What treatment for underactive thyroid?

The thyroid gland is an exceedingly essential organ in the body that controls your metabolism. If you are experiencing inexplicable weight gain or loss, fatigue, and sensitivity to cold temperatures, it could be indicative of hypothyroidism – a condition where the thyroid gland is underactive.

Now, don’t panic! There is a plethora of treatment options available that can help combat this issue effectively. In this article, we will explore some practical ways to treat underactive thyroid with different medications and therapies that will help you regain control of your life.

Types Of Medications For Hypothyroidism

There are various types of medication designed specifically for hypothyroidism management such as:


Levothyroxine commonly known by its brand name Synthroid™ or Eltroxin™ in other countries is one amongst many used to raise hormone levels back up to normal amounts. This pill should be taken on an empty stomach first thing in the morning daily since any food intake interferes with absorption rates.

It’s crucial that doses shouldn’t deviate by more than 25 micrograms per day as it may lead to serious complications like changes in heart rhythms (arrhythmia) causing either palpitations or irregular rapid beating – not ideal!


Liothyronine generally works faster compared to levothyroxine since T3 quickly enters cells but has several shortcomings overall. It requires frequent dosing schedules (2-4 times/day) making it challenging for those who forget their tablets from time-to-time. Moreover, fluctuations due changes between high/low check-ups testing periods render accuracy impaired at measuring efficacy success over months’ worth intervals which leaves unpredictable outcomes unlike using only T4 towards balancing these hormones naturally again.

Armour Thyroid

Just say amen if chanting thyroids prayers ome would think? Just as their name implies, Armour contains bovine and porcine natural sources. In the past, many used pig thyroid medication to help solve hypothyroidism cases but these days most people use high quality synthetic hormone tablets since all-natural variants may be more contaminated increasing risk factors or bacteria like Salmonella.

Combination Medicine

Combination medicine is simply a blend of two types of hormones in one pill includes both T4 & T3. This type can work best for those who have experienced difficulties with standard amounts of levothyroxine dosage – if ratios unbalanced together, you are unable to properly intervene making things worse so talk to your doctor about trying different options until feeling better again!

Other Forms Of Hypothyroidism Treatment

In addition to medicines we’ve covered earlier, alternative clinical practices could also help alleviate hypothyroid symptoms significantly such as:


Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese practice that involves placing needles on specific points throughout the body. The treatment benefits overall health while stimulating energy flow up and down channel meridians including hormonal balance regulation because adjusting pressure helps open communication channels between mind-body exercises aiding lasting stress relief boosts!

Acute forms typically take 6-to-12 sessions every few month intervals starting at $60-plus each during initial visits however long-term clients often receive discounts after proving its effectiveness over time.

Light Therapy

Some people consider this particular form obscure (and possibly strange), but light therapy has proven beneficial for those dealing with seasonal affective disorder (SAD) which has some parallels to underactive thyroids similar syndromes.

Utilizing artificial bright white-light doses approximately within 20 min daily settings allow photons into retinas helping regulate circadian rhythm levels releasing melatonin supplements production lessening fatigue improving positive mood / motivation towards daily routines course correcting sleep habits too!.

Though not directly targeting thyroid glandular function improvements via light treatments indirectly impact positively multiple organ systems providing better overall health stability.

Nutritional Approaches

After discussions with your doctor or registered dietitian another way to improve hypothyroidism using nutritional interventions could be helpful like:


Biotin a water-soluble vitamin in the B-complex spectrum facilitates regulating metabolic pathways for carbohydrate fat protein usage utilization affecting thyroid gland functions normalcy keeping hormone levels steady pace with dietary demands!

Some foods such as egg yolk, nuts, seeds lean meats and peanut butter provide ample biotin servings helping you add enough of this essential nutrient into daily intake routine ensuring optimal function holistic outlooks meantime other people may need supplements help support their regimens as well.


Similar to active ingredient found in multivitamin antioxidant articles selenium when included at correct dosage amounts (for adults limited 200 micrograms regularly) gives a natural functioning boost towards thyroids. Though presenting safety issues if taken improperly regular basis choose from brazilian-nuts whole grains nutrition / fortified beverages options too!


To sum it up (with an exclamation point); having an underactive thyroid requires immediate medical intervention- visiting endocrinologists are recommended specialists in hormonal imbalances disorders treating good alternatives options discussed here while making choices not taking lightly because they can severely impact body chemistry over time so follow instructions given explicitly during treatments implemented within ranges prescribed always. With just simple steps backwards towards equilibrium balance harder aspects ahead will ultimately become rewarding strides worthy achievement goals – keep faith following rigorous regime protocols creating space allowing positivity shine through every step along journey today!

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