What to feed your child when they are vomiting?

When your child starts vomiting, it can be a tough time for both the parent and child. It’s important to be mindful of what you feed them during this phase as anything too greasy or spicy may aggravate their stomach further. Fortunately, there are plenty of options that will help soothe their system while keeping them nourished.

BRAT Diet – “Bland is Best!

A tried and tested method for managing “stomach problems,” the BRAT diet relies on foods that don’t have excessive oils, spices, sugar or seasoning. The bland nature of these items makes them easier to digest by those with queasy bellies.

Bananas – The Savior

Bananas provide carbohydrates and are easy on the gut when it is in shambles from sickness. Rich in potassium which helps replenish lost electrolytes due to vomitting-induced dehydration.

Rice – It isn’t Just For Chinese Takeout

Rice is another go-to food when dealing with stomach issues; particularly if diarrhea accompanies the vomiting. The starch coating provided by rice also helps protect an inflamed gastrointestinal tract.

Applesauce – Not Just A Baby Food Anymore

Unsweetened applesauce assists in settling down digestive inflammation present after vomiting episodes . Its gentle fiber content helps consistency bowel movements without agitating already inflammed organs like lactobacilli does.

Toast/Biscuits/Crackers – Hold the SausageGravy Please

Dry-toast/plain crackers resemble wall insulation or mattress foam but serve an essential role because they act as surfaces upon which regurgitated bile can stick on rather than ruining clothing/furniture/carpets etc.


Soups are warm & liquidy so along with being easy to consume/vary tasty:make a great choice when feeding sick kids something substantial yet uninviting. Soups contain nutrients that get through to your ill little one and are more rehydrating then just having water.

  1. Chicken Noodle – Enough Said
    No other soup can compete with the ‘comfort-ness’ offered by chicken noodle soup, long deemed a ‘cure-all cure.’ It’s easy on the stomach while providing essential nutrients like proteins, minerals as well as vitamins.

  2. Vegetable Broth – Greens don’t have to be chewed
    Vegetable broth is an ideal option for kids who may not like too much spice in their food but still need nutrition when they’re feeling under the weather.

  3. Miso Soup – Yes way!
    Miso is a paste made from fermented soybeans or grains native to Japan which make savory hearty flavorful broths.The umami taste helps perking up taste buds necessitating eating even if nauseaus.

Cold foods

When your child starts vomiting remember cold foods (applauds frozen yoghurt) provide relief for those icy-hot pangs around stomach thus reducing inflammation.

Yoghurts/kefir- Even better if Frozen

Yoghurt and kefir variants with low amounts of sugar content plain (Greek/nonfat regular), help tame digestive systems & keep off dehydration since it is extractive dairy products rich source of probiotics beneficial bacteria aiding gut growth .

Clear Liquids

Liquids plus stickiness equals disaster during these episodes.So clear beverages substitute sugary/bubbly drinks provide effective hydration benefits necessary recovering so don’t feel bad offering them plenty of fluids after vomiting incidents.

Apple Juice- Not “an apple a day keeps doctor away” this time

Apple juice serves mild sweet nutrients comforting sick at first sip yet high fructose levels present heighten chances developing diarrhea; so try measuring it diluting four parts water: one part juice so not overdoing the sugar intake.

Water – Natures Detoxifier:

Between puking sessions, water replenishes fluids and flushes digestive system toxins.

Sports Drinks

Sports drinks become essential when dehydrations higher than normal due to vomiting incidents Even though they taste like a rainbow their high electrolyte mineral compositions help restore imbalances levels in tiny tummies..

Losing your lunch has never been pleasant for anyone but with these nourishing-and-easy-to-digest diet tips you’ll be able to keep everything down soon enough. And while it may seem daunting initially remember:consult with pediatricians if unsure what’s age-appropriate & if the symptoms persist seek professional medical attention immediately Remember Mommy bloggers aren’t really qualified health personnel!!

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