What to take for abscess tooth?

If you are currently reading this, there’s a high probability that you have an abscess tooth. And my sympathies certainly lie with you because anyone who has experienced the agony of an abscessed tooth will attest to how excruciatingly painful it can be. You feel like someone is drilling into your gums, and all you want to do is scream out for help.

But fear not; in this article, I’ll be providing valuable information on what to take for your abscess tooth so that you can reduce the pain and start feeling better quickly.

Significance of Abscess Teeth

Before diving into what remedies are available for treating an absceded tooth, let’s examine briefly what they represent. An “absceded” refers basically to a pocket filled with pus-forming around or inside the teeth or gums, which ultimately leads to swelling and pain.

The primary causes behind these pockets include bacterial infection (the buildup from bacteria under or near dentures/bridges), dental caries (tooth decay) spreading into deeper areas of your mouth/gum tissue ), gingivitis (inflamed or receding gum tissues), periodontal disease (results from plaque accumulation).

Now we’ve identified these abnormalities causing our issue here today: let us now delve right ahead and witness some compound wonders curing them.

Salt Water Rinses

This unconventional technique may sound bizarre at first glance – washing one’s mouth area with saltwater frequently – but it actually works quite well given that general irritations within our body respond positively towards warm saline solutions.

Just create a homemade antibacterial solution by mixing hot water together with common table salt — although utilizing sea salts will provide even greater results – rinse off ideal management reachable space where discomfort normally emanates, typically 2-3 minutes suffice until such nagging pains lessen down.


In cases where the pain persists and inflammation doesn’t subside, oral antibiotics might be necessary for eliminating bacteria responsible for causing abscess tooth. Prescribed medications typically feature penicillin or amoxicillin with other alternatives like clindamycin generally influencing swollen gum/pain.

Although acquiring some of these pills over a certain threshold amounts without prescription brings harsh side effects endangering our source further, we cannot forget to consult medical practitioners before purchasing medication.

Prescription-based antibiotic intake under expert guidance within adequate time parameters can relieve our discomfort faster. However, consistent worsening conditions require immediate dental attention.

Home Remedies

Home remedies remain at the forefront of treating ailments when conventional medicine is not available. Hence home remedies stand as an excellent option to manage issues presented by truancy resulting from work or upkeep constraints felt during pandemics such as COVID-19 lockdowns(sadly still very much present).

Common Herbs/Extracts

  1. Peppermint oil
  2. Clove oil
  3. Oregano oil

Applying any one of them directly onto gums(teamed sometimes with coconut oils), will act as great natural pain relievers drastically reducing swelling whilst dampening sensitivity till longer-relief options are available

Tea bags:

Swapping your morning coffee routine into soaking tea bags comes in handy now alleviating swelling within gums utilizing their anti-inflammatory attributes tannins comprised inside. Add it to hot water until saturated entirely, then wipe off excess liquid prior usage(reduces irritation results).

Pain Relievers & Inflammation Reduction Medications.

NSAIDs (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs) serve brilliantly tackling the issue at hand quickly since they perform safe relief actions suppressing inflammation in targeted areas by suppressing prostaglandin enzymes functions that trigger pains locally..wonder drug if you ask me!

Advil or ibuprofen represent common representatives in this category accessible pretty much anywhere within or outside community.

Other alternatives presenting similar performative results include

  • Naproxen (or Aleve)
  • Acetaminophen

Particular sensitivity concerning these medications exist requiring expert consultation if you notice sharp pains correlating with general tooth sensitivity previously undiagnosed as they could be indicationd of other more serious issues.

Dental Attention

If remedies above prove ineffective, it’s time to visit an experienced dentist to put an end to the pain once and for all – don’t dally!

Experts can perform a diagnosis on forms of abscess related functionality along with determining potential root cause. Ultimately they will Opt-out from prescribing antibiotics merely resulting in reoccurrence targeting gory aspects such as surgical removal ideally performing incisions/draining pus-filled pockets near problematic areas.

The golden rule here is: “don’t troubleshoot your way out since getting a dental professionals’ opinion” stands always recommended for severe dental medical care.

Review What Not To Do!

Now that we’ve covered what remedies can promptly control/eliminate issues related abscess teeth, let’s briefly examine things NOT TO DO when seeking relief:

-Stress – It normally runs off inducing “fight” responses further rupturing sensitive yet critical regions.

-Alcohol & Smoking – Hiking up prevailing pains due to toxins present within these substances amongst various afflictions brought by smoking over some period contributes hugely towards exacerbation felt.


After taking every step conversed above into consideration(heeding critical mentionings against negative behaviours). We hope your pain subsides and comfort creeps back becoming our norm sooner than later! Always remember though: even after dealing with the current condition at hand reaching fast recovery never forget taking preventative measures ensuring no new instances manifesting unappreciatedly thanks me very much folks!).

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