What to do with old white wine?

Are you feeling guilty about letting a bottle of white wine get old and spoil? Fear not, my friend! There are plenty of creative ways to repurpose that fermented grape juice before it turns into vinegar. Let’s dive in and explore some fun ideas for your unwanted white wine.

The 5 Stages Of Grief For A Spoiled Bottle Of White Wine

Before we start discussing the different ways to use up old white wines, let’s connect on an emotional level first. It can be traumatic when you eagerly open a bottle only to find out that ‘it has happened again’: spoiled wine strikes. Here are the five stages of grief one goes through:

1) Denial – You uncork the wine, take a sip and convince yourself that it just needs some time in the glass or perhaps even breathing ‘Oh come on, it’s not bad yet…’
2) Anger – When denial fails (and trust us, if it’s gone sour then this is inevitable), frustration sets in “Didn’t I just buy this yesterday?!”.
3) Bargaining – Could there still be hope? This is where you begin to create plans to rescue the precious liquid from being thrown away “Maybe I should add lemonade; surely nobody will know”.
4) Depression – Alas all efforts fail leading sorrowful thoughts such as ‘This always happens’, or ’I should have known better’.
5) Acceptance- Finally accepting your fate and pouring away every remnant with absolute certainty never wanting another drop…”You win World!!”

Does any above resonate?

Regardless of which stage you’re at right now, here are great solutions for those unused bottles taking up space in your fridge door case!

Make Your Own Vinegar

Since old wines already contain acetic acid (a key component in vinegar), they’re the perfect candidate for making homemade vinaigrettes or a flavorful base for marinades. Here’s what you need to do:

1) Pour your leftover wine into a clean, wide-mouth glass jar
2) Cover with cheesecloth and secure it tightly with a rubber band – this keeps out pests, but also allows air circulation that is essential for fermentation.
3) Store the jar(s) in an airy, warm spot such as your pantry.
4) Every week or so, give it a quick stir until you notice floating solids developing – don’t be alarmed, this is normal!
5) After about 6-8 weeks,the liquid should have taken on acidity and transformed into vinegar.
Tip: If after three months there are still no changes observed,it’s time to throw away
Time investment: 10 mins prep; waiting period ranges from one to two months.

Sorbet And Granitas

Wine sorbets might sound novel because they’re not something we typically see at our local grocery store freezer,but trust us once frozen these delectable treats may just become your new staple dessert!
Here’s how creating some Wine-based goodness:

Easy White Wine Sorbet Recipe

You Will Need:

  • An ice cream maker (Note: Don’t worry if you do not own an ice cream maker yet but seriously consider buying one. They come handy more often than expected)

– 1 cup sugar
– 1/2 teaspoon salt
– Lemon peel grated thin from half lemon (If using organic lemons)
– Orange peel grated thin from half orange
(If using organic oranges)
– Crisp white wine of choice (1 bottle yields roughly two cups)


Combine all ingredients except strawberries in large saucepan.

Stir over medium heat until sugar dissolves.

Increase heat and bring to boil for about 2 minutes until a syrup-like consistency is achieved.

Pour mixture into a bowl and refrigerate.

Once chilled, add white wine and mix well.

Place the mixture in an ice cream maker according to manufacturer’s instructions – typically this means you would churn for around 20 mins or so.

Once it has reached desired consistency, put inside a sealable container and toss in deep freezer to enjoy whenever you feel like overindulging yourself with cool zesty rooftop accompaniments!

Tip: Make some edible flowers before freezing if you want extra fanciness

Impress Your Friends With Wine Jelly

For those of us looking for gourmet party ideas that look effortlessly impressive? How about startling your guests by making homemade wine jelly using red or white wines, perfect as a present or indulgence?

Mulled White Wine Jelly Recipe

You Will Need:

  • Powdered Pectin; 1 box
  • Chopped fresh thyme: Two tablespoons(well clean)
  • One cups grapes suitable for cooking – grape juice can be used instead of fresh grapes
  • Lemon Juice freshly squeezed(one lemon yields approx two teaspoons)
  • Granulated Sugar (3 cups)
  • Fresh grated nutmeg (a pinch’s worth will do)


If using powdered pectin follow these preparation guidelines with each pack having different recommendations:

Combine chopped fresh Thyme leaves/juice from above ingredients

In another pot mix granulated sugar & powdered pectin together. Ensure they are thoroughly mixed.
Fill larger pot with water till it comes up halfway then place on stove burner over medium heat letting everything dissolve completely before increasing temperature until simmering vigorously takes place(don’t let scorch). Stirring regularly helps prevent future disappointment!

Having turns off the heat and added spices/wine, while still hot pour sweet sugary goodness into glass jars; tightly screw their lids on – but be careful, it’s hot!

Once the jars have cooled down completely (ensure lids suction sealed are opening & closing correctly), place  them in the fridge.

Voila! You now have delectable white wine jelly spreading across your toast or bagels every morning.

Tip: Give your future featured article some creative names for optimization purposes.


In case you were close to pouring that aged grape elixir into a pack of ravished sewage rats think again following these handy alternatives listed above.Getting bottles of wine spoilt should never lead to an extra-strain eye-roll. Whether is making magic with homemade vinegar which super fetches those salads, recipes calling for white sweet wines’ distinct flavors, wine sorbets though unconventional yet delicious and delicate follow-throughs et al- here lies an opportunity beyond unexciting basic modes of drinking stale Sangria… Trust us-having exhausted all options-your rosé pinky-finger sipping moments won’t ever e the same again!

Cheers to innovative planning with old Vin Blanc favorites we thought could only go downwards from bon appétit coordinates!



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