What to feed a 2 year old with a fever?

Having a child with a fever is always nerve-wracking, especially when it comes to feeding them. You don’t want to give them something that could make their symptoms worse or upset their stomach even more. Plus, if your little one is like most toddlers, they can be extremely picky eaters! But fear not; we’ve got some food and beverage suggestions for you to try.

The Importance of Staying Hydrated

One of the most important things you can do when your child has a fever is making sure they stay hydrated, so let’s start there.

Water Is Your Friend!

Water should always be your go-to drink for your little one during this time. It’s essential as hydration helps regulate body temperature while flushing out toxins from the system – definitely what you’re aiming at!

Make sure that water is available in small quantities throughout the day so that they stay hydrated consistently without overwhelming them all at once.”

Broth : Sip Some Soup!

Another great way to keep them hydrated and get nutrients into the body despite loss of appetite would be through cooking up some flavored broth such as chicken soup, beef bone broth etc. If cooked right can provide following benefits: eliminating mucus build-up in respiratory tracts easing throat inflammation while sniffles running amok relieves nasal congestion reducing coughs

Rehydration Solution Mixes: A Mantra!

If getting kiddos excited about plain old water isn’t working- then think outside{

the box}.

Electrolyte-infused fluids aimed at re-hydration often prove effectual ,(Since losses via sweat-panting usually create imbalance), Pedialyte which contains both salt & sugar might help replenish minerals hence eases Body weakness resulting from tiredness,fatigue,and dehydration induced due severe loss from fever.

Nutritious Foods to Boost Immunity

Fever impacts appetite, leading many children in less interest towards food despite the body’s increasing needs that facilitate recovery.Giving attention to nutrient intake is important when it comes to regaining strength once again.

Fruits Are Fun!

Encourage your little ones to enjoy fruits as snacks. As they are low on calories with higher nutritional benefits such as providing hydration & being rich source of Vitamin C which ramps up immunity level .Cut them into mini portions making easier for consumption,citrus ones proving especially helpful during bouts of fever.

Some fruit examples include applesauce (no sugar added), apple slices, watermelon cubes, and green grapes! These can be eaten raw or cooked/steamed !

Soup It!

Soup-induced broths offer comfort whilst vitamin-rich vegetables prove beneficial too. Easily digestible vegetables like soft-boiled carrots squash spinach broccoli packed vitamins crucial boosting immunity alongside speeding healing rates

Getting some protein in their diet will also help build back muscle strength lost through sweating caused by fever. Some ideas could be incorporating boiled chicken soups or coconut milk chicken curry bowls accompanied by steamed veggies .

Don’t forget legumes such as lentils split peas also best options adding protein onto table while quantity small enough get absorbed without overwhelming kids fussing about taste.

Playfully Entice Them To Eat

It’s no secret that toddlers can be fussy eaters – even when they’re feeling well! So how do you get them excited about eating nutritious foods? Here are a few tips:

Keep Portions Small And Festive

Try arranging meals and snack times into smaller portions resembling finger-foods.Cookies sized batches of mixed berries,broccoli bites stir fried cauliflower florets creatively paired among favorite dips simply ups appeal not only visually but tastefully expands choices at disposal curbing boredom from staring bland plates

Let Them Be The Chef!

Participation enhances engagement, introducing them to kitchen from early age. Participatory element through involving kids turning mini-chefs allows both parents and children another way connecting with one-another.

A prep station for cooking helps gain children’s imagination ,stimulate their creativity skills fuel their appetite simultaneously.even frozen food can be made fun -think of make-your-own pizzas or strawberry dip bath the options endless!

The Art Of Concealment

If all else fails and enticing a picky can really get tough?…Might just try trickery 🙂 .Camouflaging most nutritious ingredients cleverly into recipes puts you in control! Adding pureed spinach,honey-glazed carrots pieces even pouring some fruit pulp into juice blends certainly amps up nutrition unannounced raising possibility that perhaps…yes it will-magic has indeed worked!


There are plenty of options available when it comes to feeding your 2-year-old during a fever. Just remember to keep them hydrated, provide nutrient-rich foods, and try to have some fun with mealtime! We hope these suggestions help make this difficult time a little bit easier on you and your little one.”