What to expect right after giving birth?

Congratulations, you’ve made it through the nine months of gestation and countless hours of labor. Now that your new bundle of joy is here, what exactly can you expect in the first few days after giving birth? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with our hilarious guide on what to expect.

Brace Yourself for an Emotional Roller Coaster!

First Things First – CryBABIES!

Expect tears when…
– You hold your baby for the first time
– Visitors arrive and bombard you
– Hormones start playing unfair games with yah!

As a new mom, every little thing is going to make you emotional. From crying over spilled milk – literally – to holding back tears from pure exhaustion or pride at seeing your little one grow into their own person. You’ll find yourself become more emotional than usual because everything is so darn precious! Just keep the tissues close by.

Hormonal Havoc Ahead

You may experience:
– Heavy-duty mood swings (just call me Sybil!)
– Engorged breasts (to be fair though they do look pretty Epic!)
– Night sweats (cue sitting in a puddle)

The hormonal changes caused by childbirth are immense! One minute you’ll feel like superwoman ready for anything life throws at her then next minute… boom!!! Another crying spell has hit hard outta nowhere. And let’s not forget about those engorged breasts that will turn heads wherever they go!

Get Ready To Feel Like A Hot Mess But Look Beautiful At It.

Hit Those Showers STAT!!( seriously Guys)

After all those sleepless nights + nausea inducing early mornings there’s no shower like post birthing shower love. Letting water cascade down your body until feeling squeaky clean & rejuvenated I guess this justifies stuffing 3 bottles favourite shower gels into my hospital bag

Say What No Sleeping?

It’s alright, it’s normal!

Sleeping almost 18-20 hours cycles through various baby-nursing-baby sessions isn’t going to be easy. Loud cries ringing in your ears and thoughts ‘where did I go wrong‘ plaguing your mind will keep you up all night.

But never fear, because just like a superhero with awesome bone density – our human bodies are adept at forging new ground during these times – I swear that explains the superpowers unique to us moms!

Experiencing The Body Afterbirth

You may not be feeling yourself after giving birth (and when we say ‘yourself’, we mean everything from your hair down there to how many bowel movements you have). Below are some of the things that can happen:

Hello There Acne-breakouts

Get ready for some frequent breakouts caused by hormonal changes post-delivery. Don’t blame yourself; instead console yourself other Mommas experiencing similar circumstances!

Psst… Speed Up those Poops:

That first poop might feel like birthing a hippopotamus but don’t worry girl! With time, things shall ease + asides quicker toilet runs become an excellent excuse to steal a bit of peace and quiet hidin’ inside that washroom. We won’t judge!

Incoming Visitors Alert… Take Cover

Days or sometimes weeks before giving birth, everyone under then sun appears looking forward “TO MEETING THE BABY”, Which basically translates into “can I come over right now and help myself to whatever is in the fridge?”Here are some visitor tips you need right about now.

Call Your Baby A Cabbage Patch Kid…

Fact: No-one actually seems genuinely interested on checking on momma’s physical well-being today witless they get access “The Little One”. So let them have their moments while taking advantage of stolen cat naps.

The Snack Ambush:

Food is love, mama! Prepare to have Aunt Susan start a food army in your kitchen, leaving behind takeaway bags cluttering the counters or making you feel guilty for not eating “so high-quality“ cookies that she baked from scratch. Just gotta love these sweet worries.

On Feeding Baby

Your baby’s first hunger pangs may seem uneventful, but it’s worthy of mention as this could be nerve-wracking initially. There are 3 feeding types – formula milk or breastmilk via pumping action/or breastfeeding directly; whichever method tickles you and junior’s fancy!
Most mothers prefer breastfeeding their young ones owing to several benefits inclusive on immunity boosters + solidifies the bond b/w mother & child.
Formula Milk
A lot goes into it like size-specific teats/nipples/specialised formula until one finds what works best. Extra prep time can make things somewhat tiring but convenient when outside home base so definitely worth considering
It less intimate than direct Bf’ing lends you freedom for short trips out plus give dads ample opportunity to participate (most welcome!!)


Giving birth and entering mom-life is an unforgettable adventure filled with humorous experiences yah might just learn valuable life lessons alongside– expect nothing less of an emotional ride that would require a whole bunch of tissues at various intervals— But don’t despair its all totally worth becoming Momma Bear !

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