What to Wear When it is 60 Degrees?

If you are thinking about what to wear when it is 60 degrees outside! The spring season can make you feel uncomfortable. But still, the changeable weather can frequently leave you surprising what to wear. But, 60 degrees fall right in middle and appears to be an average temperature that is most frequently on the fall and spring weather foretell. If you have a doubt on what to wear in 60 degree weather, you just take a look at the following steps:

  • Wear light to medium weight materials such as rayon, cotton, merino wool or silk.
  • Begin with a basis layer such as a tee or a tank. You can also include a denim jacket, wind breaker, a light weight sweater, trench coat or a sweatshirt.
  • For bottoms, you can go with long pants, leggings or capris. If you wish to wear the short skirt, you can simply pair it with tights.
  • Still, 60 degrees is a little bit too chill for flip flops and also too warm for heavy boots such as uggs. Better, you can opt for mules, closed heels, loaders, Chelsea boots, sneakers, oxfords or ballet flats.

Items to wear in 60 degree weather

In fact, it is very simple to select the outfits for summer, winter or rainy seasons. Now, many people are in doubt what to wear in 60 degree weather and some people are wearing wrong outfit in 60 degree weather. Actually, people always stay confused on 60 degree weather and also they have so many reasons too. 60 degree weather is a most difficult weather, which is not too hot and too cold as well. If you do not layer up, you may discover it is cold. If you do layer up, you may discover it is hot. According to the events, cities and countries, 60 degree weather outfits may differ, so that you can always look your best and also feel your best in your wear. Here are some items to wear in 60 degree weather that includes:

  • Layer up with anything that is a full sleeve
  • Layer up but not too much and not too less
  • Wear shots will need see-through pants or tights
  • Wear silk or cotton material, if you need to remain comfortable on a whole day
  • Jeans, leggings and high waisted jeans are good for a whole day outfit
  • Go for wool sweaters, if you are cold. The jackets are most preferable one, if you are cold but not too much
  • Wear shoes such as mules, boots, sneakers or oxfords rather than strap shoes or sandals

Stylish ideas to wear in 60 degree weather

It is wonderful how the weather can significantly alter your style and mood, particularly when you are talking about hot or cold weathers. Both spring and fall seasons have perfect weather and also dressing can become much simpler. Below are top stylish outfit ideas about how to dress for 60 degree weather will provide you a lot of options you can select from and also adapt to your personal style and temperature tolerance as well.


Temperatures may differ from day to day. If you are surprising on what to wear in 60 degree weather, there is a cool top option available to select from. The long sleeve tops or three quarter tops can work accurately fine for this temperature.


Owning a stylish sweater is a cool choice you wear, when you feel it is too cold in your location. When you feel it is too cold, you can wear sweater and it is too hot, you can wear shirt.


Wearing a fitted cardigan has become a fashion outfit. You can easily jump into this trend as a spring outfit. The key to this appearance is to just wear your fitted cardigan as your top. You can pair this outfit with your favorite jeans and wear a belt for chic look.

What to wear in 60 degree weather-Best transitional outfits for spring

If you want to know what to wear in 60 degree weather, below are some of the best transitional outfits for spring that includes:

Long sleeved dresses

This kind of dress combines a couple of important things for 60 degree weather such as long sleeves for warmth and freedom to say goodbye to pants.

Light jackets

Your dream dress such as light jacket allows you appear to be weather appropriate.

Midi skirts

Replace your winter worn trousers and jeans for mid skirt have to be one of the simplest ways of transition from winter to spring. A t-shirt will be absolutely appropriate for this mid skirt.

Denim and long sleeved dresses

The skirts and long sleeved dresses are spring favorites and the good pair of jeans is undeniable. In fact, denim is suitable for all seasons, but you have to discover an accurate pain and look good.