What’s good for a toothache?

Ah, the dreaded toothache. It can strike at any time and turn even the most cheerful person into a misery-guts. But fear not because there are remedies out there that will ease your pain faster than you can say “open wide”. Whether it’s herbal or something stronger – read on to find what works best for you.

Understanding Toothaches

Before we dive into how to treat toothaches, let us take a quick look at what exactly they are. A toothache is simply an ache in or around the teeth caused by several factors including cavities, gum disease, cracked or broken teeth, impacted wisdom teeth among others.

The pain from a toothache could range from mild discomfort to sharp shooting pains that won’t let up causing severe headaches and sleepless nights. If left unchecked, it can quickly escalate into an unbearable experience.

Home Remedies

1) Clove Oil:

Clove oil contains eugenol which has natural analgesic properties making it one of the go-to-at-home remedies when dealing with dental issues such as tooth decay and inflammation. You only need 2-3 drops of clove oil applied directly on the affected area using cotton wool swab.

2) Salt Water Rinse:

Saltwater rinses help create an inhospitable environment for bacteria growth which reduces swelling and relieves oral infections responsible for toothaches by reducing inflammation & eliminating toxins present in mouth .
To make saline solution mix eight ounces warm water & half tablespoon salt . Rinse with this wash twice daily .

3) Ice Pack

Ice packs cause reduction in blood flow In inflamed areas giving relief .You may apply them either inside cheek or outside jawline close enough towards infected area gingerly , keeping until numbness eases ache off . Do not apply ice cubes bare onto skin though.

Regular Oral Care Habits:

Prevention is always better than cure, so don’t forget to take good care of your teeth by ensuring that you brush and floss regularly. If possible visit a qualified dentist twice a year for checkups . Brush two times morning & night at least with fluoride toothpaste.Oral irrigators can be used as an alternative.

Natural Treatments

4) Guava Leaves:

While guava fruit’s already healthful, its leaves have infection- fighting abilities due to its anti-inflammatory , analgesic qualities attributed from flavanoids in them .
To use it boil four five dried guava leaves into warm water until decoction turns brown.Remove from stove after letting it simmer down for several minutes.Let this mixture cool off completely then use inside the mouth rinsing mildly every few hours daily .

5) Garlic:

Garlic has antibacterial properties owing allicin found in it thus making it effective when combatting bacteria responsible for causing gum & tooth infections.
Peel one garlic clove insert chewing onto affected area till ache dissipates.

Hygiene Matters:

Remember poor oral hygiene might result in caries or worse -gum disease caused by bacterial plague buildup. Have you brushed today ? Schedule personal dental hygiene time-wisely while giving enough attention especially towards molars,cusps,fissures or wisdom teeth if they emerge during adulthood.

Over-the-counter Analgesics

Sometimes natural remedies may not work fast enough, resulting some people resorting NSAIDs- nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs that inhibit biochemical response of enzymes COX1&2 reducing inflammation,pain whatever come next taking less toll on stomach lining unlike any opiates.These powerful but legal painkillers are easily obtainable over counter & some need prescription before purchase such as

  • Aspirin
  • ibuprofen
  • Acetaminophen (commonly known Tylenol(TM))

Before consuming any product make sure to read label thoroughly ,understand what type medication you’re buying also dosage .Make note that overdosing with any such drug causes liver damage, stomach ulcers or kidney failure depending which NSAID is consumed.

Alcohol-Based Home Remedies

6) Whiskey:

Ever heard of Scotch bonnet for a clammy toothache ? Though it might turn out surprising but swishing whiskey around mouth numbs pain alleviating anxiety & tightening gumlines .
Pour small contents whisky eg brandy inside affected side; hold near between five minutes then spitter it out upon cessation of discomfort.

Important Considerations:

It is important to bear in mind that these remedies are not panaceas and can only be used to provide temporary relief from your symptoms. You should book an appointment with a qualified dentist as soon as possible because they will diagnose the root cause of your problems and offer bespoke solutions.

Other Alternative Methods

Apart from over-the-counter analgesics, some people use alternative methods including chiropractic techniques like acupuncture/dry-needling,cognitive therapy,distraction exercises – anything providing positive harmonious distraction away from aggravating sensations due occurrence previously mentioned issues associated toothaches popping
Hydrogen peroxide mixed with water creates abrasive rinsing effect allowing breakdown plaque faster than ever before just rinse gentle every once in while alongside regular brushing .

Visit Your Dentist

Ultimately, the best way to ensure good oral health is by visiting a reliable dental specialist regularly.So look after those pearly whites!