Whats the best way to get rid of fruit flies?

Are you tired of those annoying fruit flies invading your home? Do they seem to never go away no matter how many times you try to swat them or shoo them out the door? Fear not, for we have compiled a comprehensive and humorous guide on the best ways to get rid of fruit flies once and for all.

Understanding Fruit Flies: Who are They, and Why are They Here?

First things first – before we jump into ways to eliminate these agile pests, let’s take a moment to understand just who these little buzzers are.

What exactly is a fruit fly?

Also known as vinegar flies, pomace flies or drosophila melanogaster if you’re feeling fancy, fruit flies typically measure about ⅛ inch in length with red eyes and tan-colored bodies. They are attracted by fermenting fruits and other sugary substances such as rotting vegetables – this makes it easy for them breed in homes that may store unrefrigerated produce.

Why do I have so many fruit flies?

Fruit fly infestations often occur when overripe or damaged fruits (think bananas), potatoes or onions release gasses which attracts the attention of female fruit flies looking for a place lay their eggs. These pesky creatures can multiply quicker than rabbits; One adult female can lay around 500 eggs at one time, leading her offspring becoming adults so fast!

Now that we’ve briefly delved into what causes their presence let’s see how this annoyance can be eliminated effectively:

DIY Hacks To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies

If chemical sprays aren’t really your thing (^and why should they be!), don’t worry because there still some onion-inspired tactics that could rid yourselves off from these nuisances.

Implement Better Storage Habits For Your Fruits And Vegetables

One way to prevent fruit fly infestations is to properly store your produce. Keep fruits and vegetables in the fridge or, if you don’t have enough space (!), give them a thorough check before storing them like tucking away potatoes for lack of sight once they are over-ripe.

Create A Vinegar Trap

Are you ready to go full Mission Impossible on those pesky insect infiltrators?

Get yourself some apple cider vinegar from your pantry and transfer it into small bowls or jars with funnels attached at edge. Place a few drops of dishwashing soap into the mixture – teaming up with vinegar which serves as an attractant owing to its acetic acid along with sweetness will prompt flies toward their doom!

Make Use Of Old Wine

Time to hit that bottle! No we aren’t suggesting drinking heavily just yet but what about using old wine left behind by guests? The simple answer is creating death trap for fruit flies: pour leftover wine into glasses placed around areas where these insects usually swarm. Voila, it’ll work magic (unless they’re dealing only with teetotallers).

When All Else Fails: Buy A Fly Trap Or Spray Some Chemicals

If none of the DIY hacks seem to be effective/feasible, then know that there are handy-fly elimination gadgets out there ideal for ‘too busy’ has no time households (fly-yay people!!)

Purchase Fruit Fly Traps Online OR Get Them From Your Local Stores.

You may find many different traps online while ordering groceries , most featuring sticky pads or containers designed specifically for trapping these annoying little creatures off quick and easy.

Alternatively popping down nearby departmental stores can also do good by enabling access towards other mechanisms laced killing devices including such sprays filled with enzymes made especially emitting pheromones signally effectivity against these buzzing nuisances!

(Note : You should avoid chemical-based spray since this category may pose risks near food, infants or even when sprayed in confined areas!)

The Final Verdict

Ultimately the best way to get rid of fruit flies rests on preventive methods. Based on our research, keeping your house clean and ensuring airtight containerization adds up to a lot.

However if preventing these uninvited pest invasions isn’t an option due natural limitations (can’t really stock every single overripe fruit inside refrigerators now can we?), then hitting Amazon OR running down locally for fly elimination traps or sprays is themost substantial solution.

Remember , while eliminating such pests doesn’t have to be hazardous nor costly – so take charge with methods you find most effective (^tailored specifically by yourself), preferably without any animal cruelty that causes environmental harm!