What to expect with a planned c section?

Planning for the arrival of your little bundle of joy can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. And while most mothers look forward to a natural vaginal birth, sometimes that’s not always an option. A planned c-section may be necessary due to medical reasons or simply because it is what you prefer.

Don’t fret! We’ve got all the deets on what you can expect during and after your planned c-section.

What is a Planed C Section?

A planned c-section is when your doctor schedules your surgery ahead of time rather than waiting for labor to start. It involves delivering your baby through a surgical incision made in the wall of uterus and abdominal skin.

Why would someone choose a planed c section?

There are several reasons why moms might opt for a scheduled c-section:

  • You have complications such as placenta previa or preeclampsia
  • Your baby isn’t in the optimal position (like breech)
  • You had previous cesarean sections( more commonly known as ‘C-Sections’)
  • You’re carrying multiples (think twins!)

How to prepare

Before undergoing any type of surgery, there are specific guidelines that doctors advise mothers-to-be follow strictly.
Here we summarized what mommy should ask her healthcare provider about before coming.

Baby Steps: Prepare

  • When will my procedure take place?

  • When do I stop eating?

  • What medications am I supposed/prevented from consuming?(Braxton Hicks contractions go crazy without these ones which I assume no one wants, unless out here chasing pain)

  • Lengths of stay at hospital post operation?

Usually, medical professionals conduct routine tests like blood work if they haven’t been done recently already.
Ensure that everything else beyond baby necessities covered up until 2 weeks after delivery so mom has time to bond with new addition to the family.

Lion’s Share: Prep for Doctor

  • The type of surgery you need and why
  • Anesthesia Options(Better to be knocked out or just numb?)
  • Risks involved(think about mommies worried would ask about how many risks)
  • What kind of incision is made(C-Section can consist of a T-Shaped, U-shaped or J shaped who knew!)

Oh! And make sure mommy has enough time off from work because now she will not only have to take care of herself but also her new little one!

During Surgery

The day has come, and it’s finally time for the delivery. Being nervous with something as personal(and painful) as childbirth is reasonable.
Here are a few things that usually go down during your C-section:

Get ready for operation

They generally give an IV in your arm followed by a walking epidural injection which numbs lower half body without putting person completely asleep. Correct me if I am wrong but aren’t hospitals the last place where people want injections? (well aside from some shot)

Catheter insertion

Your nurse may insert urinary catheters into bladder through vagina so there will be no leakage issues during Operation( trust us nobody won’t leak when they shouldn’t )

Dot forget the hairnets too ha ha

Curtain Time and baby showtime

It’s curtain time(shockingly, it’s not broadway)! Doctors will use sterile drapes on belly while surgeon starts operation(which lasts around an hour)

Baby should come anytime soon after this then everything done!

Postoperative Recovery Period

Hey mama! Delivery’s over now, congratulations! Now what?
After undergoing surgery like C-section recovery is necessarily longer than regular natural vaginal births because patient did receive anesthesia injections which numb parts extending beyond legs mid section area Below mentioned tips can improve mother’s overall mood post-surgery:
Stress is lower so breathe as much you would like with your new little one.

Stay on top of medication

You will be prescribed pain management meds, trust me; take these for a more effortless recovery!

Take the Magical Pillows

They say different pillows can do wonders to recovery after surgery. Make sure to have extra cushion around belly so muscles can relax.(at this point moms are willing to try just about any advice)

### Alter Your Lifestyle (in a gradual fashion)

To ease fears and optimize healing process mothers need ample sleep If feels pained, know that things get easier every day.

Carefully monitor incisions

If anything doesn’t feel quite right in the surrounding area of incision, notify your physician immediately!(and start praying ‘the wound is not infected’).

Challenges Ahead

Finally adapting new lifestyle takes some adjustments when it comes down specifically raising newborns.
Alongside her regular household duties caring for Baby requires lots of attention especially while mommy’s still recovering.
Breastfeeding may be challenging during initial weeks but continuous help from family and friends(may) see mommy through tough times.
No pressure at all, motherhood can kick off beautifully even if this isn’t how things were initially planned.

A Caesarian section delivery might take place due to specific reasons outlined by doctors but ensure that you ask as many questions possible pre-operation leading up through post-pregnancy period. It only gets easier afterward!