What’s the point of relationships if they all end?

Relationships, ah yes! The mystical bond that connects two people in ways unimaginable. But one can’t help but wonder what the point is when these heavenly bonds break and things fall apart, couples separate and lovers wave goodbyes.
Why do we even bother then?

It’s All About the Journey

Let’s be honest here; life is not a rollercoaster ride where you just get onto it for a few minutes to experience thrill or excitement only to get off at some point without any lasting impact from it. Life is an adventure in which one must go through various phases of emotions: happiness, sadness, love, loss etc.
That being said (pun intended) relationships are also an integral part of this journey. Whether short-term romances or long-term commitments – each relationship brings something new to your life.

Companionship- For Better Or Worse

Human beings are social animals (I am assuming everyone reading this article is human unless my assumption needs revision). We crave companionship- someone who makes us laugh during our darkest moments and stands by us through thick and thin. Someone who we would want next to us on our deathbed (yes, I went there)
Relationships are significant because they give you someone with whom you can travel through life’s difficult times as well as share your success stories.

So much more than a snapshot moment

Life should be about collecting memories rather than materialistic possessions – having that special person means sharing adventures with them; experiencing everything together whether happy or sad creates indelible memories. When reminiscing over such events years later, those cherished moments will make you smile even when everything else feels like nothing has gone right.

Learning Curve

It takes intelligence along with courage to learn from mistakes especially in personal lives. Relationships teach invaluable lessons including self-awareness and discovery. You might learn what you like and dislike or ultimately identify how to communicate better with a partner.

Plugging into The Matrix

In some relationships, people tend to lose the meaning of their own identity (Matrix effect). We get absorbed in our significant other’s world and as time passes we slowly forget our own capabilities or aspects that form the foundations of ourselves.

But fundamentally, going through these pitfalls teaches us who we are at a core level, while learning about others’ values too. People often emerge from breakups wiser than before they entered it.

Self-Reliance is Overrated

It seems inevitable that living optimally on this earth requires love; empathy being part of humanity for centuries means having an emotional connection is necessary but so does vulnerability – knowing someone has your back no matter what makes you feel safe (with ‘trust’ acting well & truly in hand) . Such connections enhance mental health doesn’t get left solely reliant on oneself can only be beneficial even post-breakup (heartbreak affect hits hard)

Success Does Not Define Us Alone

Individual success cannot substitute social status: those closest will celebrate wins alongside us amplifying positive energy rather than mirroring selfishness behavior by wanting individual achievements all for themselves aka “lone wolf syndrome.”

Thus successful relationships require reassuring bonds where both parties want each other’s successes as if it were there (they’ll find strength eventually).

Time-Out & Detoxing From Love

Taking time out after a breakup not because society says so but genuine self-care is crucial during such distressful times.
Friends come together to aid one another via various methods including detoxes escaping harsh realities briefly whether through expeditions or simple things like self-care regimes “empathy squad.”

Dedication Doesn’t Guarantee Permanence

Relationships need work – they’re complicated and heavy duty just like Full Metal Jacket type drill sergeants harping orders (always messing with your head) but one must appreciate that it’s difficult to maintain a “perfect relationship” (if there is such a thing!!)
Nothing in life is guaranteed which relates to love too – the bond may remain strong or run its course, and a breakup eventually happens. Nonetheless, does not mean it wasn’t worth the fun ride while dedication was present.

Nothing Lasts Forever …

As much as we would want our relationships always like “Happily Ever After” Disney drams realities confront us; nothing always remains as expected doesn’t mean moments aren’t beautiful during the time together.
Despite hardships – learning opportunities emerge from past failures prepping for future exceptional connections (picking yourself up and start again)

It’s Okay To Let Go

Sometimes relationships don’t end because of any apparent issue. Instead, partners drift apart after some time reaching different levels (early bird vs night owl) being comfortable within each other might make things feel stagnant/personal growth hinders
it becomes harder to ignore differences between them Thus they opt for separation choosing personal happiness over societal pressure.

More Fishes Out There

More often than not people tend to box themselves in considering their ex-partner as the sole option but merely remembering that plenty more fishes are out there shouldn’t limit oneself this attribute hasn’t been tried yet shun light on better opportunities rather than grief-stricken mourning forever.


Breaking up involves complex issues both emotionally and practically including but limitedto dividing finances . Grappling such situations occur only through time healing mental wounds alongside reconnecting back with aspects lost during coupled period affecting overall development before finding another significant partner anew <3

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