What to expect after an egd procedure?

Ah, the wonders of modern medicine. One day you’re chowing down on a questionable burrito and the next thing you know, your doctor is telling you that an EGD procedure is in order. Don’t panic! It might sound scary, but it’s actually a quick and relatively painless test that can give you valuable insight into what’s going on inside your digestive system.

Before The Procedure: Preparing For The Worst

Your doctor will likely give you some instructions on how to prepare for the EGD before your appointment. This might include fasting for a certain amount of time beforehand to ensure that there are no food particles lingering in your stomach during the procedure.

You may also be asked to refrain from taking certain medications leading up to the exam. These could be blood thinners or anti-inflammatory drugs that could impact bleeding or inflammation after the exam.

Be sure to follow these instructions closely because they’ll help make sure everything goes smoothly!

During The Procedure: Lights, Cameras…Action?

So here’s what happens during an EGD: You lie on your side (either left or right) while a long, thin tube with a camera attached at one end is passed through your mouth and down into your esophagus and stomach area.

Don’t worry if this sounds uncomfortable – most people find it just mildly irritating rather than painful. (Thank goodness for gentle sedatives!)

The images captured by the camera will be displayed on a monitor so that both you and your physician can get a good look at what’s happening inside of there.

And don’t forget about all those sweet gadgets! Your physician might use different tools – such as forceps, snares or biopsy forceps – while inspecting things up close under magnification.

After The Procedure: Oh No They Didn’t!

Once it’s over – breathe easy my friend – you can expect to feel groggy or sleepy for a little while as the sedative wears off. After that, your doctor will likely give you some instructions on what to do over the next few days and weeks in order to allow your esophagus and stomach time to heal.

Some common post-EGD directives might include:

NPO: Nothing Per Oral

Most people will need to refrain from eating or drinking anything for at least a couple hours after the procedure so that any residual anesthetic is metabolized by their body.

Swallowing may be difficult

After an EGD procedure, it isn’t uncommon for people to experience some mild difficulty swallowing. This usually only lasts a day until things are fully healed.

However, if swallowing problems persist then don’t hesitate reaching out back to your physician’s office right away!

Little coughs caused havoc

It’s important not to lie flat on your back immediately following the test as this can trigger coughing due to throat irritation. As someone who has experienced a post-procedure cough recently…I’m just saying trust me folks!

Also avoid extreme exercise for up 48 hours post-test – because no one wants period style cramps plus heartburn/cough like I definitely did…

Bloating and Gas

Gas pains and bloating aren’t unusual after an EGD due gas being introduced into through-to intestinal equipment during process! Over-the-counter products typically remedy this sign quickly though if symptoms persist consider talking with medical professional (Cause let’s be honest – farting loudly at work may take laughter factor straight ahead of embarrassment)

If pain persists more than 1-2 days contact medical personnel ASAP!

Conclusion: Take It Like A Champ!

So there you have it folks; everything you needed (and wanted)to know about what happens before, during and after an EGD procedure. Is it fun? Heck no! But it’s important and its quick so take your mind off the post tests repercussions (even if TV marathons sound boring to you) .

Trust me – going through the motions while keeping a humorous outlook will make all of us (and staff!) feel better.

In conclusion: are there things to expect, for sure. Will these come in handy every day? Hopefully not.

But when we have more insight into our bodies everything else becomes that much easier – cause who doesn’t love having superpowers??