What to put on an itchy burn?

You’re in the kitchen making dinner, maybe preparing for a date night or a family gathering. You reach over to grab that hot skillet handle without thinking twice about taking precautions and…ouch! That fiery pain likely signals a burn with some redness, swelling, and blistering.

What do you do next? Do you run it under water until your significant other can no longer hold back their laughter at your clumsiness? Or is there a better way to soothe the flame dancing across your skin?

We’ve all been there. Accidents happen. But rather than sulking and soaking up that scorching sensation, keep reading for our top suggestions on what to put on an itchy burn.

Understanding Burns

Anytime you experience prolonged exposure of heat or chemicals against the skin may result in burns. Some common culprits include hot liquids (e.g., coffee), fire/flames (e.g., campfire), electrical currents (e.g., lightning strike), radiation (e.g., sunburns). There are different types of burns based on how deep they go through multiple layers of skin:

First-degree Burns

This form only affects the outer layer of skin with symptoms such as redness, inflammation and mild pain

Second-Degree Burns

These burns affect deeper layers which cause Blister formation along with intense reddening & acute stabbing pains

Third-Degree Burn

The deepest cuts these wounds travel well beneath visual part .Your nerves send damaged signals so numbness occurs.

As noted above first degree burns typically lead to itchiness during healing because nerve endings create Intense itching sensations below surface[1][2]

Natural Remedies: “Momma Knows Best”

When we were kids our folks seemed always equipped with nonscientific remedies using materials around them from A simple sliced potato dipped into vinegar being applied then bandaged overnight, to the internet famous egg whites with honey paste ,then wrapping in a gauze.

However, those remedies didn’t stem from thin air, and many people still put their trust in these alternatives for pain relief after burns. So let’s check what our ancestors were right about it.

Aloe Vera

Whether you’re suffering from sunburn or burning your skin on the stove handle, aloe vera is generally beneficial because of its natural soothing properties. Its clinical data shows that aloe vera effectively reduces inflammation, making it an excellent alternative to anti-inflammatory drugs [3]. It also contains antioxidants that protect cells against further harm by preventing harmful molecules’ production leading to tissue damage.[4]


An ancient remedy for wounds,Honey has historically been used due to strong antibacterial agents and wound healing..One randomized control trial showed Manuka honey was more effective than silver sulfadiazine cream[citation needed] .and various types had a faster reduction in bacteria levels through suppression even against multi drug resistant strains[5][6][7].

To apply simply drip some onto wrapped bandage and place on area

Baking Soda (Sodium bicarbonate)!

That baking soda would be so versatile BEYOND cooking?. Not only does adding baking soda into bath salts help combat sore muscles but makes water gentler on your skin during application as well

A study published found initial soothing given sodium-bicarbonate-soaked dressings promoting faster healing & improved blood flow especially parts feet which are prone fungal infections along damaged sweat glands. get[some] pour into large bowl full-coverage bigger injuries necessary soak up both hands then again gently rub rinse off![8]

Over-the-counter Medications: More Than Just Aspirin

Maybe you don’t always feel like reaching for your grandmother’s home remedies every time we experience burn pains. Many general medications claiming fast relief topical creams having numbing agents with more general moisturizing effect.

Anesthetic Creams

Lidocaine and Benzocaine are powerful topical anesthetics approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that may offer immediate relief for acutely painful burns [9][10]

Silver Sulfadiazine

Silver sulfadiazine is a popular prescription to prevent infections by suppressing bacteria on the skin’s surface around the burn wound.By promoting tissue growth , increase antibiotic concentration into wounded areas taking advantage of its silver content .Medical professionals often prescribe it after evaluating deeper or infected wounds[11].

Traditional means of Treatment

However modern treatments like steroids, laser therapy have proven capable repairing serious skin damages. And still sticking to traditional ways isn’t so bad either:

Cold Compresses

Applying cold compresses in intervals helps alleviate stinging sensation through reducing swelling calming inflammation — helping those blisters caused second-degree burns frequently when properly applied using water-drenched towels over affected area.

When To Go See A Doctor?

In major cases where third-degree type wounds or even weakness, feverishness shows signs, it will be best seeking medical attention because these conditions can spread multiple organs, leading towards chronic(sometimes irreversible ) damage .Seek professional help if you find yourself below situations just mentioned

  • The Burn Scar doesn’t heal within two weeks.
  • Severe pain experienced at burn site does not cease even post-medication.
  • Peeling Skin formation making way for foul odor build-ups due to irreparably damaged layers.

If no improvement occurs after trying these different options discussed above there’s no shame facing doctor’s opinion sometimes our bodies fail us turning up pains without reason better safe than sorry always!

Accidents happen and burns come along with them Get prepared knowing what works marvelous from ancient wisdom to modern-day creams,laser surgeries etc Key notions knowing the degree your cut falls under mild symptoms curable through natural remedies or strong numbing agents,

Burns can be itchy and uncomfortable, but with the tips mentioned above choosing right remedy to suppress that fire couldn’t be easier if not done provides more outlets towards recovery.Think twice before reaching out for home-remedies consulting professional sources sometimes a sound opinion could help us wrong quicker than anything!

Have you ever experienced Burns? What’s your experience about finding what works best as a relief when such conditions occur in life?

(Disclaimer: This article does not provide medical advice. It is critical to seek expert treatment for serious burns)


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