What’s in burt’s bees lip balm?

You’ve probably experienced the horror of dry, chapped lips before. It can be pretty nasty when you have those little splits on your lips and they hurt when you try to smile or laugh. Luckily for us, there is a tiny yellow tube from Burt’s Bees that we all have ready in our bags!

But wait! We’re curious creatures with enquiring minds: what makes this wonder working lip balm so amazing? If it’s not something magical or other-worldly like unicorn tears, then what exactly is the ingredient list comprised of?

Well look no further! Here we are with an article that delves deep into what ingredients go into making a good ole chapstick come to life.


First things first – let’s chat about the history of how “Beezin” began.
Wait – “bee- WHAT?”

That was my initial question too – but apparently way back in 1984 Burt Shavitz (yep he’s a real person), had been selling honey roadside starting from his car window! He started making candles outta beeswax…and well thus began ‘Beezin’. After partnering up with Roxanne Quimby (his gal at the time),they expanded their inventory running on pure elbow grease,relying solely on word-of-mouth advertising for customers.

Fast forward today, after multiple successful years being purchased by clorox,burts bees still remains one of America’s most wanted personal care brands. Okay enough about history here are five key ingredients found within each Burts Bees flavour-

A Dash Of Comfy Shea Butter

Rejoice people because shea butter has made its grand entrance.
This anti-inflammatory powerhouse is extracted from African Karité trees & packed full of natural vitamins and fatty acids essential for healthy skin maintenance
PS if y’all happen to be traveling in windy areas or up on mountains, then shea butter will help to keep your lips hydrated and not chapped. It sets free radicals at bay that can cause premature ageing and all sorts of hustles.

Heaps Of Hydrating Coconut Oil

Ah yes – coconut oil is one of our beloved celebrities amongst beauty enthusiasts.
Its creamy texture just adds an extra layer of nourishing goodness to the lip balm whilst also containing high amounts of fat soluble vit-E. This slick nut extract cleverly heals dryness staying moisturized hours on end day after day!

Antioxidant Rich Vitamin E

Whilst being a key component for maintaining healthy skin due to its antioxidant properties, vitamin-e doubles as an excellent natural preservative further prolonging shelf life! Talk about efficient huh?

Oh but wait while we’re here -vitamin e originates from sunflower seeds not lil pig-nosed gremlins running around willy-nilly everywhere screaming ‘feed me seymour’ …sorry stray thought moment there!

Now back into our regularly scheduled programming…

Slight Dab Of Cooling Menthol

Menthol gives us these tingling sensations that’s synonymous with brushing your teeth fresh in 5 minutes prior- which ideally means it increases blood flow allowing more oxygen through!
Say goodbye to smelly breath when theres menthol lurking around…but hey too much may leave you looking fish-lipped…so use sparingly y’all.

Sweet But Nutritious Flavour Oils

Finally –the ingredient we’ve all been waiting for…the flavour oils that add some pizzaz’to this lip balm recipe! Combinations range vastly between mouth watering honey,bursts radiancous strawberry & refreshing Pink grapefruit etc..etc..

Here you have it folks,great….yet simple ingredients blended well together create magic in this little yellow tube.Imagine how everything else would be if it were that straightforward huh?The ‘Beezin legacy’ has taught us to stick with what works and we couldn’t agree more.The Burts bees mantra is living proof that the most effective solutions can often consist of very basic components.

So go ahead,take a deep breath and apply this lip balm.To put it simply,throw away all the other gunk you’ve accumulated over these years out your cabinet already as nothing comes close..

(We mean tuh’ell! Why be insincere when we could tell ya losing options wasted time)

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