What’s the best medicine for post nasal drip?

As somebody who experiences post nasal drip on a regular basis, I can confirm it is not fun. It feels like you’re constantly swallowing phlegm and if you don’t cough or clear your throat regularly, you’ll sound like squelchy shoes walking through mud.

If left untreated it can lead to bad breath, a sore throat or worse. Well worry no more! In this article we will explore ways of treating post nasal drip so that both the sufferer and their surroundings can live in harmony once again.

So what exactly is postnasal drip?

Postnasal drip (PNDS) usually results from an allergic reaction or a cold causing excess mucus production leading to difficulty breathing and a feeling like mucus at the back of your nose has dripped down into your throat. This build up – which might make swallowing feel difficult – leads people trying everything under sun to find relief.

Remedies worth avoiding

Surfing online say you may find remedies such as drinking milk/yoghurt (as opposed to water). Not only do these options offer little help for PNDS but they also come with side affects such as bloating and sinus irritation thus making things worse for sufferers. Limitations folks!

Nothing suggests smoking gives any possible way out either when tackling this uncomfortable medical issue amidst other adverse health effects.

Simply put by Dr Andrew Goldberg at UCLA, “If just one person reads this sentence then takes up smoking as a remedy because they are desperate enough [from reading every blog suggesting tobacco products provide immediate relief],you have failed”

Needless saying; smoke-free policies restrict smoking within most enclosed public spaces- rightfully so-too late though!

Engaging professionals would be ideal given how sore PND affects our lives if self-help options have proven insufficient; however good luck securing medical attention all through.

Surprisingly effective home remedies

Fortunately like anything we face, with a little creativity and heaps of curiosity the persistent postnasal drip can also be stopped with simple ingredients available at one’s fingertips. It’s always important to note that these remedies may be different in their effectiveness due people having unique bodily needs though they should do the trick.

Salt Water Gargle

One easy way to combat PNDS is simply by gargling salt water which relieves irritation while reducing the inflammation constraining airflow across ones respiratory passage. Also aids further infections from accumulating! Mix 1 teaspoon of salt in about 8 ounces of warm water then proceeds to gargle for few seconds preferably mornings or prior sleep time a great routine inducing breathing relief quickly- you will feel it!

Steam Treatment

An alternate remedy is steam inhalation.Here,you fill your sink – assuming its clean- with warm/hot water infuse essential oils (eucalyptus/natural peppermint oil ) then take deep breaths over basin covered wih towel acting as canopy beside basin .Gently breathe deeply taking care not to scorch/red burn skin tissue underneath.once complete make yourself your lubricated nose blow pad handy.Use regularly until PND becomes negligible.

Drinking hot fluids

Drinking any form of liquid/warm fluid works too:Sipping hot liquids such as herbal tea or soup and avoiding dairy products smoothes irritated airways lining.Onset of winter, taking up soups provides some warmth easing congestion throughout inhaling/exhaling cycle.Perhaps this could solve sudden dry coughing fits accompanying residual mucus.Pick these infused vitamins during weekdays/meetings since symptoms could be easily concealed.

Table on redolent teas & soups

Tea Flavor Contribution
Mint Eases irritations in airways and acts as decongestant.
Ginger Primarily to treat annoying coughs and warm up scratchy sore throat.
Cameron Bure’s Carrot soupl ~~~~ ~~~~~ Contains Vitamin A easing nasal congestion unblocking clogged sinuses

Using a humidifier

One of the best ways to remain comfortable at home is by placing a humidifier into your living space.When properly filled with mineral water or steam generator this device will routinely blow cool moist mist around its environment thus alleviating thirst hazards while simultaneously making sure you can get proper breathing without hot dry air emanating from household heaters; all while providing PNDS relief.Recreation chamber for Allergies Care Partly so, be wary of mold overgrowth if improperly cleaned.

Medication Options

Additionally, there are plenty of medications made specially ffinancialaidor postnasal drip management.These include decongestants known to shrink down swollen blood vessels and make respiration easier ,while Antihistamines on other hand work outwards using chemical release histamine that reduces inflammation levels amid irritation cueing those runny noses.

Most importantly, however always consult your doctor before taking any medication!


De-congestant tablets should only be taken after consultation with an ENT specialist. There are several forms like branded Sudafed soon to alleviate stopped-up nostrils producing long-lasting nasal relief with minimal side effects!

Alternatively,Afrin or Oxymetazoline sprays offer exquisite satisfaction for one experiencing difficultly breathing! This spray though comes loaded on frequent proto-tolerance warnings but personally worth hourly use considering how it clears things up real quick.If used regularly may lead onto bad breath/taste hitch-hiking these spaces.Pray against longetivity here.


Storage wise [store -bought generic] antihistamines like Benadryl/Dramamine work miracles for many allergies related symptoms.They are typically safe and effective but their efficacy can decrease over time with continued usage.

An alternate antihistamine is what we call “Intranasal” meaning requiring one to insert nasal spray directly into using nostrils that allows medicament’s quick access to sinuses reducing inflammation in airway passages.

Moderation highly advised here lest lead a nasty side effect such as nosebleeds or headaches.

Again whole you should only take medication from licensed medical professionals, the decongestants and neat solutions above may not require the intervention of a professional vis-a-vis prescription antivirus medicine which has always proven more capable when taking proactive measures on your health.At least keep yourself entertained!

Preventing fresh build-ups

Beyond addressing it once its begun; practicing good hygiene will prevent future postnasal drip attacks.For example: washing hands regularly (you never know who’s handling/hugging/air hooting around with infections), covering mouth&nose while coughing/sneezing (or doing this away from others) +using tissues to catch mucus before disposing them immediately.Adopt habit of cleaning space frequently /dusting objects therein..

With all said and done hopefully the tips provided here will help you deal positively deal in case PND catches up again.All clears?that feels better now!

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