What’s the best medicine for cramps?

Have you ever been hit by a cramp so bad that it felt like your muscles were on fire? Do you get shooting pains up and down your legs whenever you’re trying to relax or fall asleep?

If yes, then welcome my friend, you’re amongst the tens of thousands! Muscle cramps are one of the most common ailments people face. They range from mild twinges to intense spasms that can last anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes.

You might have tried stretching, massaging or normal ice packs but found little relief today; we explore some additional options out there for boosting those cramps – and hopefully making them much easier!

What causes muscle cramping?

Muscle cramps (or spasms) occur when muscles suddenly contract without warning. This often results in painful contractions which may be involuntary.

There’s a variety of causes for muscle cramping including dehydration, electrolyte imbalances & mineral deficiencies (calcium and magnesium being key culprits). Additionally, overuse injuries or even pressure on nerves due to tumors could cause these dreadful pains.

Why anti-inflammatory medication isn’t enough

Without doubt ibuprofen is perceived as having miraculous pain-relieving properties but unfortunately its effect here only covers effective after-crop treatment rather than preventative usage (which many would find ideal).

One downside is this strong NSAID category suppresses production of various enzymes crucial in our bodies’ immunity mechanisms thus causing issues with resistance next time round another virus comes along (a low point!)

Sodium polystyrene sulfate

Sodium Polystyrene Sulfate (SPS) has been acknowledged quite heavily as an effective therapy not usually sought after – largely because there are limited non-emergency uses available.() It does however carry itself well against hyperkalemia, especially useful if suffering renal-failure acquired raised potassium in the blood.

Additionally, it’s been well insinuated that SPS may be used for soothing muscle cramps caused by low calcium levels. By stopping elevated potassium level in their tracks – which unilaterally soothe the muscles- as a result this indirectly improves those lower mineral levels!

Tense from an extensive run of indulgence in leafy greens lately? Mix some SPS powder into your regimen and reap its boonful benefits

Ginger root

Ginger is definitely not a stranger to our kitchens but what most people don’t know is that it’s also nature’s ibuprofen! The underground stem known specifically as Zingiber officinale gives us gingerols.- Known greatly for constricting blood vessels located around sore areas and releasing tension points, making contracting much more bearable.

Experts suggest you should take ginger at least 30minutes before exercise since it has anti-inflammatory properties; reducing chance getting muscle strain or other cramp-like discomfort.

Generally speaking, one could slice up fresh Ginger easily and submerge them alongside hot water. For others who have less time to spare, curcumin supplements are also available too.

Drink enough fluids

Dehydration attribute can very easily bring about three kinds of heat-related muscle ailments; Heat Cramping & then along comes Heat Exhaustion followed by Sun-stroke(Fondly referred stateside as a hater-trifecta).

If symptoms noticed early on swift remedy availed such as drinking natural Gatorade (no added sugar) instead (hydrates faster than H2O), gradually rebuilding electrolytes lost missing during exercising

Capsaicin treatment

Capsaicintoprical use provides transient warming impact popular among bodybuilding crowds seeking enlargement through tensed contractions thereby enhancing effect. Creams relieve efficiently donning quickly that action fusing opposite senses so they remain occupied with pressing against tactiles rather staying saddled with pain


Whatever your preferred method for managing muscle cramps might be, it’s important to understand that there are a variety of options available to you even beyond those highlighted here. So don’t stop exploring; find what works best for you and keep up the regular healing process.

() Supplementary Prescription registration expanded recently however usage remains relatively low outside emergency departments.()

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