What’s good coffee?

Are you tired of going to a café and getting served subpar coffee?

Well, fear not, dear reader. In this article, we’ll be exploring what makes a good cup of coffee.

From the region where it was grown to the method used for brewing, there are several factors that contribute towards a perfect brew. So let’s delve in!

Starting With The Beans

The bean is the foundation of each unique blend. So naturally, starting with quality beans will set you up for success.

  • Get Your Hands On Specialty Grade Beans
  • Single-Origin vs Blended Coffees: What’s The Difference?
  • Single-origin had more flavor variation
  • Dark Roast Vs Light Roast
  • Dark roast alters taste profile significantly

If possible opt for specialty-grade Arabica beans over Robusta coffee as well-known names produce such beans with varying degrees of flavor profiles.

Pro Tip: Always choose whole bean when buying coffee as they keep better and contain fewer additives compared to pre-grounded on filtration process alone.

Finding Your Grind

You may have noticed that different cafes use a diverse range of grinds in their coffees. But why? Here’s our take:

  • All About Grind Sizes
    • Whole Bean For Espresso Machines
    • Medium To Fine Grounds For Pour Over Pots
    • Coarse Grounds Booster Flavor Profile Of Longer Brew Times
      • Eg: French Press & Cold Brew Coarser

Keep in mind that having uniformity between grinds and water temperature ensures proper extraction. If your grind size causes complications consider trying something new by playing around with settings or using specialized tools like burr grinder creating consistency-sized grounds.

Water Quality Matters Too

Water type affects everything from the acidity level to overall taste profile hence only overlooked because it isn’t an ingredient added besides leaving strict chemical free filtered water used for brewing.

Pro Tip: Get a filtration system internally in your home or utilizing bottled water to brew the best cup of coffee.

Understanding Brewing Techniques

Brewing methods have come a long way from pots on stovetops. With technology, new gadgets that operate optimally popped up revolutionizing caffeine extraction here are some:

  • Drip Coffee Makers
  • French Press
  • Espresso Machines
  • Different brands showcase different elements such as temperature consistency or more extended time between shots

Tasting Your Delicious Creations

Like with any culinary adventure, taste-testing is an exquisite part of drinking coffee. Remember these when tasting:

  1. Aroma – Does it smell good? Leafy and fruity.
  2. Taste – Is there nuttiness to sweetness? Richness lacking bitterness?
  3. Mouthfeel – texture should bloat onto our lips giving us contrasting flavors compared to other drinks.

So next time you make yourself espresso don’t forget! Brew, Inhale As Deep As You Can & Sip Modestly!


There are several variations among blends & roasts leading towards distinct flavor nuances affecting overall aromatic experience and even method of brewing will impact both taste profile and appearance including machine used everything differing factor altering your morning routine ultimately improving across board.

Lastly having Specialty-grade beans uniformly grounded while using filtered water making optimal circumstances guarantee this beverage’s refreshment each day concluding essential criteria needing fulfillment so everyone gets their perfect cup every single day without fail!

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