What to drink if you have stomach pain?

Stomach pain is no laughing matter, but sometimes the solutions can be a bit humorous. While there are many possible causes of stomach pain, one thing we all want is relief! So, what drinks can help alleviate that miserable feeling? Let’s take a look.

The Miracle of Apple Cider Vinegar

You’ve probably heard about apple cider vinegar (ACV) and its magical healing properties for everything from warts to yeast infections. But did you know it could also help with stomach issues? ACV helps balance pH levels in the body and aids digestion. Mix one tablespoon ACV with warm water (not hot!) and honey (if desired) for a refreshing tonic.

Getting Sugary with Ginger Ale

You might have seen your grandma sipping on ginger ale when she had an upset stomach. It turns out; this isn’t just an “old wives’ tale.” There is something to be said for drinking sugar-sweetened ginger ale or ginger tea when experiencing gastrointestinal distress like nausea or vomiting.

There really ain’t nothing better than having cold sugary soda go down your throat (don’t judge). Ginger has been used as natural remedy worldwide for centuries now in helping soothe digestive problems because of its ability to reduce inflammation caused by gas accumulation.

Pro Tip: If you’re looking to limit sugar intake but still get benefits from ginger, try making fresh ginger tea at home!

Water – The Unsung Hero Against Stomach Aches

Okay, okay… so maybe water doesn’t sound-great-cure-all-for-everything like some other beverages on this list. However so; hydration plays a vital part in overall gut health management when it comes down right through keeping our intestines lubricated and clearing away waste. Drinking plain old water during episodes of marginal abdominal discomfort will never hurt anyways- especially since it could even reduce symptoms of bloating caused by water retention.

Pro Tip: Though it goes without saying for those who heart-saving, low-stress lives- proper hydration isn’t something to remember only when you’re experiencing stomach pain. Make sure you’re getting enough H2O throughout the day!

Peppermint Tea – Cool Your Way Out Of Pain

Peppermint tea not only tastes divine with its inherently sweet and menthol-y notes but it also does wonders in putting out any raging internal fires due to acid-reflux or indigestion! A compound found in peppermint called menthol can relax gastric muscles which might calm feelings of nausea-(yay!)

Some everyday wisdom would definitely suggest that peppermint wont work best served cold– so just allow boiled water intercept with at most one teaspoonful of organic dried mint leaves, let steep for 3-4 minutes and viola! Enjoy your new beverage BFF

Chamomile Tea – The Gentle Puncher

Chamomile is a plant scientifically known as Matricaria Recutita (fancy much?), which has been used medicinally in many cultures around the world since ancient times. Due to having anti-inflammatory properties, chamomile tea can instantly knock-out the crying ache anywhere digestion seems off-balance (bit dramatic eh?) Just like grandma’s warm soup recipe on sick days; this herb can help alleviate vomiting or diarrhea when ingested after meals.

## Lemon Water – When Life Hands You Lemons..Make Stomach-Friendly Beverages!

Incorporating lemon into our daily diet promotes an environment where healthy digestive bacteria thrive (happy stomach dance) by balancing pH levels inwardly thus relieving digestive issue causing imbalance (woohoo) Drinking lukewarm-lemon-infused-water first thing upon waking up every morning will benefit normal bowel function along side improvement of digestion capacity.

Other Comforting Drinks That Help With Stomach Ache

Here are some other comforting drinks that could help soothe your stomach:

  • Warm milk with honey calms the nervous system and might aid in digestion.
  • Fennel tea can relax gut muscles and has been traditionally used as a digestive aid.
  • Kombucha–(pucker up!): This fermented beverage can replenish good bacteria in the gut, thus promoting better digestion. Plus, its fizzy tanginess adds to an amazing taste experience.

Final Words

Stomach aches aren’t fun for anyone; but the right drinks really do have proven benefits! Whether it’s taking ACV shots daily or indulging in kombucha when you’re feeling fancy,(or sickly) you’ll find relief from your misery if you experiment around to discover what suits your palate best while internally pressing crisis-over mode on!! So try these ideas out at home on yourself OR embarrassingly trust my word and take them straight over towards making someone else’s life easier today!

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