Whats mono sickness?

You know that feeling when all you want to do is curl up in a blanket, watch Netflix and eat pizza but your body has other plans? Well, that’s mono sickness for you. It’s the ultimate buzzkill; not only do you feel like crap, but it also makes sure nobody wants to hang out with you.

The Origins of Mono

Mononucleosis (mono) – are you even surprised by this big word? – originated in the good ‘ol USA around 1889 as being known as “the kissing disease”. Much like people avoiding Corona now… those infected with MO-No were avoided for fear of catching such a terrible “cold”.

Mono can occur at any age or gender, however, adolescents and young adults between the ages of 15-24 are more susceptible than others. Think about it though… aren’t they always sharing things: candies (and braces), beds (or sleeping pods), clothes (ew) and sometimes beverages( shutup I didn’t share my tea ) ..

Symptoms Of This Terrible Condition

Symptoms usually show one month after infection occurs tricky tricky. Clients will experience fatigue during physical activities before they’ll start noticing swollen nodes frequently along both sides of the neck AND/OR inflamed tonsils presenting themselves alongside iron-deficient anemia OR just super-high fever.

Other symptoms may include headache & sore throat while lacking energy there is generally some form Flu-like-illness developmenti.e., Conjunctivitis aka Pink Eye.. Yuck!

But hey! Look on the bright side- While dealing w/ these treatments contact yourself doctor pls duh You too got time enough where u’re literally forbidden from working out cuz steroids gonna be prescribed(winks)

Only teasing here , but seriously make sure to rest because once treated fully oftentimes complications post-infection only arise from patient negligence.

If Fatigue seems to last more than weeks time I’d swing on in to Doctors for a follow-up what’s the worst that could happen eh still have mono (?!)

Causes Of Mono

Mono is typically caused by the Epstein Barr virus, which belongs to the herpes family. That’s right folks! Herpes! Their actyual linksand compatability tend not to affect much tho.. it rarely causes outbreaks and despite being a lifelong infection this particular strain remains benign overall.

When infected saliva gets in contact with one or another humans’ body through coughing kissing, sneezing or sharing utensils – they risk getting themselves exposed.

Reminder: Please Don’t Share Utensils Ya’ll!

However while easier said than done (we see you Ben&Jerry) Attempts should be made towards preventing infectivity spread by sanitizing household/viral influential shared objects during sicknesses( Scrub scrub scrub ).

Unfortunately due To Virus being passed back and forth No pill- can cure since viral infections self treat over many-a-weeks which makestreatment mainly symptomatic symptom based(medicine-less). The remaining function of medication is mainly focused on relieving specific symptoms either by steroid reduction or downplaying inflammation.

Best Defense? Boost your immune system people proper balanced nutrition supplemented w/ sleep activities such as yoga ALSO PLS practice good hygiene including handwashing(preferably singing lullaby’s)… atleast now Carly Rae Jepsen songs come handy somewhere smh …

How Long Does It Last?

A key question. Treatment from Mono varies across patients per diagnosis Most heal within several DRY months(dry why?) but some lucky ducks remain contagious even YEARS After Infection .So watch out who you kiss behind bars ? 😉

Prevention Is Key

Sadly enough there are no vaccines against mono currently(as if we need more reminders….oh wait corona but don’t get us started )

To prevent yourself from catching it, limit your exposure to saliva and try not to share toothbrushes, beverages or any object that comes across bodily fluids. Unless…of course.. you’re investigating art projects? Only then is it somewhat appropriate.

Don’t worry though- a little effort during quarantine time will most definitely pay off (fingers crossed) antibacterial gels& sprays all about this could even help reducing potential flu spread also – plus helps alleviate worries of spreading bacteria after being left in the store by Karen…

Some Final Thoughts

Life can be unpredictable but while some things can’t be predicted…We always have our defenses up for when we are mighty enough(or when bench is cleared out altogether for us…) So protect yourself now before its too late – since lets be honest nobody wants nasty mouth infections ruining their weekends!

But let’s look on the bright side here! While you’re drooling(eh sleeping/eating?) there’s no need to feel terrible about missing work(out) or studying because u’ve got an excuse!!! Which means Netflix & Chill instead thus contributing as preventative care against others infected with mono…

Stay safe people.

And remember….Sharing Isn’t Caring

Table: Common Causes of Mono

Cause Description
Epstein-Barr Virus Herpes virus that affects 90% of Americans in their lifetime
Kissing/Saliva Contact The primary way mono spreads from one person to another
Sharing Objects/ Utensils Objects such as drinking cups, toothbrushes which may contain infected saliva

List: Symptoms Of Mono Sickness

  • Fatigue
  • Swollen Lymph Nodes
  • Inflamed Tonsils And Throat
  • High Fever With Flu-like Illness
  • Headache & Sore Throat

List: Prevention Tips For Avoiding Mono:

  1. Limit Exposure To Saliva(Optional Vaccine)
  2. Avoid Sharing Toothbrushes/ Utensils
  3. Sanitize Shared Objects Regularly
  4. Practice Good Hygiene and Hand-washing

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