What type of piercing is a nose piercing?

So you’re considering getting a nose piercing? Well, look no further my fellow stab enthusiast, because in this article we will cover everything you need to know about nose piercings. From the history behind it to the different types available today. So sit back, relax and get ready to learn why putting a hole in your face can actually be kind of cool.

The History Behind Nose Piercings

Fun fact alert! Did you know that nose piercings have been around for over 4,000 years? Yep, you read that correctly – people have been shoving jewelry through their nostrils since ancient times. In fact, it was popular among both men and women in India as well as certain African tribes.

It wasn’t until the 16th century when European sailors discovered nose piercings during their travels and brought them back home with them. However, they were not as accepted in Western culture until much later on.

The Different Types of Nose Piercings

Standard Nostril Piercing

The most common type of nose piercing is standard nostril piercing where the jewelry goes straight through the fleshy area on one side of the nostril between your skin and cartilage. This piercing heals relatively quickly with few risks or complications associated with it.

However be warned, there are still things to take into consideration such as finding an experienced piercer who knows what he’s doing (do NOT DIY this at home) and making sure your hands aren’t anywhere near your new wound post-piercing.

High Nostril/Uplevel/Vertical Nasal Tip/VenTu/Turned Up/Seagull/Dragonfly/Horizontal Nostril/Bull Ring/Pinus/Austin Bar

Phew! As mentioned above there are SO many types now once again these depend on whether someone wants just one, one on each nostril or something a bit more…unique.

These piercings go through the thinner skin with less cartilage and are positioned higher than the standard piercing. They’re also usually styled with a ring rather than a stud which makes them visually different from your normal earlobe piercing. It’s worth noting that this option can be quite painful so only for those who really want to make their mark!

Septum Piercing

Septum ring wearers are hardcore (and possibly just plain crazy). Why? Well because instead of going through thin sections on either side of your nostril it goes right in between – literally puncturing the piece of cartilage that separates your left and right nostrils. OUCH!

And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, you may get some tears building up when getting this one done #staystrong – however, once healed you’ll definitely have bragging rights amongst friends about how tough you truly are!

Double Nostril

Double it up baby! Another popular look is the double nostril piercing where two holes are added into one side creating an even edgier look. This design works best if they’re paired together both sides .

The table below provides recommendations for what type of nose piercing will suit your face shape:

Face Shape Recommended Nose Piercing
Oval Standard Nostrill, High Nostrill
Round Septum or High-Nostrill
Heart-shaped Bridge or Tip/VenTu/Seagull/Dragonfly/BullRing/Pinus/AustinBar pinus septomized pierced noses
Square/Rectangular Vertical Nasal/Lowbret /Pinus Austen Bar Seagull/Bridgetip

The Dos And Don’ts When Getting A Nose Piercing

If you’ve never had a nose piercing before there are a few things you should keep in mind before diving right into it.

– Research the piercing studio ahead of time to ensure they have good reviews and their equipment is properly sterilized
– Be sure to invest in proper aftercare products and follow any instructions given by your piercer (salt water sprays work wonders)
– Choose jewelry that won’t irritate your skin or get caught on anything

– Touch your new piercing with dirty hands / take it out early
– Go swimming for at least two weeks post-piercing so as not to expose the wound to bacteria
– Forget that this style will require upkeep – try cleaning around the studs when they’ve got ‘sleep’ build up otherwise eww


So, there you have it! From its ancient history dating back centuries ago, nose piercings remain an incredibly popular form of self-expression today. Whether you’re opting for a standard nostril piercing or going bold with a septum ring or high nostril design, make sure you do your research beforehand and don’t cut corners (seriously guys – be safe please).

Just remember: piercings aren’t always forever but infections can be.

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