What to eat to lose weight before bed?

Are you one of those people who has tried every diet on the planet and still just can’t seem to shed those stubborn pounds? Have you started losing your mind trying out different ways to lose weight?

Well, don’t worry because we’ve got your back! In this article, we’ll be talking about what foods to eat before bed that can aid in weight loss. Yes, you read that right – eating before bedtime is not a sin anymore!

Let’s dive into some useful tips and tricks our experts have in store for us:

It’s All About Timing

First things first and probably the most important factor when it comes to shedding off those extra kilos – timing.

Do not fall for food fads or any unbelievable claims made by snack brands – eating Pizza at midnight does NOT accelerate metabolism (duh!) Eating too close to bedtime is a recipe for disaster and will pile up all the calories.

Our bodies are known best for going through digestion while asleep. Therefore, it’s essential to eat at least two hours before sleeping as it gives time (180-200 minutes) required by your body system management tasks properly (‘digestion’).

Lack of restful sleep directly results in hindering both physical activity and mental functions required in exercising effectively the next day. Speaking of…

Get Your Beauty Sleep

The keyword here being ‘sleep.’ Sleeping adequately guarantees healthy decision-making skills throughout waking hours (Cuz’ let’s admit watching Netflix till dawn, skipping breakfast do no good w/ toning ur Body)

Sleep deprivation always ends up adding unrequired glucose levels needed usually during early morning workouts and hence reducing insulin sensitivity.

In simple terms: lack of quality sleep = increased portion sizes + carbohydrate cravings all day long (yikes!)

Another thing from under-rated perks of hitting necessary snooze allows gradual use of energy, creating a deficit required for weight loss (kudos to the ones binging Friends all night out there)

Foods you should consume before bedtime

Protein rich foods:

Eating protein rich foods before bed will help you in suppressing hunger and reducing ghrelin levels (‘a hormone responsible for telling ur body when its hungry.) It may also lower insulin levels which mean fewer chances of fat cell productions throughout your sleep.

Some easy go-to options could be mozzarella cheese sticks or even greek yogurt, both high in casein – a slow digesting protein.

Cottage Cheese & Berries:

Cottage cheese is an excellent combination of healthy fats, vitamins including vitamin B12,sodium necessary here for forming proper flesh; otherwise prone to fluid retention. Berries are great antioxidants and perfect addition as a snack among cottage cheese lovers as they also provide carbohydrates that fuel the brain at midnight hours while we hit ’em dreams.

Herbal Teas:

Drink up some caffeineless herbal tea with stevia-twist instead of sugar drinks like sodas etc.
It helps relaxes mind shifting it off from late-night cravings mode + providing soothing aid throughout deep slumbers (just try to avoid dairy-incorporated flavoured teas) 

Pro tip for all my sweet toothers huddled out there – just ruin the taste buds w/ unlimited Green Tea ice-cream tubs during midday treat sessions! 😉

Foods You Should Avoid Before Bedtime

Now that we have spoken about what’s right let’s discuss munchies that require kicking OUT!

We know this might hurt – but nevertheless crucial information incoming…

Sugary Snacks:

Sorry folks…that King-Size bar sitting on top shelf saved especially to fulfill it late-night tastes needs eliminates right away!! (for better sakes)

High amounts increases blood glucose level making hard enough already asleep pancreas work harder, eventually making insulin resistance more evident.

Fried Snacks:

Anything fried should never be included in your eating schedule period but especially those chicken wings from the fridge as they are rich in energy + fats. You undoubtedly do not want to sleep hungry and have ample time throughout the night for digestion yet reducing carbohydrate  burning capacity required by your body while asleep.

Important Tips

  • Avoid alcohol consumption before Bedtime; it lowers fat burning rate potential
  • Good quality mattresses help regulate the temperature for good nite sleeps
  • Oh come on now! The importance of breakfast is known already!! Skipping breakfasts directly affects metabolism too..


It’s no secret that losing weight requires you to put in consistent effort consistently. Eating right and at adequate timings is one of them – a cuppa ice cream or an extra sausage roll won’t hurt occasionally (remember: moderation!)

Including helpful recommendations mentioned above with some physical activity routine will make sure you develop adequate muscle tissue needed here TO burn off unrequited Fat AND contributing towards better lifestyle habits that keeps health intact long-term!

Wishing you all natural snoozes without any hunger pangs during odd hours & cheesy dreams!(quite literally)

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