What to take for the flu?

Flu season is upon us, folks! Time to get that tissue box out and batten down the hatches. But fear not, we’re here with some pro tips on what you can take to combat those pesky flu symptoms.

Hydrate Yourself

It’s time to say goodbye to beer pong tournaments and hello to water bottles. Keeping yourself hydrated is crucial when it comes to beating the flu. Not only will it help flush out all those toxins from your system but it’ll also prevent dehydration – a common side effect of influenza. So keep chugging!

Get Some Rest

Taking a nap might not be something you’re used in doing in broad daylight, but stick around with us for this one:> Trust us, getting adequate rest during flu season can do wonders toward making you feel better. Try sleeping between seven and nine hours each night if possible—your immune system needs its beauty rest too!

Vitamin C Supplements

We’ve all been told by our moms that taking vitamin C helps fight off colds—and she wasn’t lying (for once). Research has shown that high doses of vitamin C can reduce both the severity and duration of flu symptoms – so make sure you get yours daily.

Pain Relievers

When available over-the-counter options come handy often times than prescribed medicines, which are provided based on age type of patient according symptomatology till then fighting with pain reduces performance including low mental capacity , lack attention power & more sad things. Over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs (OTCs) like aspirin, ibuprofen or acetaminophen may provide relief from fever related discomfort such as fevers.

Note: Read labels before choosing medications noting active ingredients

Throat Lozenges

Scratchy throat? Well let me tell yah’, there’s nothing worse than struggling through painfully honest conversations with your scratchy throat. To avoid said public embarrassment, grab some cough drops or throat lozenges and let those bad boys soothe that tickly feeling in no time.

Zinc Cold Therapy

We’re not talking Nanobots here but 🤖🧊 cold therapy’s the rage these days! Zinc has long been believed to prevent certain strains of influenza viruses from replicating. In recent years, lab studies have shown that zinc could help patients recover more quickly from the flu by inhibiting virus replication in host cells. You can try this as a nasal spray or lozenge to kill those germs!

Use Essential oils

Essential oils are becoming increasingly popular for their natural healing power . Ask Jojo Siwa ya… Anyway are eucalyptus, lemon, peppermint-infused steam baths are extremely effective against swelling sinuses often associated with different fevers flues varieties usually lasts around 2-3 weeks.. Alongside ,an uplifting aromatic blend like frankincense x raven switch is applaudable also advised by many health and medicinal experts.


Just because you don’t feel like eating doesn’t mean fighting off illnesses stops – your gut is still busy at work keeping the body going tanking immune system stability accordingly so feeding right kind of microbes through probiotics becomes necessary . Eating fermented foods such as kimchi kefir & yogurt can help maintain optimal microbial communities also known as micobiomes prevents secondary infections indeed

Chicken soup

Been home after it’s been awhile since we sat down to dinner? It turns out there might be more advantages than sticking together over mealtime during holiday season gatherings. One study found consuming chicken soup helped moisturize nasal passages helping reduce inflammation caused during fever reducing symptoms drastically so bring on delicious comfort food

With all that said its best if one approaches Anti-viral drugs if needed but always referral medical care is advised . Meanwhile hang in don’t stress too much- fight with some sleep, fluids healthy eating patterns and Good vibes. 🌻