What to do with old oxygen concentrator?

Are you tired of tripping over your old oxygen concentrator and have no idea what to do with it? Well, fret not, because we’ve got some hilarious ideas that are sure to tickle your funny bone!

Donate it (for real)!

If you’re feeling generous, consider donating your used oxygen concentrator. There are plenty of individuals who could really use this machine but can’t afford it. Check out charities like the American Lung Association or The Oxygen Concentrator Store’s Charity Program.

Make a DIY project out of it

Who says an old oxygen concentrator just takes up space? Think outside the box and get crafty! Use parts from the machine for various DIY projects like wind chimes or creating an artsy steampunk lampshade.

Refurbish into Airplane Turbine

Do you happen to know any aviation enthusiasts? Gift them your retired O2 unit, which can serve as fodder for their next airplane enthusiast hobby project. It will be awesome if they use its parts in building small-scale jet turbines.

Create An Art Piece

Artists unite!! If all fails fail then why not let go off our inner creative instincts?? Wanting inspiration on how an art piece using O2 unit would look like?? Look no more; a simple air purifier or humidifier may turn out stunning when decked with pieces collected from HVAC installations such as tubes and filters etc.; furthermore, these types of pieces merge wonderfully when placed besides bright paintings on white walls- A definite conversation starter!!

Travel Buddy extraordinaire

Going away for a trip but don’t want to leave behind support equipment(s)?

The lightweight units meant specifically for travel probably won’t suffice at high altitudes—here’s where repurposing comes handy: Instead of leaving home without a familiar source f respiratory backups optfor making one out of your old unit.  That is going to save you tons of money!

Play a Prank on Your Friend

Who doesn’t love the occasional harmless prank?! Place that heavy old concentrator outside your home and trick a friend into thinking he/she has found some peculiar ‘space equipment’ lying around in the yard!

Attend Medical Conferences and Save Money

Here’s something huge, if you happen to have contacts or know somebody in one then this might be handy!! It wouldn’t surprise that medical conferences can cost an arm and leg but rather than paying full charge why not head over there with an old oxygen concentrator?

With their mini-compounding air mixing capabilities they are quite similar to aquarium pumps- Store them properly after differential diagnosis regarding bleeding risks, however, these devices pack enough punch for numerous purposes during surgical procedures which can rack up multiple times more!!

Transform Into A Personal Home Oxygen Bar

Bring life back into those lungs by turning it into a makeshift personal bar! Yes—the perks include pool-side get-togethers or dinner parties as it infuses high-powered goodness.

A convenient low-cost alternative would be using ethylene glycol distillation flask, combined with sterilized hoses from hospital disposables; let guests inhale blended concentrations suitable for null-side effect invigorations at respiratory healthy levels.

Showcase At Science Fairs

Showcase your creativity with flair by filling out application forms requesting exhibition space at local science fairs; implore children towards learning about how vital oxygen machines are important -All while having fun!!! Be surely hailed as most creative booth owner thus earning free publicity/vouchers etc.; all because sharing knowledge never hurt anybody!!!

Create Heavy-Bag-

Looking for ways to stay fit while giving tender swipes poor extra-thick tormented bags? Look no further than repurposing project like this O2 machine where its noiseless composure will add a lot of value for stay-at-home fitness buffs.

Electrify Your Halloween Decorations!

Time to don the spooky hat in anticipation of one worth remembering halloween party! Although power-up margins may decrease if over 10 bulbs per LED string are added however, wiring dense filament channels from old oxygen concentrators may prove highly beneficial thanks to their portability along with ready electrical supplies storage options—let them shine bright and spookily.

Make A Brewery with Oxidation Equipment

home brewing is a fun way using O2 Machine thereby giving beer fans chance towards experimentation; all it takes is some ingenuity apart from adding yeast into flavor mixtures. Weaker imperfections can easily be removed by Storing purification elements consisting of glycolated water sprayed inside mixing tanks this turns ideal barreling refreshments that keep jiggly bellie cravings satisfied!

Repurpose Tires for Greater Usages

Being bored out in backyard while not knowing what activity would excite you? Mining our graveyards called garages has become quite commonplace during the pandemic – why not repurpose spare tires and other wearables using metal bits from an old O2 machine?

It turns great especially when dismantled components fashioned out creatively through welding with tire rubber layers which produces impeccable designs such as neat industrial-inspired garden sculptures or coffee tables made up off-tire studs etc.. It’s recycling gone extraordinarily innovative!!

Rent It Out For Movie Theme Settings

Ever heard somebody saying they need retro cinematic devices?? That’s because Artificial machines cost [expletive deleted] fortune but if own an older almost granny oxygen unit trying renting it out instead of throwing away- Trade rents against getting rawer new ones for occasion purposes like movie sets/ theater themes. Also helps save on atmospheric effects across complicated films especially helpful substituting minor blood special effects scenes!!!

DIY Car Air Purifier

The dustier climates tend to make us sweeter resulting in musty stale air circulation within cars’ interiors, affecting respiratory health by raising CO levels. However the hydraulic duct machine after being stripped of its external body can be turned into an effective car’s air-purifier by interconnecting power cables along with oxygen release ports.

Quirky Bookshelf

Libraries can use a touch of eccentricity from time to time; why not turn this breathing device into your next fully functional book storage unit! All it would take is stripping off dispensable parts while cutting up random chutes and preparing rubber padding for internal casings afterwards applying varnish/polishing- just like that you’d have everybody going crazy while offering shelf-storing options!

Bed Frame Creation from Unused Parts

This unique concept will provide more means than one when creating new type bed frames -It will not only lead towards comfortable sleeping but also bring freshness due towards cleaner air aroun- Simply put together handcrafted sturdy iron mesh work using pipes cut down visiting electro-welder and making use those O2 tubes through spreading them across borders perintended bed linen; this amazingly homeified hospital look brings comfort all at very affordable costs!

BB Gun Shooting practice Target

Also known as crapping lassi gun machines are often asked on demolition areas helping out construction workers practicing prior-to substantial projects like drilling or facelift removals etc.. Wouldn’t it literally come off as art if we were able to shoot bb pellets at them during breaks?? Individual components such as foam insulation sheets/advanced membranes/Dial Flow Control valves makes excellent targets allowing wind, recoil or even rain-drops create impressionistic splatters based taking shots aimed correctly!.

Final Thoughts

A sense of accomplishment coupled with joy comes when see how effectively old O2 concentrator repurposing is done. So who says scrap/garbage/waste should go sit somewhere until others realize what do about it?? Rather colorize life, get a little creative and perhaps make one wonder “what’s the next new idea?”

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