What to eat and not eat with gout?

If you’ve been diagnosed with gout, then welcome to the club! A club that has a strict dietary code of conduct. Don’t worry though; we’ll walk you through what foods are your friends and which ones are your enemies – or as we like to call them, frenemies.

Understanding Gout

Before diving into the dos and don’ts of food, let’s get acquainted with what gout is all about. Gout is a type of arthritis caused by an accumulation of uric acid crystals in joints. It’s more common in men over 30 years old because apparently, nature likes testing their ability to handle pain!

Gout attacks involve intense joint pain followed by swelling, heatness around affected areas while being red-tender at times. Most commonly it affects feet and big toe but can occur anywhere else also i.e ankle/elbow etc

Things such as genetics (thanks grandpa!), diet (more on this later), alcohol consumption (why must fun things come at a cost?), obesity & hypertension has become major risk factors for developing Gouts.

What Foods Should You Avoid If You Have Gout?

Say Goodbye To Purine Rich Foods

You may be wondering why certain foods cause more temptation than others? Well..it’s time friendo for some real talk…Uric Acid level raise significantly when there is high ‘PURINE’ content present in our intake! <<Say whaaaaaaat?>>

Foods That Are High In Purines:
– Liver
– Kidney
– Seafood(salmon,tuna–>
– Red meat(beef,lamb&venison)

Don’t cry yet! All hope isn’t lost!
It doesn’t mean total elimination<>We suggest limiting these types of foods or talking to a dietician/nutritionist about how much is acceptable.

Follow The Low-Fructose Rule

If you’ve been binging on chewing gum, gummy bears and Coca Cola then..sorry friend! You’re not gonna like this but high-fructose corn syrup can raise uric acid levels (no points for guessing that one). <>

Don’t Go Overboard With Fructose-Rich Foods:
– Sodas/Carbonated Drinks
– Jams,Marmalades & Jelly preserves
– Sweetened yogurt
– Commercially baked items(cakes&pastries)

Avoiding sugary drinks in general does have it’s advantages even if we didn’t have Gout – diet control always encourages a healthy lifestyle!

Eat More of These If You Have Gout

Vitamin C is Your BFF

Run for the vitamin ‘C’ whenever possible my friends! Studies show that increasing your intake of high-dose Vitamin C supplements may lower uric acid levels. This doesn’t mean popping pills as if they’re candy though — who wouldn’t try>?>

Vitamin C-Rich Foods Include:

Incorporate more Vegetables,Fruits and also citrus fruit family(yay oranges!) to boost overall health along with dealing with pesky gouts.

Stay Hydrated For Goodness Sake!

Hydrating Fluid Options:

Stay hydrated always guys!

Apple Cider Vinegar : The Wonder supplement?

Our fandom for ACV is real<>It got it’s own chant and jingle even! <>

Some ‘Experts’ suggest drinking diluted AVC may alleviate Gout symptoms by balancing PH levels in our digestive tract.

Try Drinking Two Tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with water twice a day to avoid the unpleasantness altogether.

<>While we don’t deny these are potential friendship bracelet opportunities lets keep things balanced- remember moderation is key (Like Julia Child said , “Modest eating accomplishes an appropriate balance”).

Things To Keep In Mind While Eating Out

Eating out can be tricky but boring restaurants simply won’t cut it anymore<<#Foodiesunite>>Here are some tips you should consider before splurging while dining out or ordering online –

  • Ask Your Waiter To Hold ‘Meet’ Ingredients
  • Add More Coffee & Tea to your order(As long as Consume Sugarfree!)
  • Go For Cauliflower instead Of Sabji or Chana Masala
  • Stick With Whole Grains ()

Fancy feasts might sound tempting however friend – remember nothing beats homemade simple meals made fresh!
Happy Living Nutritionally 🙂

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