Whats dairy?

Ah, dairy. The beloved food group that has given us cheese, butter, milk and so much more. Whether you’re a fan of creamy milkshakes or love to stack your burgers with extra cheese, there’s no denying the impact that dairy products have had on our lives.

But what exactly is dairy? And why is it such an important part of our diets? Today we’ll be exploring some udderly fantastic facts about dairy and all its wonderful forms.

The Basics: What is Dairy?

Dairy refers to any product that is made from the milk of mammals – typically cows, but also goats, sheep and even camels! From here come many delicious foods such as milk (duh), cream, cheese (a personal favorite), butter and yoghurt.

Fun fact for ya – did you know that 90% of all world’s milk consumption comes directly from cows? That’s a lot of moo juice!

Each type of dairy product undergoes its own unique creation process whether in factories or homes around the world. It involves separating out elements like cream or using bacterial cultures (“good” bacteria!) to kickstart fermentation processes in order create variety in textures and flavors within these types/brands/products. 

Health Benefits & Nutritional Value

When we think about healthy eating goals for ourselves (or our pets- shoutout to lactose intolerant dogs out there) , it wouldn’t be surprising if ‘dairy’ isn’t “milked“ enough when brainstorming ways can get those essential nutrients needed daily.

For one thing-dairy provides calcium which allows for strong bone development during youth along maintenance into adulthood/later years — this alone should suffice sufficient proof/appeal since hip fractures suck…plenty other additional benefits too(via A2 Milk)

In fact, dairy products are great for supplying people with everything from essential vitamins like B12 to minerals such as potassium and phosphorus. Even proteins can be found in milk via whey if we take the time to read all them darn labels!  

And contrary to popular belief, studies have suggested that consumption of full-fat dairy has no increased risk for cholesterol levels or cardiovascular disease(//also shoutout to all those who gave up cheese because health fads during this era– scoot back a little!). You hear that peeps? That’s permission to indulge in cheesy goodness– just not overdo it!\

Lactose Intolerance

But wait- What about Them intolerant types?

Unfortunately, there are many individuals who suffer from lactose intolerance which occurs when our bodies cannot properly produce sufficient amounts of an enzyme called lactase. Others may even have an allergy-causing protein – Casein- making it difficult or impossible for they food lovers out there ride the dairy train.

But fear not, my friends! The world of alternatives is ever-expanding, so even those sensitive souls (and stomachs) can enjoy similar tastes by grabbing onto plant-based substitutes like soy milk (&BONUS: chocolate soy milk), almond milk among others touting their own sets of benefits. 

Dairy Around the World

Up until 20th Century , dairy was mainly consumed locally due lack efficient refrigeration systems however every country has adapted its own methods/styles/flavors throughout history.(via Quarts)

Take India for instance – their yogurt variations commonly referred as curd is paired with most meals including side dishes&chutnies; while Scandinavian countries go nuts-y adding dill into spoonsful sour cream.; Australians pack quite punch offering Vegemite sandwiches slathered with butter overflowing right on top toast!

Across continents you’re likely sample variety based mixtures featuring herbaceous hints or spice blends reflecting cultural influences contributing centuries old it is!

Dairy and the Environment

While delicious, dairy products aren’t always sustainable food choices. In fact, commercial animal agriculture has contributed to deforestation, Greenhouse gas emissions ultimately affecting climate change.^1
So while picking up almond milk instead of a cow-based drink might not instantly save our environment, making more eco-friendly decision will add up towards its longevity just like with any worthy cause. 

WIth all that being said let us be clear- who are we kidding? Cheesy goodness reigns supreme when binging on Netflix especially after some personal struggle earlier in day — so hold onto your stomach pants&let’s order that pizza with extra cheese! 🧀

Remember, Everything in moderation. (hahahaha just kidding– Moderation schmoderation)