. Strength refers to a material’s ability to withstand external forces without breaking or deforming. This could refer to various types of stress such as tension or compression.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s take a closer look at our contenders!

Spider Silk – The Natural Wonder

Spider silk is one of nature’s most fascinating creations. It feels soft but surprisingly tenacious! If you’ve ever walked through webs with your face (not recommended), you’ll know just how sticky spiderwebs can be.

But it turns out that spider silk has another superpower – its tensile strength (resistance materials exhibit when pulled apart). This incredible substance boasts an astonishing 1 Gpa (gigapascal)– twice as strong as Kevlar!

To put things into perspective, consider this: One strand of spider silk equal in weight and width will be five times stronger than even high-grade steel wire!

With advances in technology over recent years many researchers are investigating artificial ways to create similar fibers using synthetic methods.

Graphene – A Miracle Material?

Graphene is often referred to as a “wonder material” due its remarkable mechanical properties along with being the thinnest material known to science; theoretically only one atom thick! Incredibly light yet at least 100 times stronger than aluminium foil by weight while incredibly superconducting which means electrical resistance essentially reduces to zero.

As a result, one of the most prominent uses for graphene is in electronics – specifically as a component in computers and phones.

Yet it’s also being researched for future construction tools as this material holds minimum mass yet can be extremely strong!

Buckypaper – Tough Enough?

Buckypaper may sound like something you’d use to wrap your lunchtime sandwich but don’t let the name fool you- the strength and durability it possesses is on a whole other level!

This particular brand of carbon nanotube paper owes its strength to what’s known as van der Waals forces (intermolecular forces that hold weak bonds together).

This makes buckypaper stiffer at all scales than any other material humans have discovered so far –And although durability might not seem all that impressive compared to some others mentioned here, when exposed to flames at over 600 °C it doesn’t even degrade due.

So next time you find yourself looking down amid meandering aisles packed with kaleidoscopic packaging options on your grocery store shelf remind yourself that there was once an experimental aircraft made possible by buckyball technology!

Osmium – An Eminent Metal

The metal osmium has defined itself among vital groups like platinum iridium palladium but somehow manhandly less expedited– did I just make up a term? Excessive research has gone into finding ways it can be used outside occupied spaces since more commonly found mining residue ores will only contain trace amounts small enough whereby sampling batches together or minutely tracing certain fingerprints become important tasks throughout industry sectors. According to most sources Osmium is estimated roughly similar hardness values around Yttria-stabilized zirconia which boasts almost twice diamond’s resistance whilst additionally corrosion & uv resistant without showing signs stress at nearby thermal extension tolerances.

All these factors combined make osmium uniquely suited for application within the tech industry.

Kevlar – A True Toughie!

Kevlar is probably the most famous example of a super-strong material, as it’s been used in all sorts of applications from bulletproof vests to racing suits!

The crystalline structure that makes up this hardy fiber means that it transfers force rapidly and efficiently across its whole surface area – making it at least six times stronger than steel by weight.

Still think you’re wearing something ‘cool’ with just plain old cotton? Nope!

Diamond – The King of Bling

When we think about strength and toughness, diamonds are among the first materials to come to mind. Known for being the hardest substance on earth (after convincing a coalition called carbonado was actually diamond). It’s hardly surprising that diamonds have become synonymous with strength!

However, while their hardness may be exceptional, their actual tensile strength is surprisingly low (approx 100-150 MPa), which could mean that under extreme amounts of strain or pressure they will fracture or chip![^1]

So next time someone tells you “diamonds are forever,” ask them how much practical use they would get out of one before it crack


Well folks there you have it: some heavyweight contenders among our winners for Earth’s toughest substance! Natural spider silk boasting unprecedented tensile strength; graphene paving the way towards innovation; buckypaper stiffer than anything else man has created thus far; osmium– an underrated metal holding unique properties critical within modern technology fields & kevlar-previously groundbreaking advancements revolutionizing manufacturing processes-and last but not least-the legend himself king diamond forever immaculate yet more brittle than tough surprised?

You have now scratched beneath the surface on finding what represents ultra-high performance engineering solutions available within various technological sectors pushing us toward ever-greater limits.

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