What way do you shave?

Shaving, an act as ancient as man himself. From the days of our ancestors using sharpened rocks and shells to remove excess hair from their bodies to modern-day shaving cream and electric shavers, we have always looked for ways to get rid of that fur. But with so many options available today, it can be a confusing task just figuring out what way do you shave? Well, fret not my friend! Here is your ultimate guide on everything you need to know about shaving.

A Brief History Lesson on Shaving

Did you know that ancient Egyptians were one of the first civilizations who used razors made up of copper or bronze for shaving hair from their body parts? Also, Greeks used tweezers called “pilos”in removing unwanted hair while Native Americans pulled out long grasses along with embedded hairs in order pull them out towards direction it grew?. So essentially they plucked the hairs by running finger over skin’s surface after having applied some acidic substance which broke bonds between the follicle and root ends.

Let’s Start at the Beginning: Pre-Shave Prep

While most people think only about getting started with their shaver when wearing half-washed pajamas , pre-shave preparation should never be overlooked! Here are things you should consider doing before shaving:

Take a Warm Shower

Taking a warm shower will help soften your facial hair roots making it easier for blades to trim off lot quicker without much pressure.

Exfoliate Your Skin Regularly

Exfoliating your skin regularly before going in for some blade action is crucial. It helps clean up any dirt particles – Dead skins that might obstruct smooth flow pattern during razor glides This provides gets rids off stuff clogging pores keeping blood circulation intact!. This also helps guard against painful ingrown hairs by lifting dead skin cells (often containing dirt or oil) that cause bumps around follicles.

Use a Pre-Shave Oil

A pre-shave oil is a highly underrated product in the world of shaving. It acts as an excellent lubricant for your skin, ensuring that the razor effortlessly glides over it when you shave. You can never go wrong with coconut oil, which is not only highly affordable but also renowned for its benefits to hair and skin health.

The Different Types of Shavers Out There

Before we delve into each way do you shave, let’s first take a look at the different types of razors out there:

  1. Straight Razors
  2. Safety Razors
  3. Disposable Razors
  4. Electric Razors

Each type comes with its specific advantages and disadvantages, so choose carefully based on what best suits your needs depending upon given scenarios where & how frequently grooming needed!

Straight Razor: A Medieval Take on Shaving!

The straight razor has been around since medieval times and requires real skills to use properly due to its sharp blade exposed at one side – if used recklessly can be dangerous too(thus brandishing nickname ‘cutthroat’!). Here are some tips should keep in mind at time using straight shaver:

  • Always start by stropping it up on leather surface sideways few times while holding top down.
  • Only go over area once per stroke angle near-perfect round hand circle movement course fur direction
  • Tilt head back when working downward against keel-bone running along front part neck.

Safety Razor: Safe Bet for Newbies!

Safety razors are popular among those who want something safer than straight razor yet still provides precision cuts – this type uses double-edged disposable blades which tend last longer than standard cartridge heads without breakage off ends!. Also they gives flexibility allow adjusting sides either closer together/wider apart giving right attack angles suited memberfaces respectively allowing experimentation get finest !

Disposable Razor: Convenience Over Style

Disposable razors occupy most of the market, and they are not for lasting long-term use (often just one-to two shaves per piece). They provide convenient work hassle-free during pressurizing busy life (especially if accidentally nick your face – which alludes lot sharper blade exposure than other types!). So consider these options amicable when you need to pack light or traveling at short notice.

Electric Razor: Quick & Easy Maintenance!

The electric razor comes with an attached motor that allows it to do its magic without requiring a shaving cream. It’s quick, easy, and works wonders in areas where priming is not a priority but necessity! This type may seem expensive over others first sight but require little maintenance means eventually leading lowered costs down road!

Now, For The Main Event- What Way Do You Shave?

When it comes to deciding on what way do you shave? Here are the main different techniques used:

  1. With the Grain
  2. Across The Grain
  3. Against The Grain

Choosing one solely depends upon skin texture And personal preference thus requiring some constant attentiveness while giving repeated strokes across surface during session untimely disruptions could cause unforgivable damage.

With-The-Grain Technique

Starting off by shaving with-the-grain is vital as It helps prime your hair roots before going further deeper within follicles allowing closer trims. This method has lesser chances of cutting hairs too much making clean up job more efficient overall.

Here are few tips get best result using ‘With-The-Grain’ style:-
– Always use warm water rinse icy splash post-completion avoid dirt settling.
– Use circular motion instead pulling away direction every soon run into trouble otherwise!

### Cross-The Grains Method

This technique involves changing angle direction midway through stroke getting maximum coverage multiple whiskers folds trapped along way! One doing this method may want to invest in a shaving lubricant, since this technique involves more pressure than the others.

Here are few tips get best result using ‘Cross-The-Grain’ style :-
– Apply organic pre-shave oil evenly distributed across shave zone
– Start at sideburns finish on neck while following curves, and don’t forget surface below jawline.

Against-The-Grain Technique

The last of what way do you shave methods is going against-the-grain. It requires much care due higher risk cutting follicles or skin if used without appropriate preparation precautions beforehand (which we have talked earlier too). This method cuts hair closest to their roots resulting smoother skin but takes longer duration comparatively!

Few tips for getting optimal results using this technique:
– Make sure razor kept sharp bristles reduced downtime irritation inflammation!
– Time always avoid retouching same area excessive times over-crossings; instead try doing initial passes downwards followed crossways then finishing up pass upwards

After Shaving: Say Goodbye To Those Razor Burns And Bumps!

Shaving can cause redness, burning sensation along bumpy patches uneven zones despite whatever type one uses. We’ve compiled some tricks banish worries post-session clean-up routine leaving your face looking smooth soft next several hours down line:

  1. Use ASL(After-Shave Lotion)
  2. Try Using Aloe Vera Gel
    3.Ice Ice Baby !! {Ice Massage}
    4..Don’t Forget About Your Moisturizer Game

Parting Shot

Now that you know what ways is suitable when turning yourself into a baby-faced kitten from sasquatch! Next time somebody asks, “Hey man! What way do you shave?” You’ll be happy give them whole rundown turns becoming real expert little less hairy experience every coming day with confidence and swag altogether ! So go ahead enjoy unwinding shaving experience make right moves before & after shaving practices for upliftment healthy grooming future.

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