What to take for cough and runny nose?

As the seasons change, cough and runny nose seem to become our constant companions. We all know how bothersome they can be in everyday life, right? They keep us from sleeping, working, or even having some quality time with friends & family. And let’s not forget about those judging stares we get if a cough slips out in public (we’re innocent! Not infected!).

To tackle this pesky duo of symptoms so that you can go back to your daily routine – here’s everything you need to know about what kinda medicines/foods/hacks/cures will help kick them:

Medicines That’ll Kick Your Symptoms Outta Here

Don’t worry; we are not suggesting anything that’ll turn you into some drowsy zombie now—far from it! These meds will make sure that neither is coughing nor runniest nose interfering with your day.


This one is old but gold – the trustiest tool in any medicine cabinet worldwide. In cases where both coughing and sneezing come around viciously, paracetamol has got your back (or rather–throat). Just don’t let it linger for too many days.


This anti-inflammatory might take care of stubborn sinus issues along with suppressing irritating urge-to-cough moments while simultaneously raising up basal temperatures by reducing soreness levels throughout the body.

Codeine Linctus Syrup

No confusing names please – codeine liquefies phlegm/purulent substance obstructing pathogenic bacteria growth inside lungs which reduces fatigued state commonly associated during infection bouts due seasonal changes like flu etcetera thus offers relief against consistent exertions like labored breathing even when resting as well as resolving dry-tickle triggers within respiratory system itself.

Mucolytics: Bromhexine/Dextromethorphan Diphenhydramine Chlorpheniramine Phenylephrine

These medicines break up mucus that’s making your already-congested nose even more worse. Mucolytics stop the constant flow of mucous and decrease coughing episodes while ensuring better breathing with greater ease.

Natural Foods That’ll Make Your Cough Go Kaput

Now let’s talk about food -the wholesome blood-enrichers stuffed to brim with goodies our grandmas always suggested. We never listened back then! Guess what? It was both tasty & healthy!


This age-old natural sweetener has some powerful healing properties owing to its antibacterial, antiviral, antioxidant constituents keeping a sore throat at bay by acting as an amazing tonic for lungs likewise pacifying itchy or ticklish triggers lying inside respiratory system itself offering a holistic relief experience getting you through the nasty downturns effortlessly. Add it in tea or directly on otas bread incase hayfever just began popping up out of nowhere causing massive discomfort during long travels until reaching destination point safely without risk acquiring infections from fellow commuters.

Ginger Tea

The spice which we often associate lesser symptoms is massively helpful when used religiously leading rather painless relieving light-mango-punch kick aside brewing technique devised depending upon personal preference ranging across varied tastes according one’s preferred blend ratio (honey-lemon-ginger-kera mixture etcetera based subjective needs)which also happens curbing appetite suppressing hefts might have been accrued due to overweight issues too adding fuel metabolism fire decreasing chance viruses taking hold simultaneously refreshing dispositions temporarily thwarting intruders trying creep into one’s virus-prone body systems quietly which other than regular sinusitis etcetera.

Garlic Soup/Stewed Cloves Of Garlic

Not everyone likes garlic- make no mistake here- yet stewed cloves still work miraculously cutting down rhinovirus infections by improving upper respiratory systems including sinuses etcetera as it corrodes away crusty mucus depositing paths reaching hair-y sensors leaving throat nose regions congested unnecessarily when accompanied some salt crackers toast should work wonders getting one through those particularly nasty rough patches appearing out of nowhere sometimes sticking around elongated periods cramping styles like a bad ex.

Chicken Soup

You may have heard this before from an old spouse, but trust us on this – chicken soup is good for your soul (and body). Research has shown that chicken soup can ease the symptoms of flu and colds as well as provides essential nutrients and proteins to reduce such nasty effects. It’s just nutritious, flavorful and all in all – IRREPLACEABLE!

Hacks/ Cures That’ll Help You Turn The Corner

Let’s not forget these happy hacks/cures that’ll also do their bit into eliminating the painful pair—

Vapor Rubs/Humidifiers

Place vapor rub under nostrils or humidifier beside you while sleeping speeds up chances of recovery calming respective leads better slumber activities too encouraging bodies rest repairs thus kickstarting self-healing mechanisms lethargic individuals often face due prolonged stasis-incidents/exposure becoming immune system booster simultaneously fighting inflammation overall muscle soreness especially during mild allergic reactions found across different seasonal change states comprising pollen-thickener-critical conditions etcetera contributing significantly towards making winter months bearable instead minus added baggage slow-down accompanying standard seasonal fare infections household excursions bearing citrus-scented max-relax incense sticks/aloe vera plants worth shot too relaxing settings inviting peace tranquility maximizing feel-good factor amidst ongoing disease-combating fervor.

Coriander Seeds Tea

Coriander seeds are antispasmodic hence its tea helps calm cough reflexes which usually forms lingering rhythmic noises embarrassing situations likely arise at meeting high-school friends after long time moreover combining lemon juice honey gives supercharged benefits mouth sore inner coating interior protection entirely gargling process twice daily weakens germs free system manifesting ways essential strengthening overall immunity steady dietary motion favorably preventing allergy triggers becoming active again seasonal changes often setting off chain reaction sniffles running none-stop despite external activities.

Salt Water Gargles

Salt water gargle is another tried-and-tested hack that brings speedy relief providing anti-inflammatory effects to throat combating instigators incessantly disrupting normal speech functions. Keep a bottle of previously-mixed saltwater handy before going out during uncertain times so any sudden strikes can NOW be dealt with on standby too!

Summary – In our Opinion:

To Staunch the respiratory spread, we have created an ALL in one solution for you! With this guide, top-notch medicines like paracetamol, natural home remedies such as ginger tea and garlic stew- there’s no reason why coughs & runny nose symptoms would continue sticking around ruining your day-to-day life schedule anymore!

And if after purchasing/consuming these magical potions still doesn’t seem to cure things immediately rightaway then pull off vapor rub sticks/chicken hot soup literally curing all common cold family issues. If it still persists–visiting doctor’s office should definitely come into play…doesn’t matter how strong will power may be -it cannot function above biological adaptability levels inside human body! The most important thing here is not really what type of food/medicines/hacks/cures someone takes/uses just ‘take/these’, rather HOW SOON CAN YOU GET RID OF THAT PESKYING-COUGH AND RUNNY NOSE BEFORE IT RUINS YOUR WEEK?

So? What are you waiting for? Try them out already… LIKE RIGHT NOW

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