What type of nursing jobs are there?

Nursing is a critical profession that has gained immense respect and popularity over the years globally. The current pandemic has highlighted just how exceptional nurses are in providing care, expertise, support, and advocacy for patients.

However, nursing isn’t just one uniform job- there are several types of jobs available depending on your interests or specialization. Below we’ll take a look at some of these exciting careers that may leave you asking “How come I didn’t think about this already?”

1. Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS)

A Clinical Nurse Specialist is an expert clinician who specializes in diagnosing and managing complex health issues while also educating and training other healthcare professionals. A CNS helps to improve patient outcomes by applying evidence-based research into clinical practice.

To become a licensed CNS, you must complete an advanced degree like a Master’s or Doctorate program with additional clinical hours.

2. Community Health Nurse

If you’re passionate about prevention-oriented primary care rather than curative care, then community health nursing may be the way to go!

Community Health Nurses identify local health concerns through conducting assessments within communities they serve such as availability/type of insurance coverage among others so they can provide appropriate interventions timely which inclusive but not limited to patient education programs et.al.
You Will also work alongside physicians towards implementing public policies relating to well-being administration hence technically acting as voice enabling healthy living environments locally as well nationally if you hit it ‘big league’.

So yes humor me – although being buried face-deep in someone else’s knee-deep fecal matter doesn’t sound all-too-glamorous at first thought; have no fear altruistic personalities- there’s something special about spreading good vibes too- even for those tough love doctors!

3. Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) RN

The NICU Registered nurse provides safe patient-centered care by performing assessments, educating parents/families, and administering care based on unique patient needs. In this role, you are responsible for comfort measures to neonates or infants with respiratory distress which may include the use of complex medical equipment.

The primary aim is always providing excellent care to a specialty population within specialized areas while developing bonds with families under sensitive and emotive environments.
So if you maybe have an affinity towards that bundle of joy (and poop) , this could be your cuppa tea!

4. Geriatric/ Elderly Care

Real talk time; A large number of elderly patients receive suboptimal quality health services while in nursing homes -sometimes leading to adverse health outcomes as well abusive/neglect cases marking out facilities during USDA nutrition regulation inspections!
Fortunately , geriatric nurses help bridge the gap ensuring proper medication administration and carefully supervised senior living through tailored case management.

Nursing skills regarded as acquired character traits set apart these types from other specialties- patience beyond measure matched by comprehensive assessment plus family counselling avenues aimed at regaining autonomy all lie atop qualifications often required toward certification standards.

5. Operating Room Nurse (circulator nurse)

In the operating room setting, instruments dance alongside doctor hands signaling a captivating back-and-forth machination process before human closure takes place…

But wait ! Who preps those tools? Or where that trusty vital monitoring stats gadgety is coming from?! It’s the circulator nurse!

The RN acting in such capacity ensures surgical efficiency throughout procedures handling maintaining sterility protocols among many duties assigned towards timely deliverables!

Yep…seeing lots of blood isn’t off limits here but hey,gotta hand it over steady souls coping away impressively!

If looking for similar job openings online just remember team player qualities stick out like a sore thumb !

6. Oncology Nursing

Cancer treatment has definitely come up top gear toward many cancers now dubbed chronic due to novel therapies. This isn’t simply about administering chemotherapeutic drugs via IV as many people tend to think either.

Oncology Nurses provide patients with support and family counseling in addition the usual high standards of nursing care. They also work alongside doctors/hospitals towards implementing public policies relating development/drug supplies for innovative popular treatments used progressively toward cancer remission!

7. Home Health Nurse

As advancements in modern medicine chase down debilitating health conditions, home health nurses’ value increases continually in assisting patients living at home while managing a range of different health issues but may require skilled monitoring/putting measures into place reducing hospitalization risks.
In this job category, traveling across various individuals homes to administer specialized medical equipment prescriptions such as C-Pap machines , oxygen dispensers among other services always forms part of the litany of duties tasked.

Similar professions necessitating empathy notwithstanding technical know-how could cover areas such as Tele-medical Nursing or Virtual Case Management (VCM) so don’t be surprised upon venturing forth once armed with solid qualifications!

8: Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

Being an emotional sponge is something not many can handle! Consider being able to develop trusting relationships rooted beside a revered client base seeking long term assessment/treatment plans inside a psychotherapeutic environment .

A PMHNP will address psychiatric symptoms by prescribing medications, conducting therapy sessions and developing personalized treatment plans often within forensic sites where legality plays out before practices hence communicating change can result outcome changes from one-on-one scenarios through patient education plus soft skills.

With shifting gender roles and stress presented by COVID-19 Pandemic realities…mental illness communities are looking up towards new cutting-edge tele-psychiatric tools even potentially through patient cellphones which could significantly reduce access barriers- say it louder for those at back please!

9. Certified Registered Nurse Anesthesiologist (CRNA)

The term “Anesthesiologist” is a fancy word used synonymously with “Nurse Anesthetists”. Alongside physicians, CRNA’s practice safely in complicated surgery settings under daunting medical service intensities.

CRNAs are capable of independently assessing patient care utilizing this sensitive- specialty skill set to discern often complex health situations during surgical procedures before they become life-threatening. The sophistication needed for safe airways access management cannot be overstressed!

And like any other allied role, emphasis lies heavily on team spirit among involved individuals resulting into excellence high score within surgical suites.

So why not dig a bit deeper into lesser-known nursing professions? They await your discovery!

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