What would make your white blood count low?

Being a human can be weird. You would think that everything in our bodies plays well together, but the truth is that sometimes things just go awry for no apparent reason. For instance, your doctor might inform you that your white blood cell count is low – and you’re left scratching your head as to how this could happen to someone who eats their vegetables and drinks enough water daily.

Well, do not worry! In this handy guide, we’ll explore some of the potential reasons behind a low white blood cell count!

Before We Begin

First up: what are white blood cells exactly?

White blood cells (or leukocytes) are part of our immune system’s defence mechanism against all kinds of infections caused by viruses, bacteria or fungi. They help to clean up damaged parts/tissues from injuries as well. The normal range for WBCs variesbetween 4-11 10^9/L. However below 3 10^9/L indicates Leukopenia(low WBCs).

White Blood Cells consist of five different types:

1) Neutrophils
2) Lymphocytes
3) Monocytes
4) Eosinophils
5) Basophils

Each serves its own special purpose in protecting us against disease while keeping us healthy.

So if your doctor tells you during routine testing which includes – Complete Blood Count(CBC), that you have willow creek-sized white blood cells with an asterisk reference indicating “low” next to them… what does it actually mean?

Here are several possible reasons why this may occur:


Leukemia isn’t particularly funny; after all it is cancerous condition occurs due rapid production error prone abnormal immature stemcells( blast). It hampers the body’s ability produce RBCs, plateletsand WBC; while not particularly putting up a fight against viruses due to the unsuccessful blasts.


Lymph what?

That thing you felt just now was your lymph nodes swelling. Get checked out by a doctor… Okay well.. it’s fortunately really not that grave! It is indeed cancerous condition yet with its own unique charming elements of bringing in expressive symptoms like lumps ,weight loss without apparent reason,persistent cough and absolute fatigue…It primarily affects the Lymphatic Tissue/Organs inhibiting the body’s ability to produce white blood cells along with other immune system fighters. If you feel any unusual bumps or changes under your skin, be sure to get checked out!


Medications can also cause leukopenia as it targets continuously dividing stemcells like White Blood Cells- some examples include Anticonvulsants/Chemotherapy (as an unfortunate side effect), antibiotics such as penicillin/sulfonamides inducing formation of antibody responses indicating clear hypothyroidism requiring immediate medical attention.

If you’re taking certain medicines and notice decreased immunity/allergic reactions/rashes etc., have them investigated at once.Okay?

Chemotherapy/Radiation Therapy

Eh-P What?

Remember Peter Parker got bit by a radioactive spider causing him Spiderman-like abilities , Chemo & Radiation similarly hampers cell division processes(shut-down process machinery) targeting rapidly dividing cells thereby overcasting survival of healthy and unhealthy ones if course continued for longer duration( in simper terms – killing weeds means killing useful ground florals )which includes WBCs!. This type of treatment is often used when treating cancer – unfortunately one common side effect includes lowering our immune defences along with stomping out rogue/badly functioning/malignant cells.Tsk tsk another price paid for eradicating diseases.

Viral Infections

Okay.. but what about those times where you just caught a cold, and afterwards your white blood cell count never seems to fully recover?

Here’s the thing: viral infections tend to target specific immune system structures such as T helper cells (CD4+ lymphocytes) thereby signaling destruction of healthy WBC production sites ; so unless it is attacked aggressively through rigorous medical practices – It hampers one’s immunity .Although funnily enough with activation of Memory B/T cells defending body from future attacks.

Autoimmune Disorders

Sometimes in life, human beings make mistakes. Unfortunately , some poor immune systems are too busy attacking their own bodies instead of harmful invaders resulting into fewer or no WBCs protecting them from outside viruses/bacteria/fungi .

In case autoimmune disorders like lupus/ HIV/ AIDS/Scleroderma Multiple Sclerosis etc are a perennially residing part of your health story, it may very well be responsible for reducing bone marrow activities tending towards low WBC counts!

If you have been diagnosed with low white blood cell count – here are some symptoms that may occur:

-Prolonged fever(unexplained)
-Frequent bouts of infection(recurring STDs? Get yourself checked pronto!)
-serious infections posing lethal threats even after being administered antibiotics
-Lethargy(aren’t we all tired these days?)
-Difficulty breathing( could be due lung infections affecting things)

Doctors suggest if any other persistent abnormalities notice get medical attention immediately.Await not!

Besides observing irregularities physically felt which prompt doctor visits, doctors look for evidences via Lab supported tests:
Some Common ones include

-CVC(complete/circulation blood count): Checks on number RBC,WBC,patelets in humans.
-Bone Marrow Biopsy : Tissue sample examination
-Blood Chemistries : E/P/Platelets count monitoring along with liver/kidney functionalities

Oh-noes, you have a low white blood cell count! What are some ways to fix it?

Here’s the thing: treatment options vary from person to person based on the root cause of your low white blood cell system. When in doubt, please consult with an MD professional; they’ll have even more expertise and recommendations than what is provided here:

-Taking Different Medications (after consultation Rx only)
-Chemotherapy -depending on level of malignancy/cancer severity.
-Immunoglobulin(IVIG) therapy –Containing antibodies against virulent bacteria that WBCs cannot counterattack alone.
-Vaccinations(Very important! Get vaccinated folks.)
-Antibiotics targeted at specific infections C-Xone /Clindamycin/Vancomycin etc.

So there we have it – a guide to understanding why someone might end up having a lower-than-normal white blood cell count. The bottom line is that further testing should always be pursued when something like this occurs; never assume and leave things unchecked.

As the saying goes , “when in doubt snoop it out!”

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