What to take for tooth pain?

Are you experiencing tooth pain that makes you want to jump off a cliff, but don’t know what medication will make it bearable? Fear not! In this article, we’ll cover everything from over-the-counter (OTC) medications to more natural remedies. So sit back, grab some ice water and prepare for an informative ride.

Understanding Tooth Pain

Before diving into treatment options, let’s first talk about why you might be experiencing tooth pain. Tooth pain can have several causes ranging from cavities to infections, so it is crucial to understand the underlying reason before picking your poison.

Cavities Galore!

A cavity is simply the result of plaque buildup on your teeth. When left untreated, they can cause severe damage such as holes and cracks in your chompers – ouchie!

Myth Busted: Root Canals Don’t Grow In Gardens.

Have you ever heard someone say “I have a root canal”? Guess what…root canals do not grow in gardens nor people’s mouths; instead it refers to the process by which dentists remove infected tissue from inside a tooth’s root. It may sound dreadful, but is essential when battling an infection or severe decay.

Hey-What’s Up with These Teeth?!

Sometimes our jaws just weren’t designed perfectly leading us down the path of painful misaligned bites- dental professionals call this malocclusion.

OTC Medications

Now that we’ve covered some possible explanations for your agony (believe me I feel ya), let’s delve into over-the-counter remedies worth exploring:

  • Acetaminophen- One word: Tylenol baby!
  • Ibuprofen – Motrin anyone?
  • Aspirin – Remember chewing on these bad boys as kids? Maybe avoid unless prescribed.
  • Benzocaine– Say hello to Anbesol and Oragel
  • Lidocaine – Pardon, let me introduce you to Xylocaine and Zilactin-L

Note: Always make sure you’re not allergic to any of these medications first! And if pain persists for more than a few days despite taking an OTC medicine, then time to hit up your dentist!

Teething Toy Tricks

Are you someone who prefers going the natural route? Then we have remedies for you too.

Feeling Chilly?

Place some ice cubes in a ziplock bag placed under a towel on your cheek closest to the toothache. The chilly sensation will help dull the throbbing pain.

Tea Time!

Do a little morning or evening tea routine with saffron essential oil drops steeped in hot water, allowing for heat and fragrance relief.

Spice Things Up!

Just as it can soothe sore throat irritations, gargling cayenne mixed with apple cider vinegar helps acetate inflammation found around teeth and gums.

Another One: Garlic Rockstar!

Rubbing crushed garlic clove directly onto painful areas is said to promote antimicrobial properties that inhibit bacterial growth which may be causing your discomfort.

The Conclusion…Finally

When dealing with tooth pain, Do what works bests for YOU! Whether opting for traditional medication approaches or seeking out lesser known remedies; remember every approach may vary depending on how severe any given ailment might be- so choose wisely but also take comfort knowing there’s are plenty of options right at home perhaps waiting inside our very own kitchen cabinets (or gardens). Now go easy on those sweet treats now ya hear?!

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