What to do with mugwort?

Mugwort is an herb that has been used for centuries in traditional medicine and culinary practices. It’s also known as Artemisia vulgaris, common wormwood or wild wormwood. This plant is widely used by people because of its numerous health benefits, but it can be challenging if you don’t know what to do with it.

In this article, we’ll show you some fun ways to utilize mugwort infused products that will leave you feeling healthy and refreshed! From teas and tinctures to other innovative remedies – the possibilities are endless!

The Benefits of Mugwort

Before diving into ways in which one can incorporate mugworts into their daily lives, let’s take a look at why they should.

  • It helps regulate menstrual cycles: Women who have irregular menstrual cycles may find relief from consuming tea made from Mugwort.
  • Improves digestion: As touted by many ancient herbalists drinking tea made out of this herbal infusion could help relieve stomach cramps.
  • Aids sleep: Inhaling/smoking dried leaves relaxes the body and aid in sleeping better.
  • Reduces anxiety levels
  • Enhances dream activity: Used across time by many shamans all over the world smoking/ingesting mugwart enhances “dream-vividness”

Using Mugworts for Bathing

Did you know that soaking yourself in a hot bath mixed with an infusion of dry-mugwarts provides perfect relief after a long day? Here are simple steps on how to make your own:

1) Pour four cups (approximately 32 oz.) boiling water over 4 tablespoons fresh/dry MUGWORTS placed inside muslin cloth secured tightly using rubber bands)
2) Add contents into bathwater
3) Soak yourself until the water cools down

Viola! Relaxation central courtesy of Raccoon.”

Using Mugworts for Tea

Mugwort tea is known to help with so many issues ranging from menstrual-related cramps to anxiety. It can easily be prepared as an infusion in four simple steps:

1) Place 2 teaspoons of dried MUGWORTS into a saucepan
2) Add four cups (32 oz.) boiling water over the contents.
3) Cover the pan and steep for about ten minutes
4) Strain using cheesecloth or filter.

To enhance it’s flavor profile, you may add honey, lemonade or any chosen sweetening agent.

Quick tip: For best results avoid adding sugar.

Mugworts infused Tincture

One could also consume mugwarts via tinctures. This technique comes in handy especially when one doesn’t particularly enjoy taking them orally through teas/baths but still needs its benefits. Here are easy steps on how to make your own:

Dried/ Fresh Mugwort – 1oz
Alcohol – Vodka/ Brandy- 5 oz

1) Chop dried/fresh mug warts finely then put them inside mason jar.
2) Pour vodka/brandy over plant material covering it entirely.
3)Store away the mason jar in cool dark location and let rest between five days up-to six weeks shaking occasionally.)
4) Once ready strain mixture using chees-cloth/filter & store within a dropper bottle ready for use.

Cooking with Mugworts

While people have used this herb since ancient times for cooking processes, few realize that there are several creative ways of doing so! Below we’ve highlighted our top picks:

The Classic Egg Omelet

This recipe is ideal if looking to incorporate mug wart flavors ineffectively. By simply incorporating half-a-teaspoon full of chopped mugwarts alongside other ingredients like onions, garlic, and shrimps, you’ve got yourself a delicious omelet dish that’s packed with nutritional benefits.

Chicken Marinade

Dried/ Fresh mugwart can also be blended into sticky marinades as seen in Michelin star restaurants across the globe. Try your hand at mixing it together to marinate chicken overnight (use no more than 1 teaspoon of chopped Mugworts). It provides an alternative depth of flavor

Aromatic Dips/Dressings/Sauces:

Add dried Mugwort leaves to mayonnaise, hot sauce or dips for added aroma

Final Thoughts

By now one should have noticed how versatile mugwards are, we have discussed everything from tinctures & teas all through to the many culinary options available out there. In short, it’s possible to enjoy its relaxing properties via bathing; healthy infusions by drinking tea, incorporation during cooking processes among others. It is cost-effective when prepping meals and just straightforward enough for anyone interested in living better – plus they taste amazing!

Mug warts are a sure bet if looking for natural ways of improving digestion patterns while enhancing sleep quality simultaneously- here’s us wishing everyone new-found enlightenment regarding this uplifting herb!