What’s the difference between vitamin d and vitamin d3?

Vitamins are essential nutrients that help the body carry out its vital functions. Of all the vitamins, vitamin D is undoubtedly one of the most important – without it, our bones would be weak, our immune system compromised, and we could develop other serious health problems.

That being said, not all types of vitamin D are created equal. You may have seen vitamin D supplements labeled as either “vitamin D” or “vitamin D3.” So what’s the difference? In this article, we’ll take a funny look at why these two phrases aren’t interchangeable.

What is Vitamin D?

To understand what distinguishes one type of vitamin from another first we need to know about good ol’ plain jane – Vitamin-D. It’s a fat-soluble nutrient found in some foods such as oily fish like salmon and mackerel along with cheese yolks & beef liver (looking delicious already) but mostly gotten by getting those sunbeams on your skin.

Internally though when you get it from food or sunlight exposure your liver processes it into Calcifediol meaning thank goodness for modern-day medicine because who wants to eat beef livers anyway.

Once you have Calcifediol your kidneys then change it up again turning into calcitriol aka active form which … drum roll please regulates calcium absorption in both bone tissue AND intestines… oh hello lovely teeth how I see you shining so bright!

In general terms Vit-D is responsible for making sure that calcium gets absorbed also plays an essential part in maintaining healthy bones hence our very pushy parents forcing us outside in our youth telling “get more sunshine”

Now Let’s talk about where things get complicated: Vitamin-D 2 versus Animal-based sources like egg yolks

Different Forms

The main difference between different forms of vitamin-D is the way that they’re synthesized: vitamin D2 comes primarily from plant sources while vitamin D3 comes mainly from animal-based ones.

Vitamin-D 3 – The Sunshine Standard

If you take supplements, there’s a good chance that you’ve seen “vitamin D3” on the label. This form of the vitamin is produced naturally in human skin when it’s exposed to sunlight / UVB radiation!

This animal based type-of vitamin-D has been said to raise your blood levels more efficiently than †D†-2 which would be attractive for those who don’t have access to or tolerate sunshine exposure well meaning us vampires can finally also cash in…or as an unrelated point snowmen with every supplement purchase!

Which One Is More Beneficial?

Although both forms can boost serum levels of calcitriol — remember any active VITAMIN D is making sure those teeth shine bright and strong–

Vitamin-D-3 might be easier for us humans folks (and maybe some other animals too) to absorb (not because it’s more bioavailable but scientists believe due to its production source -from our deadly enemy, the sun-) . However if you’re vegan you may not like hearing how easy we are functioning without sunburns

VITAMIN–D-2 on the other side still raises blood levels There exist still a lot research needed things about supplementation outcomes so its best finding out what will work best for your unique situation along with occasional visits as an excuse leaving boring office buildings getting outside drinking margaritas breaking bad-style .

Good news… We reached halfway point! Drums rolling Happy-Music playing now let’s dive into benefits & Risks

What Are The Benefits Of Vitamin D And Vitamin/D Directly Effects?

Whether we’re talking about Vit-/d/ or d_3 each and every one of them has their own unique benefit list!

Benefits of Vitamin D


Enhances calcium absorption
You know that saying “Our bones aint gonna healthy themselves” well
vitamin-D is what makes our teeth -And- bones strong.

Sustains bone health
As we age, we all take longer to heal – but with Right n exercise (how about having some fun bouncing around Trampoline park just make sure not break any part of you) and sunshine will keep on taking selfies for a long time.

Assists in restoring muscles tissue and strength
Muscles get stronger & recover quicker through lifting-based-exercise / gym-room-horrors..painful Yet oh so great post-workout soreness .keeping away from the zombie like feel when you raise your arms after ten push-ups

Kidney function improvement? Yes please!
Vit-d activates receptors found throughout kidneys which helps balance out the whole „excess-calcium“ thing additionally discouraging formation of kidney stones which highly appreciated by a certain yellow cartoon character as it opens up his culinary range

### Benefits – Vitamin D3

Now let’s move directly to vitamin d3 benefits:

Overall bodily function regulation enhancement:
VIT–D3 contains ingredients needed fighting off disease promoting agents more effectively than less pure supplements helping body staying its natural form.

Healthy Heart: could suppress inflammations along with encouraging imbalanced blood sugar stabilization

Dementia prevention :

One study showed people who were supplemented had significantly higher cognitive scores… Mental note; might consider add Vitamins next time during finals week(JUST KIDDING MUM I STUDIED ALL DAY)


What are risks associated with both types?

Before popping those supplements into your mouth just because ‘don’t wanna miss anything’ feeling is hitting let’s stop for a second and also look at any possible risks of supplementing vitamin D.

Be smart don’t make, yourself worse in the long run just to gain that quick boost!

Risks – Vitamin-D

Hypercalcemia: As we’ve discussed before Vit-d helps calcium absorption , but did you know too much can lead way too high levels directly leaving harm on your bones, kidneys or heart. (Do take medical advice if taking doses around >5000IU)

Kidney Failure & Hyperphosphatemia

This more about our kidney here as well if you’re not keeping an eye out usually associated with large amounts ingestion again this is rare occasion I mean unless you’re popping pills like candy

§ Risks – Vitamin-D3

Basic rule stays better safe than sorry

Vitamin d_3 have lower negatives so less dangers linked when it comes signally tissue calcification reduction however hypervitaminosis symptoms could occur with excessive dosages… Can dizziness occurring? definitely,having light headed moments after those spinning sessions looking great in childhood


So what’s the key takeaway from all of this? Well, for one thing, it’s clear that both vitamin D and vitamin D3 are essential for good health — no surprises there. But at the same time These differences between the plant-based Vitamin D-2 versus animal-sourced -D–/D/_-REALLY do matter!!

By discussing each type’s benefits separately makes things easier when deciding which to take then they say „oh yeah sunshine isn’t stress-free nor vacations expect early mornings“ by knowing these quirks getting most potential its highly likely remaining able sitting on their boat fending off aged wizard living amongs us!