What to take for kidney infection?

Are you feeling the burn when you go pee? Is your lower back hurting like your ex never did? Well, it might be time to face the music and admit that you have a kidney infection. Don’t worry, though – this is pretty common among humans (especially women), so there are plenty of remedies available. Here’s what you can take to make the pain go away:


The first thing you need to know is that antibiotics should always be your first line of defense against kidney infections. They’re not just for respiratory tract infections or earaches anymore! Your doctor will most likely prescribe either ciprofloxacin (say that five times fast) or trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole for about 7-14 days.

If you’re prone to recurring kidney infections, your doctor might want to switch up your medication regimen or put you on a long-term prophylactic course of low-dose antibiotics (because who doesn’t love taking pills forever).

Reminder: Always finish out the entire prescription even if symptoms resolve before completing therapy.

Pain Relief

Let’s be real here: having a kidney infection sucks majorly. You may experience fever,cold chills , nausea, vomiting ,burning on urination along with increased frequency urgency.
antibiotics don’t typically cause adverse side effects but
symptoms including allergic reaction(shortness of breath,hives,rashes). So while antibiotics work their science-y magic in killing off all those nasty bacteria in your system, we suggest picking up some over-the-counter pain relief as well because :

  • A – We care about our readers’ comfort and wellbeing.
  • B – Sometimes drugs can take years off our kidneys’ life span (okay maybe just seconds)
  • C – I forgot where I was going with this…oh right. Pain relief meds!

So anyways, you can try taking acetaminophen, ibuprofen or naproxen sodium to alleviate some of the discomfort (just not all three at once, because that would be silly). Remember to STAY HYDRATED, my friend.

Urinary Analgesics

Urinary analgesic medication is prescribed very rarely by healthcare professionals.These medications numb the urethra and bladder lining thus decreasing pain & urgency associated with UTIs. If your symptoms persist despite antibiotics it may be recommended by a licensed physician.There are many side effects including discolouration of urine orange/red colour due to increased concentration.Other common adverse events include gastrointestinal disturbances ,headache,dizziness,somnolence.Although the mechanism is uncertain they provide great symptomatic relief !

This drug class consists of phenazopyridine (AZO), Which can help turn that fiery wee stream into something far less intimidating(well sort off) It comes in both tablet and liquid form. Rememeber : DO NOT take more than directed on label (generally limited to 2 days)

Main downside ? Wouldn’t start this treatment if you have broken skin exposed as exposure ot open sores could lead systemic absorption of phenazopyridine .

If you are thinking about getting one over here’s what
you need:

  • A prescription from a doctor.
  • Knowledge whether allergic / intolerant to urinary analgesics
  • How long symtoms last and how severe they are
    Remember. Antibiotics MUST also be taken along; kidney infections can cause conditions like sepsis which threaten life without effective antibiotic therapy.

Anti-nausea Meds

Here’s another delightful feature of Kidney infection – nausea.when accompanied with loss of appetite it becomes alot harder for hooman your regular nutrition intake.So apart from using heavy dose medication targeting vomiting episodes Try eating small meals spread through out day.Additionally ginger tea brightens up taste buds and helps relieve nausea .However : If symptoms worsen or persist for more than 48 hours contact a healthcare provider urgently.

Cranberry Juice /Yogurt

Palsied female humans across the globe have sworn by cranberry juice’s powerful ability to fight off urinary tract infections. Some research says that it might even help prevent kidney infections.

Here’s what we say: if you’re into drinking tart, slightly bitter cranberry juice with all its little health-promoting compounds (including antioxidants), then go ahead! It certainly won’t hurt anything except maybe your wallet – let us warn you OJ is cheaper 🙁 But don’t rely on this as your primary line of defense against a serious infection; antibiotics remain king/queen..

Same goes for yogurt and probiotics supplements – while these may promote healthy gut microbiota they do not provide effective treatment aiming at eliminating source of bacterial invasion.


The final step in fighting off kidney infections doesn’t require medication – just good old-fashioned hydration. You want to drink plenty of water throughout the day, as well as fix yourself Gatorade , herbal teas etc to help keep electrolytes balanced (though legendarily inadequate so stick with H2O). This keeps stuff flowing through your system & actually helps flush out any bacteria hiding around ready-to-cause disruptions again.

For real though, friend – stay hydrated! Your kidneys will thank you later.

Pro Tip:

If smelling like shrimps sounds like something up your alley garlic has been shown in some instances to have antibacterial properties(here’s looking at one study regarding E.coli) .Note however unproven origin prescribed advocated by erstwhile predecessors did not take kindly to increased garlic quantities but now current opinions suggest consumption upto 1-2 cloves can completely transform the battle agianst bladder/kidney infections.However please note avoiding excessive amounts Due to possible side effects (Traces of sulfur compound allyl methyl sulfide in garlic can cause breath odour / farting) which frankly is never cool.

In Conclusion:

Kidney infections may be painful and uncomfortable, but thankfully there are multiple ways to treat the symptoms. Starting with antibiotics prescribed by health care professionals sticking to a recommended dosages,follow up appointment’s .And although drinking cranberry juice or consuming probiotics might offer some relief they aren’t a long term solution so talk with your doc! Finally, make sure you’re doing all the good stuff like staying hydrated and eating properly—and remember: these kidneys have been with us since day one; let’s show them some lovin’ even now!

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