What to eat after you get your tonsils out?

So, you got your tonsils out? Congratulations! Now, what can you eat?

Getting your tonsils removed can be a pretty painful experience. And let’s face it, one of the most challenging things about this process is figuring out what in the world to eat after surgery.

Fortunately for you, I have some suggestions on what foods will not only make a sore throat feel better but are also delicious and easy to prepare!

The Importance Of Eating The Right Food

Firstly before we dive into our food options it’s essential we understand why eating correctly post-surgery matters.

Most people don’t realize how crucial nutrition and hydration are during recovery. When you undergo surgeries such as the removal of your tonsil(s), your body has a wound that needs healing. This wound requires specific nutrients from healthy foods’ diet’ to regenerate tissue cells faster than usual.

Additionally, drinking plenty of fluids helps lubricate and soothe the throat while decreasing swelling risks caused by dehydration (stay hydrated people).

Believe me; proper nourishment will lower not just infection risk but also promote faster healing- Don’t mess with grandma’s heal recipe now!

Recommended Foods Post-Tonsillectomy

Now that we know why eating specialty nutrient-rich items (emphasis added) after surgery is vital let’s look over some tailor-fit choices perfect for these kinds of occasions:

1. Popsicles & Ice Cream

One very popular option for those recovering from a tonsillectomy includes popsicles or ice cream (if dairy doesn’t bother you). Not only do they taste great when swallowed slowly like slow-melt ice cream scoop on sugar cones accompanied by soy-caramel-topping – Bonus points if home-made!

More importantly consuming cold treats can help relieve pain from soreness induced inflammation within tissues lining bodily cavities- in this case, your throat.

2. Mashed potatoes

Another option you might want to consider is mashed potatoes (Don’t forget the vegan butter and gravy). This type of food is easy-to-swallow with no need for excessive chewing or biting, which could cause further injury to an already sensitive area.

Also known as ‘smooth foods,’ it’s ideal right after a surgical procedure since meals that don’t require much energy for breakdown are allowing preserved strength throughout our body besides reducing muscle tension brought upon by discomfort.

3. Oatmeal

Oatmeal can be a satisfying breakfast meal during recovery – Just imagine! A hot cup of oat bran cereal topped off with fruits like apples or bananas to taste alongside some maple syrup Is undoubtedly one way we all love to start our day!

And even better? It’s healthy too—packed with soluble fiber that helps keep everything moving through your digestive system while still easing strain on recovering tissues around surgical wounds in this scenario performed at the back of the mouth/upper respiratory tract region.

Quick Recipe Alert!

• You will need:
– 1 Cup Rolled Oats
– Salt
– Maple Syrup
– Banana Slices

• Instructions:

Preparation takes no more than ten minutes; just boil water over medium heat and add a cup of rolled oats along with Pinch Of Salt For Taste & Flavoring Preference™️ bake in preheat oven @350°F . Afterward, remove from stove/grill/oven and let sit for about five minutes before serving warm bowl then top off ingredients such as banana slices drizzled With Lemon Honey Sauce® (optional) – sounds yummy ???

Foods To Avoid Post Tonsillectomy

On the other hand, some dietary options should stay away from during tonsillectomy healing stages. Such products may provide unnecessary pressure within bodily cavities because they lack required softening or small particulate physical diversion to support muscle relaxation contributing to healing processes.

1. Spicy Foods

Limit or avoid foods loaded with heat; they may cause irritation/sensitivity at the back of your mouth and throat. This includes hot sauces, chili powder, smoked foods, BBQ/marinades/seasonings, curry dishes- You name it!

2. Juice With Citrus

As much as we love our citrus juices like orange juice or pineapple, its high acidic content can worsen throat pain post-surgery (that’s a bummer I know) plus sugar-laced additives also stand in opposition against recovery requirements (You’ll survive if you skip them for just a few days).

3. Crunchy Food – No Chips For Now

Lastly crunchy food is something you want nothing to do with! Why? Well chewing motion and excessive bite pressure pose risks towards sensitive tissues’ disruption – Not cool!

Stay away from these hard-to-chew offerings such as Doritos®, Nachos®, Lays® Potato chips that could lodge particles deep into already tender areas causing severe harm on an already damaged part.


In conclusion, woo-hoo!! Being prepared beforehand can truly make all the difference when going through this surgery – especially concerning what you eat afterward.

(Who would’ve thought replacing spicy junk with yummy oatmeal bowls mixed up for breakfast?)

Just follow standard guidelines post-operation; Avoid hard crispy foods of any sort initially- restrict eating habits designed around overly sweetened substances such as candies/gums and refrain from taking food profiles requiring substantial bite strength until given approval by local physicians controlling medical care within their realm jurisdictional practices on condition assessments day by day based upon individual patient biology levels pre/postoperative!