What to eat for potassium?

Do you know that potassium is an essential nutrient that is crucial for good health? Well, if you didn’t know it before reading this article, then consider yourself informed. In fact, the human body needs a certain amount of potassium to function properly.

If you’re wondering what foods are packed with potassium, we’ve got your back! This article will cover everything from bananas to avocados, so sit tight and get ready to learn about some delicious options!

Why Is Potassium Important?

Before diving into the best sources of potassium, let’s talk about why this mineral is so important.

Potassium helps regulate blood pressure levels in the body by reducing the effects of sodium. It also plays a role in muscle contractions and nerve impulses. A deficiency in potassium can lead to weakness, fatigue or even heart arrhythmia!

So now that we have established how vital this nutrient is let’s dig deeper.


Starting off with everyone’s favorite – bananas (yes I am sounding enthusiastic because bananas!). Besides having just 105 calories each medium sized banana has around 400mg potassium which provides over 10% of your daily need [1] .

What usually goes unnoticed beneath the high sugar content surface level benefits , all hail serotonin( happy chemicals) but wait there’s more!. The fiber present aids digestion blockage as well makes one feel fuller despite having fewer calories thereby aiding weight loss [2]. Now if only finding clothes would be easy enough as trying on new tasty food dishes.

You may ask “what about overripe ones?” You’ll realize they contain even more beneficial goodness since its resistant starch breaks down during ripening increasing our guts’ self-defense mechanism protecting against infections . Note ‘overripe‘ not ‘rotted’.

To increase visibility here are other foods ranked accordingly by their highest available amounts :

Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes belong to the family of vegetables known as root tubers. This delicious and nutritious vegetable provides 541mg potassium per 1 medium potato that is 12% of your daily need [3].

The thick skin allows it to be baked or boiled making a perfect side dish with added seasoning after cooking unlocking more flavor magic.


When you think of Popeye, spinach definitely comes in mind. You may not become superhuman strong but you’ll certainly have increased muscle health since one cup is packed with around 160-206mg potassium[4] . It can be sautéed, steamed, served raw benefits untouched just make sure there’s enough water flow cleaning.


Now let’s give a vote for tomatoes due to their versatility serving healthy selections from soups to pastas topped symbolized its bright red color now also serves an influential message beyond surface level being rich in fiber and vitamin C containing around 399 mg per large-sized tomato [5]. Now if only spilling ketchup could help my house-cleaning regimen.

White Mushrooms

You should know by now that eating fungi helps facilitates overall improved health. As it relates to providing essential minerals such as magnesium and yes here we are again potassium! One single cup contains approximately about 425mg, towards close to 10 percentage of the required amount daily[6] .

Depending on personal preference , some enjoy them cooked via baking adding greek seasoning effects while others consume uncooked depending on taste buds either way mushrooms provide nutrients while remaining low calories facilitating weight loss goals effortlessly (or so they say).

Other Potassium-rich foods:

If none of the above mentioned tickle your fancy(give me strength) don’t worry – there are plenty more options!

Foods Quantity Potassium Content(mg)
Almonds 100 grams 728
Dark chocolate 85% cocoa contains around: 715 mg
Acorn Squash 1 whole (medium) squash 896mg
Black Beans Half cup cooked ~320mg


Now let’s delve into seafood made available globally, thanks to modern trade facilitating one’s ability to experience different cultures.

Whether it is canned or fresh(even YUMMIER!) tuna provides a whopping amount of potassium containing( A drum-roll please pats self on the back):327-400mg(depending on how fish was prepared and weight determined ) [7]. It can be grilled ,poached or baked depending on desired seasoning.

Final Thoughts

Including these foods in your daily diet would help to achieve the healthy required nutrient needs while achieving deliciousness at once . Cooking methods may vary but keeping an open mind regarding flavor/seasoning techniques ensures exploring more nutritious possibilities that will leave you with benefits much beyond expectations.

Remember apples maybe good they say “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, however, equally important as not forgetting one serving of other nutrient-packed-from bananas all way down acorn squashes for harnesses various minerals coupled with unique seasonings could really impact overall well-being.

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